Top 50 & GM - hive_king's "Horseman Dagon"

Created by hive_king Oct 9, 2017

Last Updated Oct 9, 2017 (Agile Update)

Eredin Bréacc Glas

  • Attack 33
  • Ranged 17
  • Siege 47
  • Total Strength 97
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5000
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  • 47

Brief Summary of Build


Hey, hive_king here. :)

I've managed to climb to top 50 with quite original Eredin cheese, which I call "Horseman Dagon" (you might be a little confused about the name - in the past patches Dagon decks looked really similiar to what I have on the board here, hence the name. :)).

There is a video of AdamNadrac in which I joined him and I explain how deck should be played - he wins 2 high-ranked games in 2 different ways:

Video Guide

He is a cool guy and he features a lot of original decks, check him out. :)

I've got 73% win ratio after 22 games with it (played many more with similiar win ratio, but these 22 games were played with final build):

It's quite specific deck - playstyle is really different in comparison to popular meta decks. You are aiming to win in turn 2 usually (or more like, you are forcing opponent to pass early, and trust me - it's going to happen quite often given the tools you have here :)). 

Live gameplay will be available soon on Twitch.tv.

Card Combos


Decoy/Summoning Circle + Spies - after winning T1 you want to get as much as possible out of these cards, I quite often ended up playing spies 3 times giving me enormous CA.

Earth Elementals/Celaeno Harpies + Ocvist - how is that a combo you might ask. Well - it's not, but are going to play all of your carryover T2 - it will be the slowest tempo possible and at some point your opponent will start using removals on EEs and Eggs giving you opportunity to play Ocvist and make it live throught 4 turns. It works quite often. :)

ADC + Frightener -  having ability to play your spy is the most important thing about this deck so you want to maximize your chances of getting it by T2. Next target for ADC is Archgriffin, which is extremly good against Dagon decks. After that you will be pulling Ocvist most of the time and 9 pts Ocvist has much higher chance to survive than 7 pts one. 

Wild Hunt Warrior + Eredin - it's criminally underrated play. Most of the time you will get 17-19 points + thinning + soft removal out of it. Wild Hunt Hounds are terrible right now - people play a lot around weather and 6 pts play itself is putting you in awful situation in terms of tempo.


General Guide



Harpies (unless you have Roach/Foglet in starting Hand) -> Foglet -> Roach

Never exchange 3rd card if you haven't blacklisted Harpies. Sometimes I risk mulliganing 3rd card if I don't have Woodland Spirit/Royal Decree.



- Play the highest tempo possible

- Win turn at the lowest cost in terms of CA

- If you can't win - get more carryover than your opponent



Fun begins.

- Thin your deck as much as possible (without using Royal Decree, of course) before playing Frightener

- Copy spy if possible with Summoning Circle

- Decoy enemy spy

- Play your carryover

- Play Ocvist after forcing removals on your carryover

- At some point your opponent will be forced to pass because of CA and carryover on your side of the board. You will be 50 pts behind at this point usually because of your low tempo plays and spies. If it's possible take advantage of his pass and win the game with Succubus (minimum ~28 pts) + Speartip (minimum ~20 pts)



- If you decided to pass before your opponent in T2 you will usually have a big CA. Make use of it by playing Succubus as late as possible. :)



Card Replacements



You might exchange some Earth Elementals for Ekkimaras/Archespores but I personally believe EEs fit for the only open slot perfectly.


You might exchange Ocvist. Rest of the cards are necessary to make the cheese work. 


You might exchange Speartip if you think there is a card that gives you more potential value T2. I think Speartip is king of consistent value though.


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