Gravekper's Axeman, 68% on Pro ladder

Created by Gravekper Oct 11, 2017

Last Updated Oct 11, 2017 (Agile Update)

Crach an Craite

  • Attack 68
  • Ranged 11
  • Siege 10
  • Total Strength 89
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5600
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Brief Summary of Build

Winrate: https://twitter.com/Gravekper/status/918211737526050816

Stream containing deckbuilding process and Laddering: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181499464

(Note: The stream was mostly in Korean, so maybe many of you can't hear them. I'm trying to be friendly to both Korean/English speakers, so feel free to visit my stream and make any question!)

Hi, this is Gravekper, Korean Gwent/Faeria player with the most difficult name to spell. I'm very happy my last guide got very popular and lots of people enjoyed it. So I brought another deck worth trying.

Today, I wanted to play some Skellige pro ladder. So I tried some games of discard build and didn't like it.

Those decks were all about drawing restore. You draw restore? You are likely to win. No restore? No win. I also didn't like it had almost no potetial to win round 1.

What I did with those decks were

  • Try to win coinflip(VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Thin your deck as long as you don't lose badly
  • Lose round 1 with carryover
  • Win round 3 with restore, but you still lose if you don't have Restore :(

I'm not favored with this kind of deck. It was too boring. I couldn't make 100 games with it. So I decided to make another build.

My goal was

  • Make a deck working on pro ladder
  • Not too restore-dependent(Honestly it still is. But not game-deciding.)
  • Can win round 1, and have a plan either you win or lose

So, let's go to guides.

Card Combos

Savage Bear + Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden

Your favorite opening. You can put an axeman between them if you have enough tempo. Try to play shieldmadens as soon as possible, so you can use other thinning cards without drawing another shieldmaidens.

Crach an Craite + Morkvarg

Guarrenteed 15-point tempo play, you always need when you are playing combo-dependent deck. I prefer using Craite than Harald, because carryover is always good and you can't always have axeman on field when you need tempo.

Actually Harald still has good point that you can get another silver spot, which is precious because restore synergy takes lots of silvers. I haven't try using Harald, but it can be a good try I guess. Remember, this deck is built today. :P

Whale Harpooner + Lacerate(or Herbalist)

Your best power source. With or without axeman, this combo will bring you enough point to win long rounds.

General Guide

This deck is not kind of axeman-all-in, it's like a midrange deck with axeman synergy. Actually, you don't really need axeman for winning. Mostly you will win by damaging your opponent units.

Forget all your axeman experience until CBT. Axeman is no longer a card can carry the whole game. Forget those games you hit 100 point with only 2 axemen.

You will stack units just like other decks, but you have some combo about damage. THAT is how this deck work.


You don't want

Highest priority is written first.

You want

Round 1

Usually open with Savage Bear(or Dorregaray into Bear). Make your spot to play Axeman by high tempo plays, make sure not giving your opponent pass chance. Winning round 1 is usually good. Losing 2 cards up is also good. Keep Restore/Sigrdrifa for round 3 if you can.

Round 2

If you win Round 1, drypass in most case.

Try to spend cards less relevant to combo, or missing target. For example, play some bronze unit if you don't have Priestess of Freya target. Play silver units if you don't have Restore target.

Round 3

You favor long rounds. In long rounds, try Whale Harpooner - Lacerate combo.

In short rounds, hope you have Restore.

Card Replacements

This deck is built today, and not yet to be stable. Maybe some of these can work better than cards in the deck.


Birna Bran, Eskel, Vabjorn

Well.... I guess Vabjorn isn't a good idea, still worth trying.


Silver slot is very tight. I tried to cut Gremist, but it seems not a good idea beceause this deck has few discards, so you can have trouble finding restore target.

Skellige Storm, White Frost

And that's it

Thanks for reading my guide, and Hope you have fun playing/modifying this deck!

I stream Gwent and Faeria on twitch, in Korean and English. Will be appreciated if you follow and drop by.

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