[90%+ WR] Redrame's Cancer of the Century

Created by Redrame Oct 31, 2017

Last Updated Oct 31, 2017 (Saovine Update)

Unseen Elder

  • Attack 43
  • Ranged 39
  • Siege 39
  • Total Strength 121
  • Total 29
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5720
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  • 43
  • 39
  • 39

Brief Summary of Build

Hey guys, I decided to roleplay as Swim for a change of pace and see how broken consume was.  Turns out it's actually preeeeetty broken.

A lot of consume lists I've been seeing are getting fancy with stuff like Griffin, but the deck already has a ton of competition for bronzes.  My list is not very well teched for mirros which I suspect will be a bit of a problem in the near future,  but for now it's really good at stomping other decks.


Why 29 cards?  

Consume needs 1-2 of a not of different cards in hand right now to function properly due to all the synergy cards.  You also run Royal for Woodland regardless of 29 cards, so you don't really remove power from the deck by drawing fewer gold cards.  Slyzard also encourages not drawing 3 copies of cards.  The main way that this strategy can backfire is if Renew is the only gold drawn, that has cost me a few games that dropped me below 90% after I was midway through writing the guide.  Consider yourself clickbaited :P

If this list stays relevant, I'll make a video guide at some point, but I imagine tech cards will have to change.



Obligatory team plug:  Red Coin is a new team consisting of top ladder players, friends and creative deckbuilders; Arkanishu, Crash_overlord, Dunkoro, Gravekper, iminabearsuit and Redrame.

And no, I didn't sell out here.  I've been friends with these guys for years through Prismata, a game that's currently in closed alpha but is looking to go open in the next few monsths.  These guys peer review some of my other decks and deserve recognition, so we decided to make an official team that will be posting group content in the future.

Card Combos

Nekker - has always been a super broken bronze in any consume deck.  Right now consume has enough tools for the other bronzes to be playable, so Nekker is crazy.  Your biggest risk with this deck is never seeing Nekker or all of them getting countered.  If you don't have Operator in hand, you are willing to keep double Nekker with this deck.

Vran Warrior - used for really fucking big nekkers.  Better than Ekimarra because of now many Nekkers you can make, and there''s a lack of room for both.

Nekker Warrior - Moar nekkers.  Sometimes moar harpies when you don't have nekkers.


General Guide

Play consume and win.  There's a few details here but I'm honestly not a big fan of explaining decks that most people know how to play.

Card Replacements

Igni or Muzzle are probably going to be better than Renew by the time eyes get on this guide, but oh well.  My money is on Muzzle since you don't really lose to anything besides consume mirrors and Skellige, and there are pretty key cards to steal there.

Likewise, if consume is too popular, Operator is bad despite being fantastic outside the mirror.  You could run Katakan which also has benefits vs Skellige.  

Day 1 is hard for calling tech choices.



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