[The Fourth Row] Radovid Machine Swarm Hybrid

Created by IceyLevel Nov 3, 2017

Last Updated Nov 12, 2017 (Saovine Update)

King Radovid V

  • Attack 42
  • Ranged 1
  • Siege 46
  • Total Strength 89
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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  • 42
  • 1
  • 46

Brief Summary of Build

The Fourth Row is an international, multi platform Gwent community; comprised of 4000mmr and above members. We work together to challenge the meta and become better players. We have an active chat on the LINE app where we theory craft and provide feedback to raise our rank on the ladder and play at the highest level in tournaments!

This deck uses a swarm package to thin deck and outpower round one, you have to win round one to avoid being bled.

Accept losing 2 cards up against decks without carryover, try to 2-0 consume monsters, short round 3 against Curse Skellige

Use at least one machine in the first 2 round to have a decent Shani target.

Edit: Removed Keira and Ves for Muzzle and Artifact Compression to improve winrate against Consume and Spies

Edit: -3 Ballista +3 tower, -Ves +Roach

Card Combos

R1 best case scenario isn't difficult to obtain:

You want to BSS, BSS, Temerian, other than that use Ronvid and Commander's Horn to win round one, Keira is just a 15 point play so feel free to use it whenever you need a swing. Don't be afraid to use Natalis early, I usually use it in round 1 for reinforcement if I don't have 2 BSS or 1 BSS+RS

You need to use your scouts and temerian to thin enough for later rounds, Natalis, reinforcements and Reaver Scout are in the deck just for that.

Round two you drypass if you can, or bleed them against monsters or skellige, your Dijkstra in the end is better than their Sigfrida or nekkers , if you can use Radovid to fuck up their carryover.

In round 3 just use your remeaning card to form whatever combo you can, don't be afraid to use Thaler even in r3 since all your cards are worth more than 11 points and it gives you the upper hand by allowing you to play reactively.

General Guide

Ves note: There are a few ways to use this card: you can just fix a terrible starting hand (Remember Natalis is your only officer), use it in round 2 to bleed/stall while getting your golds in hand, or in round 3, to be sure you'll end up with 0 cards in the deck by the end. And she's also a reinforcement targets if you find yourself without a way to get even 1 BSS out but have reinforcement you can Ves to fish for it.

Little Change: I've put the cards in order of playing: the first row is your usual first round, swarm stuff, natalis into reinforment into tower (your shani target) or Reaver scout if you only have 1 BSS (if you have no way to get both BSS out drypass)

Card Replacements

Bronze slots are fixed, there's no way in my opinion to do better without changing the entire deck.

Silver slots are technically fine, some would argue against Germain, if you want to remove it you could use Deathmold to be flexible, Margarita for the same reason, Ves if you have trouble mulliganing, but you shouldn't have this problem AT ALL, dorregaray, because why not, Roach for more points, I don't like this tho, you don't want problems mulliganing and you have too much thinning already.

Gold slots can be changed quite a lot: Dijkstra is too good not to use it, same for shani, but Natalis is most of the times just a 6 points gold, and swim taught me you want at least 8 points worth from your golds.

Nor for the weak slot: Keira.

You don't run weather, epidemic is locked by ronvid, this makes Keira just a 15 points gold, there are quite a few ways to replace it:

Muzzle: new card, very good, disrupts opponents plans, sometimes weak in topdeck situations.

Regis: my choice if I didn't run Keira, you need to hit an 8 power card to get 15 worth, but it's a very good counter for Consume, Spella'Tael and Curse SK

Vernon Roche: It is good, but moster and skellige are the decks you'll have the most problems with, so this isn't the best choice maybe, especially since I don't run Siege Supports, so you have to get both shots done to get more than 15 points

Bloody Baron: I wouldn't dare trying it but it fits the deck in theory, it changes the way you play it too much tho, in my opinion at least.

Memes: Blue Dream, Avallach Sage, Gaunter, Yennefer (not good in this deck), Eskel (there are too many buffs in the meta, not good enough), Zoltan

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