[The Fourth Row] Dagon deathwish

Created by movius Nov 5, 2017

Last Updated Nov 10, 2017 (Saovine Update)


  • Attack 62
  • Ranged 17
  • Siege 33
  • Total Strength 112
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5200
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  • 17
  • 33

Brief Summary of Build

The Fourth Row is an international, multi platform Gwent community; comprised of 4000mmr and above members. We work together to challenge the meta and become better players. We have an active chat on the LINE app where we theory craft and provide feedback to raise our rank on the ladder and play at the highest level in tournaments!

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Hi, this is the deck i've piloted since the start of the season, now i'm 3500 with a 65% of winrate, iw works very good against skellige in all form and monster, scoiatel is ok and nilf is bad.

I made this deck and with the help of the community i perfectioned it, i think now it's pretty good deck

https://imgur.com/a/OXVe1 proof of rank

10/11 edit:

-morvudd-drowner +abaya+griffin

some gold weather convinced me to play some weather protection, so that's it.

Just reached 4000mmr




Card Combos

She troll of vergen/lacerate-rotfiend: [card]Rotfiend[card] is here just to make this combo work, usually is a big tempo swing, on long round it's very good, helped by spy and drowner set all units on one row and then play she troll, consume rotfined in deck and make insane damage.

cockatrice with caleano harpy: caleano harpy pull out 2 deathwish so it's just a 11 cockatrice, with other she will grow very big (watch out for scorch, also yours)

Frightener/drowner-igni: set units with same strength on the same row and them bury them all

shadows-earth elemental: never use shadow with rotfiend, you want it to use with she troll

wyldwood-yennefer+(earth elemental and eggs carryover): Your finisher for thrid round, some time you can also go for 2-0

General Guide

Try to win round one, if you manage to do it try to bleed the enmy out and arrive last round with just some carryover-yennefer-sylvanet wyldwood

If you can't win first try to have more carryover then them so if they win one card down they can't drypass.


Scoiatel spellatel: scorch and igni are your best friend, it's an easy matchup, to win first round just scorch 2 farseer levelling their power with fog, second round bleed out all the bathlanna and the third will be easy.

Scoiatel handbuff: more difficult than spellatel but same idea, try to win round one and bleed all out. Problem here is that win round one is moooore difficult than before.

Northern realm foltest: met just 2 so idk but try to use yennefer to damage all units and then set up your swarm.

Northern realms machine: Really bad but i encountered just 2 so ok, problem is obviously their ballista on our eggs/hatcling/wolf, try to froce them to use the hero in the first two round.

Nilfgaard reveal: Problem here is coniflip, if they starts it's okay, they make their 20 opening play, if you can play anearth elemental and then pass, we can't manage their tempo play, probably they willdry pass or use spy to regain card advantage, so just try to get maximum value from yennefer last round, pretty bad matchup anyway. If we start simply we can't manage their startting 20 point so just pass

Nilfgaard spy: Same as before, simply to much tempo for us, try to make him use enforcers before the third round, it's the biggest problem we have

Monster consume: EEasy win, scorch and igni are just bullizing your opponent, only one thing, often enemy starts with a nekker stretgh 3 on first round, response is frost by dagon on first round so they can't protect their nekker, rest will be easy just wait fot them to consume a lot before burning them.

Skellige discard/cursed/self damage: All pretty easy, try to lock morkvarg, usually you can try to go 2-0 with them, with self damage one just wait as up to scorch big things



Card Replacements

GOLD: good sostitute are caretaker, muzzle and also something like kayran to kill enforcers

SILVERS: morvudd-roach-ifrit-iris

BRONZE: an archgriffin against weather could be great.


That's all thanks for reading, ask me for questions adn hope you enjoy this deck

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