[The Fourth Row] - Brewing with Dorfs

Created by DaMaddin_V1 Nov 16, 2017

Last Updated Nov 16, 2017 (Saovine Update)


  • Attack 27
  • Ranged 6
  • Siege 27
  • Total Strength 60
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5500
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Brief Summary of Build

The Fourth Row is an international, multi platform Gwent community; comprised of 4000mmr and above members. We work together to challenge the meta and become better players. We have an active chat on the LINE app where we theory craft and provide feedback to raise our rank on the ladder and play at the highest level in tournaments!


Hy DaMaddin here, brewing with my friendly Dorfs . the synergy on Ale of the Ancestors and Mahakam Marauder was my first step to build this deck , hope you guys like it.


Mahakam wasn't built in a day :-)

Card Combos


The best is at its best if you play 2 medium rounds. (5-7 cards played.) and 3rd round with 3 cards 

The Dream is to keep a combination of  Commander's Horn , Germain Of Fox Hollow or Hattori and Eithné for a maximum of  57 Points Which should be unbeatable.

Always start with Dwarven Agitator into Mahakam Marauder on front and ranged row, followed up with Elven Mercenary on siege. (siege last because of Ithlinne  into Sage if you need the triple Alzur's Thunder.)

 Try to play Barclay Els only if you need to, or have Hattori already in hand.




Ithlinne as best removal choice with thunder . Alternative would be Geralt: Igni .

Zoltan Chivay ist just good for buffing Mahakam Marauder and line up for Commander's Horn

Ale of the Ancestors still testing for the buff and possible weather clear (moving with Zoltan clears the row too).

Royal Decree is just to get Ithlinne consistant and because of the lack of good gold options.


General Guide

The Mulligan :

Blacklist: Mahakam Ale first , Mahakam Marauder if you have 1-2 Dwarven Agitator , then kick Alzur's Thunder as third mulligan.




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