[The Fourth Row] Mill is back!!

Created by movius Nov 20, 2017

Last Updated Nov 20, 2017 (Saovine Update)

Emhyr var Emreis

  • Attack 43
  • Ranged 41
  • Siege 61
  • Total Strength 145
  • Total 27
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5460
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  • 43
  • 41
  • 61

Brief Summary of Build

The Fourth Row is an international, multi-platform Gwent community, comprised of 4000mmr and above members. We work together to challenge the meta and become better players. We have an active chat on LINE app where we theory craft and provide feedback to raise our rankon the ladder and play the highest level tournament! If someone would be intersted in join can pm me and i will set you in contact with the founder.

Hi all Movius00 here with the new cancer of the ladder.

https://www.twitch.tv/movius00 i play like only this at 4100 if ou want to check out

When i play i can here the blasfemy of the opponents and it's kind satysfing.

I just made 4100mmr today with a 68% wr; proof: https://imgur.com/Z2NPTZb

So the general idea is to make your opponents draw all his cards and then play your magne division to gain huge card advantage.

Card Combos

Avallach/albricth: Preferibly avallach, it's definetly the core of the deck, use him several times to make your opponent draw all.

Avallach+emhyr/cahir/+shackles:Play a gold avallach, play emhyr/cahir to use shacles on avallach and reget it in hand.

renew+Avallach: Not a lot of things can kill avallch but it can happen, so just renew him, if it is already silver the only other target is stefan skellen since cahir is doomed.

Operator+magne division: Just another magne and your enemy will never play his one, and if he do, better

Stefan skellen is to get the piece of the combo: shacles or avallach

Rot tosser are your finisher, try to wait till enemy pass before playing them so he can't respond

Vicovaro novice is here only to play shackles, if you draw him after you played shackles no problem, just use it with ale

Decoy: possibly on avallach or magne division

lacerate are great value since usually you will play very long round

alba spearman: just play before start drawing so they will get buffed (watch out of scorch)

Canatrella usually on decoy and one other card at choose


General Guide

Why 27 cards? Cause you don't want to mill yourself, more carda would make difficult to draw avallach i think 27 is good enough

The main problem of the deck is the draw, if you don't draw good you lose 10 out of 10, if you draw nice (usually happen) you can beat almost everything quite easily.

Try to wait as much as you can before start drawing cause enemy doesn't aspect mill and until you make him draw he will keep playing as usual (like discarding cards, ecc)

If you have a silver avallach on board and some way to get it in hand: never pass, a silver avallach in grave is very difficult to reget.

It's not a problem go 2 or also 3 cards down to win a round, it will happen and you can reget the advantage quite easily.

Start with Skellen, get avallach or novice (to play shackels), play alba spearmen, then avallach and then start bouncing it from board to hand.

If you won first round try to make enemy draw as much as possible and if you can, make him play all the cards

If you lose try, try, to don't play avallach if you don't have renew.



Spell'atel: nice matchup, they have a lot of cards (elven mercenary, alzur double cross, marching orders, nature gift) that thin the deck, so it wouldn't be a problem make them draw all. The version with farseer is more difficult cause usually they generate more power.

Veteran\discard: it depends on the opponent, normally he would discard with hero and make other stupid thing like using thinner, so actually easy win. But if he doesn't use hero and he's smart enough to dont get nothing put of drck it will be hard.

Spies: half of his cards take things put of the deck so it must be quite easy win this matchup. A problem is if they run assire,try to get a solution for it, otherwise it will be easy. Watch really out of ceallach into assassin on avallach, since also if you can renew him he can replay ceallach with hero Killing defintely you avallach

Monster: only eredin is played at my rank and it is probably the badest matchup, so i putted 3 standard bearer and now is more easy, is easily doable if drawing good

Northern realms:the most easy usually, they just mill out without you help. I just meeted one 40 card deck once, i cried a lot...

Card Replacements

I think the gold slot are needed, only thing you can risk to switch out renew to put in vilgefortz that can make opponent draw that last card or also a big free removal, but sometime renew save your game

Silvers: i think these are the best options, 2 cards that could be changed are peter saar and operator, you could try aucleks. Anyway i love operator.

For the bronze is kind special cause there are 2 versions of this deck, or you do like me and take the tosser as finisher (that i think is the best), or you change (like) all the bronze package and made something incentred on soldiers, with the card i don't remember the name that buff something by 2 when soldier appears.

Thank for reading so far, i hope you can enjoy the deck, i really liked it and i have also to thanks also the community cited that helped me with the building.

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