[Top 20] No Vran consume

Created by Saber97 Nov 22, 2017

Last Updated Nov 22, 2017 (Saovine Update)

Unseen Elder

  • Attack 15
  • Ranged 26
  • Siege 56
  • Total Strength 97
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5400
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  • 15
  • 26
  • 56

Brief Summary of Build

I have used this deck most of the ranked season.  It has gotten me to top 20 global and is highly recommendable if you want to rush through the ranks. My overall winrate is 80% although it has dropped a bit while I have progressed through the ranks.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/u8Buj

Will write a guide if enough are interested.


I have written a guide, although I don't have huge experience doing so. Any feedback would be welcome. 

Card Combos

Unseen Elder + Rapid Wolves/Celano Harpies

Ekimmara + Harpy egg

Toadprince + Manticore

Monster nest + Manticore

General Guide

This deck doesn't need to win r1, although it is preferable.

Since we don't have any Vrans we don't want long rounds against decks that benefit from it (Axemen, Movement, Eredin, Golden weather etc.)

Due to the fact that we have 6 cards that can play/pull Ekimmaras(to a maximum of 4), we can assure carryover very easily. That means that even if we lose r1 on even cards we will go into r3 with -0.5 CA and probably some carryover (Unless opponent plays spy in r2). 

Our typical opener is Woodland (With Royale decree if necessary) to apply pressure on our opponent. Then follow up with Unseen Elder to get all the Harpies out of our deck.  These two plays gives us enormous amount of tempo while setting up our nekkers for later. The opponent will often pass, and if they do so, we have almost won the game since we can start playing our Ekimmaras in r2 in combination with our nekker(s). You might want to keep 2 nekkers in your hand going into r2 if you won r1, to prevent lock/compression.

If the opponent keeps playing after your opener, then start playing your Celano Harpies + Ekkimaras. It's fairly good tempo and it gives a lot of carryover. If you are against something like eredin frost, then try to drag r1 as long as possible while keeping carryover (and CA if possible). They will drypass r2, and you can then beat them with your powerful Toad+Manticore or Monster nest + Manticore finisher. 

You generally don't want to play your nekkers with less than 9 strength since many decks runs muzzle right now


I see a lot of people complaining about the mulligan, but I have honestly only experienced a terrible starting hand a very few times. There are only 6 cards you don't want in your starting hand: 2 Nekkers, 3 Harpies and 1 Foglet. Blacklist Harpies first and you should be good. If you end up 3 harpies and your Foglet in hand then should you mulligan Foglet if you don't have Woodland/Decree in hand. Otherwise mulligan the last Harpi.


Card Replacements

I wouldn't touch the bronzes and silvers too much. Caretaker is a flexslot which I am considering to swap with muzzle. He is great against Skellige and in mirrors, but is most other matchups he can be medicore. The rest of the golds should stay as they are.

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