[The Fourth Row] Nekker,nekker,nekker,nekker

Created by user-100009178 Dec 14, 2017

Last Updated Dec 15, 2017 (Saovine Update)

Unseen Elder

  • Attack 43
  • Ranged 35
  • Siege 39
  • Total Strength 117
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5500
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Brief Summary of Build

The Fourth Row is an international, multi platform Gwent community; comprised of 4000mmr and above members. We work together to challenge the meta and become better players. We have an active chat on the LINE app where we theory craft and provide feedback to raise our rank on the ladder and play at the highest level in tournaments! Please visit our website - http://www.TheFourthRow.com

Hi guys gladly to show you that really good deck. Before you start saying that is nothing new, it's true, nothing innovative just a list that worked very good for me and i want to share.

Actually just hitted rank 21 with this list https://i.imgur.com/ujXttRg.png

You can watch me with that deck at https://www.twitch.tv/movius00

So start talk serious, that deck is ALL about nekkers, they are your (only) win condition, said in this way it could seem dangerous but trust me they are enough. The point is that even a spellatel hasn't the answer to banish all your nekkers.

It's not simple to play try to understand the main combos and if you have question just ask me in the comments or also ingame.

Card Combos

Marching orders pulls out slyzard (watch out to use marching orders after a nekker warrior cause you could get a nekker :( )

Summoning circle is usually to answer to enemy lock, USUALLY, if you think it's the rigth moment to play it just do

She troll: usually used with rotfiend to big tempo play against nr mostly. If you haven't other way to get a nekker and you really need uit, use her to get one out.


morvuddd: usually used on enemy units cause for toggle your unit lock you use summoning circle

griffin: usually on second round to get out nekker, or in third they are really big tempo pulling out a 14 strength nekker

Muzzle: best target is usually ronvid or guardian, but also an enforcer or a nr machine

kayran: mostly for enforcer and siege master


General Guide

So the ideal hand will be, 1 nekker, 1 vran, 1 nekker warrior, 2-3 slyzard, operator and some golds. Mullligan away the griffin, multiple copies of nekker and vran, mulligan away also multiple copies of nekker warrior if you have slyzard.

The plan is almost ever the same (spies and henselt deck have different gameplay): start with nekker, or operator if you have, use nekker warrior on nekker, eat nekker warrior with vran, use slyzard to put out another nekker warrior, repeat

Ideally at end of round 1 you will have 2 nekkers on board at around 10 power, and all the nekker warrior out. Wait to use muzzle on enemy target cause often you want to recatch your own nekker.

Objective is to end round 2 with 3 nekker on board and 3 in deck, or also more.


General info for all matchup: It's absolutly not a problem win the first round 2 cards down, try ever to win the first round even if going 2 down, if you start and enemy play the spy, keep playing and don't use summoning circle to copy it. Try ever to win first and usually try ever to bleed all your cards in second round.

Any skellige: eeeeasy, win round 1, they usually give up quite easily, second round bleed all the cards, even if you won first round 2 cards down, even if bleeding all you can't regain a card, bleed all, they have only coral to answer your nekker so it wouldn't be a problem to have at least 2 of them on board, even if you go to last round 1-2 card down but you have 2 30 strentgh nekker on board you will win.

Monster: slighty favorable, try to steal an ekkimara or a nekker wih muzzle, use operator on nekker also if that will help them. Here it's all about who get's more carryover in round 3 and if everything goes rigth you must have more.

Spell'atel: Pretty hard but i met very few of them, they have artefact compression, mandrake and leader ability to ress one, so the point have way to get out from deck more than 3 nekkers, So in the start hands you can keep 2 of them and if you have operator and/or shadow you will be fine.

Nilfgaard Mill: There are a lot of them, and is good for us, just use nekker warrior and all will be fine, try to don't use slyzard and generally speaking all the card the thin your deck (shadow, geels, marching order, ecc). Just one thing, don't play all the nekker warrior in the first round and don't use them on the same target, if you put in the deck8 copies of nekker opponents just use sweers and take out all of them, so you maybe 1 of them on nekker, one on vran ecc. And keep one for second round if possible.

Nilfgaard Spy: probably the hardest matchup, gameplan here is kind different, don't start with nekker, instead eat thing, everything you can, until nekkers are like 7 strentgh, then start playing them. Why? Cause if you play a 3 strentgh nekker they will kill all them with enforcers, adn this deck lack of removal As before win first round and bleed all out in second

Northern Foltest: Good, he doesn't have a lot of removal so you can start as ever with nekker, win first and bleed second, he can't outpower your third round with 2 nekker.

Northern Radovid: Same as Foltest with some more removal and 2 lock, anyway they are not big issue, you can manage to finish round 2 with 2 nekkers on board also if they use the lock on other 2 nekkers

Northern Henselt: that is hard, scorch and Vilen are weird, the machine can remove the little nekkers, so as with spyes first buff them till 7 then play them. You have to make him use the leader and possibly scorch/vilen in the first 2 round.

Card Replacements



Summoning circle-->abaya

geels-->royal decree

She troll--> everything you like, maybe toad

UPDATE 15/12: putted in igni for caretaker due to the fact i met a lot of spy


Thanks for reading all i hope you enjoy the deck and ask me if you need something! Bye!

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