(Midwinter Update) Crescendo's Demolition Crew V.4

Created by Crescendo Dec 22, 2017

Last Updated Dec 22, 2017 (Midwinter Update)

King Henselt

  • Attack 50
  • Ranged 44
  • Siege 31
  • Total Strength 125
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 50
  • 44
  • 31

Brief Summary of Build

Hey guys! This is my newest revision of the demo crew, a machines list that's stood the test of time over the past few patches, both on the pro ladder and regular ranked, and currently excels in the meta at/around ~4300 MMR. With the addition of the Winch, we not only have a backup tactic to support what could've been a potentially bricked John Natalis in former patches, but also a means to create a Ram or Ballista and tutor the other three with Henselt for a massive power play. Seltkirk has replaced Eskel: Pathfinder as a means of removal (aim for 10-12 power units for max value, unless the situation calls for removing a smaller unit such as an engine), and the loss of our beloved Vernon Roche is easily compensated for by the highly underrated Vandergrift. Guide per request, though the list plays similarly to past variants. Cheers, and have fun!


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