4.4k Shupe + Kambi ChikenSurprise

Created by Kneel_Peasant Dec 26, 2017

Last Updated Jan 7, 2018 (Midwinter Update)

Bran Tuirseach

  • Attack 50
  • Ranged 16
  • Siege 22
  • Total Strength 88
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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  • 50
  • 16
  • 22

Brief Summary of Build

Mulligan away the Bran targets (Morkvarg, Clan raider and Wolfsbane), and every other bronze card that can be pulled out of your deck (Roar, Thunderbolt / Bone Talisman, Clan Corsair / Light Longship / Warship), priestess of Freya is also most of the time a good mulligan, although I would recommend skipping the last mulligan in most situations.

Card Replacements

Bronze Cards:

First Light Vs. Reconnaissance ?

The weather clear can help you push round one against Weather decks, and winning round 1 is most of the time essential to the strategy of the deck, in round 3 if you don't need to thin the deck to dig for cards you can use it to clear and protect the Harald's spawned skulls, the Cow and the Savage bear.

Turns out it's a false dichotomy; don't be afraid to play both, (take out Clan Armorsmith or Clan Corsair for Reconnaissance in my case I'll be taking out the corsair since I'm facing a fair bit of weather, reveal, and ST, and those 3 dmg your units enough to make it a good play in round 1 and if needed 2 to not get pushed out).

Roar vs Doppler ?

Both are good options and I wont chastise you if you run the latter (there's a healthy number of SK bronzes that can kill Kambi), but I prefer roar since you can always use it to sacrifice a Harald skull to kill Kambi in the opposite row, and the 11 Point bear will summon after the board is cleared and Hemdall spawns.

Bone Talisman Vs "Any other bronze Item" ?

This one comes to player preference I think,  the bone talisman can resurrect the very important Savage Bear, but at the same time its the only target for the resurrection in the whole deck, and usually we want to play the bear as one of our last cards, we are also looking to thin the deck to find our golds and silvers, witch means the clan protector should be a proactive, and not a reactive play. So if you want to run the Talisman you should probably be playing the bear early round 1 or early round 3.

I personally run Thunderbolt Potion for the reasons listed above, making the Clan Protector an 11 point play that can rise up up to 17 points if the armor is used up.

Silver Cards:

All but the Stribog Runestone are core and cant be swapped.

Possible replacements: Dorregarai.

Dorregarai can be used as a proactive play and both as a round 3 set up for Kambi. He has a lot of really useful finds in his pool, among those, Prize-Winning Cow, Ocvist, Morkvarg, and in the bronze camp there's a million different pulls that can either do direct dmg to proc Kambi (some NR swarm and machine decks play Siege Support and so 1 bear wont be enough to insta kill kambi) or if they dealt with he Savage bear, and also Things like the Vran Warrior and ForkTail that can consume your Harald Skulls to proc Kambi.

 (Svanrige and Strogobor could also be OK I guess, but I'm yet to test those 2).

Gold Cards; considerations:

ErmionWas in a earlier version of the build since it lets you see the same amount of cards as avallac'h and the cards you'll be discarding are usually just filler and doesn't draw you opponent into possible answers to your set up, he is a good replacement. Ultimately, the 2 extra points are irrelevant since you want to draw in round 3 after doing all your bronze thinning, and since at that point you shouldn't have dead cards in had the discard can be harmful.

Hym: Since you are almost 100% ensured to find Udalryk you are most probably using him to create an opponent silver, he has REALLY high chance to get a silver spy if your opponent its playing a copy. Unlike Ermion and Avallac'h, he can be a source of card advantage, also a solid replacement, ultimately, I'm choosing consistency over power.

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