Axemen (70% wr, 4500 mmr)

Created by Insomnia228 Dec 28, 2017

Last Updated Feb 13, 2018 (Mahakam Season Update)

Harald the Cripple

  • Attack 38
  • Ranged 45
  • Siege 24
  • Total Strength 107
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5600
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  • 38
  • 45
  • 24

Brief Summary of Build

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/zkQjK

Winrate (4100->4500): https://imgur.com/a/2edK3

Good day to you all, guys. First of all I have to warn you that I am not a native speaker so I am sorry about what you will read below.

Not too long ago new patch came out and meta shook up a bit, a breath of fresh air is always a good thing for the game but unfortunately midwinter patch also gave birth to some monsters, incredibly strong decks such as Skellige on cursed with Ciri: Nova and dwarfs on Brouver Hoog + spy spam also became a thing. I was enjoying the game and new cards, made my way to rank 20 and then I found myself facing dwarfs in 50+% of matches. The worst thing about it - I could not beat them. I tried a few new decks, still no success. That is how I decided to go to GwentDB, study the most popular versions of Brouver decks  and make a counter for them.

So, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce the deck that can be reasonably called anti-meta.

Card Combos

There is no that much that can be said about card combos, the main idea of any deck relying on axemen synergy is to damage enemy minions with low but consistent damage to make your axemen as big as possible. That is exactly what this deck does. So here are the combos:

Drought Ragh Nar Roog / Skellige Storm -> Axeman / Derran. Put Derran in a row with no enemy units on opposite side to prevent a huge Gigni.

Drought / Ragh Nar Roog / Skellige Storm -> Whale harpooner. Move the strongest enemy units to empty rows if it gives more points than moving an enemy into a row with your axemen. You can also do it if you are sure that your opponent is playing a multiscorch deck (your Derran/Axemen will die anyway so there is no reason to go all-in on them).

Drought / Ragh Nar Roog / Skellige Storm -> Spy. Put it into an empty row. Congratulations! You drew a card for free.

Summoning Circle  -> Copy an enemy spy.

Summoning Circle  -> Resurrect your Axeman or Derran in case they were killed by spell or a gold card.

Restore  -> Axeman / Derran. Do it if you need to keep them out of removal range such as Alzur Thunder for example.

Restore  -> Pirate captain / Battle maiden. Good tempo swing and additional cycling for our deck.

Sigrdrifa -> Derran / Any bronze unit from the deck. Remember that you cannot resurrect minions copied with Summoning Circle unless it is a bronze or silver clan unit.

Axeman -> Warship. Good tempo play in round one and also a part of your finishers (Warship -> Lacerate -> Harald the Cripple) in round 3.

Battle maiden -> Warship / Whale harpooner Axeman. Good card for deck cycling, does not do damage to Axeman due to armor.

Priestess of Freya -> Axeman. She can resurrect only Axeman, do not forget it.

Pirate Captain -> Warship. Another card for deck cyclying with great Restore synergy.

Axeman / Derran -> Harald the Cripple. Your main finisher. If you have 3 Axemen in a same row + Derran, you will get 56 points from this combo.

General Guide

Mulligan guide:

First of all you should never keep priestess of Freya, the only unit we can resurrect is axeman so it is usually a dead card for round 1. Then mulligan away 2nd Lacerate, it is a great card but it really shines only in long rounds. After that mulligan away your cards in that order: 2nd or 3rd Warship (we want to pull out one of them with pirate captain), 2nd or 3rd whale harpooner. In round 3 you should make sure that your battle maiden and pirate captain are not dead, do not keep too much weather: throw away 2nd gold weather if you have two and keep only one Skellige storm if you already have drought or Ragh Nar Roog. Avallach, gold weather, Udalryk, summoning circle, a couple of axemen and Derran - here are the cards we are looking for.

General strategy:

The deck is super strong in long rounds so we always want to play only in 2 of them. The best scenario is a short round 1, dry pass in round 2 (keep your spy against decks with carryover, use it and then pass or circle if they play their own one) and a long round 3.

Here are the cards you need for round 1: at least one weather, 2 Axemen/Аxeman + Derran. If you do not have them  - pass. Do not afraid to start the game with gold weather if you lost the coinflip, it is absolutely OK to go two cards down - your round 3 will be strong enough. Always start with your proactive plays: Avallach -> Gold Weather -> Derran. Let s summarize our gameplan for round 1: we usually want to win it with 2 cards down in the worst scenario, start with proactive plays then follow up with cards like Whale harpooner and Axeman. If you have both gold weathers in hand play drought, Ragh Nar Roog is better for round 3 because of lacerates. In round 3 we repeat the same strategy: Avallach -> Gold Weather -> Spy -> Derran. If you see that your opponent is putting his units in a same row you should play all your axemen on an opposite side then play  Skellige storm instead of drought/Rag Nar Roog. Your finishers are Warship -> Lacerate -> Harald the Cripple.


1) It is very important to make the difference between your axemen in at least 2 strength to make them less vulnerable to Scorch and Gigni.

2) Do not change your drought/Rag Nar Roog to Skellige Storm before Brouver will not play all of his elven scouts (they can pull out weather clear).

3) Resurrect your axeman or Derran with restore if you want to keep them out of Alzur Thunder range.

4) Put all your axemen in a same row if it is possible. It will help you to maximize the value out of your finishers.

5) If you are playing against moonlight deck do not hurry up with your gold weather - use it right after first moonlight. In round 3 change their moonlights to Skellige storm. Play your finishers in a different order: lacerate -> Harald the Cripple -> Warships (you can easily kill Succubus with it).

6) If you are playing against mill just win both first rounds. It is very easy they have a lot of spam and no weather counters.

Card Replacements

Here are the cards you can replace if you want to:

1) Drought/Birna Bran. Change it to Hym if you like it more.

2) Lacerate. You can change one of them to Clan Corsair for example if there is no that much of a spam in the meta.

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