[The Fourth Row] Boonlight Dagon

Created by movius Dec 29, 2017

Last Updated Jan 7, 2018 (Midwinter Update)


  • Attack 67
  • Ranged 31
  • Siege 22
  • Total Strength 120
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5550
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  • 31
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Brief Summary of Build

Here we go!

Hi all, I'm Movius00 from The Fourth Row with my Moonlight list.

The Fourth Row is an international, multi platform Gwent community; comprised of 4000mmr and above members. We work together to challenge the meta and become better players. We have an active chat on the LINE app where we theory craft and provide feedback to raise our rank on the ladder and play at the highest level in tournaments!

Please visit our website - http://www.TheFourthRow.com

Ok ending with presentetaion, maybe someone of you know me for the Nekker, nekker, nekker deck of last patch, then if that one was simply a different list of the classic consume... this one is something new.

Yes, the moonlight archetype already exist, but how much of them have you met in ladder? 1, 2? Did the list really work or not? Nonono, trust me that one work, and really good imo.

A little preamble about the card moonlight, my deck use this card mostly (ever) as BOON, only as boon, why? Casue is way more stronger than hazard, i've tried making a deck with hazard moon and about moving enemy into it, didn't work. Boon instead is like having a staple clime on 1-2-3 of your row, usually not answerable. The most played deck right now (dwarf, bear, alchemy) don't play hazard, or maybe just one with gremist, so in some turn of play you can have a gold weather on your side every turn, and the opponent can't answer. It's game winner.

Ok let's go, i don't have winrate proof since i played without tracker but i think it's around 65% (with also some test in the middle)

Check out my stream to see this deck and others played: https://www.twitch.tv/movius00

Card Combos


Siren/katakan-->moonlight-->the boon choice

werewolf/alpha werewolf-->played into moonlight

Alzur-->spy/manticore (try to use it when you have one of these 2 in hand)

Whispess: tribute-->parasite/monster nest (ghoul on manticore, 26 points)

General Guide

So what's the point, it is simply live under our good moon, start the game with 1-2 siren, play dagon, then start play the werewolf abd the alpha one.

Usually abusing of the boon power you will win round one, use second round to bleed out your opponent, try to reach last round with only the gold crone in hand (and monster nest in deck)

Card explanation:


Succubs: why i choose her, man it's just savage, it trigger like in 80% of the games and is devastating, a good move with her is, you can also play her and if opponent passes up just play spy and win without losing card advantage. A lot of time i reach round 3 with in hand her and the crone, usually at that point opponent have no more rimotion but just the most strong card in hand (es. last round 2 card each, opponents start and plays whatever, i play succubs and often opponent in hand as thing like ciri nova or olaf), in this case you can think about using the monster nest with drowner instead of ghoul to move the biggest unit on the succub's row

Igni: absolutely necessary in this moment of the meta, trigger almost every game with big tempo swings, just too good to left it out

Ge'els: my favourite card probably, he's huge, the best use he has for me is in second round, ideally situation: you won round 1, you are bleeding round 2 and you have gold crone in hand and succubs in deck, you play ge'els choosing the silver option so last round you will draw succubs. Very good card use him wisely

Whispess: tribute: Really underrated card, she is your finisher, playing her with monster nest into ghoul that eat manticore is 26 point play (better than nova), otherwise you can also use her in every moment with parasite (18 points+rimotion). Very strong play


Monster nest: final combo with gold crone, big point, nothing else to say

Parasite: i was used to play roach instead of this but i bricked my crone too often so i putted it in, it's the second choice if you haven't/alrerady played your monster nest, otherwise alone is a 12 point play, not good, not bad

Katakn: just another moonlight boon

Manticore: The favourite lunch of an angry ghoul

Spy: Spy is needed to bleed out opponent in round 2 without losing card advantage

Alzur double cross: flexible slot, i found it very useful since in the same game you usually need ever both manticore and spy so that card help a lot


Siren: Plays boon on a row, is a beast so can be buffed by boon, thin your deck, what else?

Werewolf/alpha werewolf : some strong play at around 14 points

slyzard: thin your deck is essentially to catch the gold for the end

Foglet: 4 more points on dagon opening

Card Replacements


Igni is very good but can be switched for whatever make a lot of points

Succub: same as up but i don't suggest that


alzur double cross can be switched for a lock, roach or whatever you like

parasite: same as up but it help you to have ever a target for crone


i think bronze are good in this way, as i said starting you can change almost all the wolf package and make something incentred on Monn hazard and putting in movement unti as drowner.


You also try to switch the leader putting Whispering Hillock instead of Dagon and switching foglet for whatever you like


So, the guide end here i hope you can enjoy the deck as i'm doing and Good luck all!

if you have any question feel free to write here on comment or add me on gog Movius00

If you enjoyed deck/guide pls leave a like and stay tuned for new decks, bye all!

EDIT 04/01:

Succubs in last days was bricked too much times so i switched her for caretaker, he's very useful against dwarf, usually you are able to get a 13+ strenght dwarf

Mandrake in for parasite, was meeting a lot of consume with greedy list so this change helps a lot

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