Ciri:Nova'Tael dwarf/elf hybrid 4kmmr

Created by enzee Dec 30, 2017

Last Updated Dec 30, 2017 (Midwinter Update)

Brouver Hoog

  • Attack 37
  • Ranged 56
  • Siege 0
  • Total Strength 93
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5380
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Brief Summary of Build

Just throwing a quick guide, can write more details if any interest. 

Been playing the current popular dwarf decks for almost a week now, and most recently the elf/dwarf hybrid by Fourth Row (http://www.gwentdb.com/decks/39393-the-fourth-row-6-players-4-5k-tempo-xavier).

I enjoyed that variation a lot, had not previously considered running enough elves for Aeliren in a dwarf deck, but realized it works just fine. In fact, most games I had too many elves and that made me wonder if I could make it into a Ciri:Nova deck. Plus, I wanted to cut the wardancers down to 2x from 3x, as it made some hands quite awkward for mulligan purposes. 

I've been playing this version for a day now and started climbing again (had been kinda stuck at 3.9ish mmr, now hit 4.1k with this) 

There are quite a few flex slots if you are wondering about some of the card choices. 

Geralt:Igni I've found to be great at beating other dwarf decks in the 4k mmr range, but Schirru might be more consistent (I don't own him yet, though) as you get higher in mmr and people play around igni better. 

You could substitute Roach for Aeliren if you prefer, but I've found you can get the 5 elves out against most decks. Especially other dwarf decks right now, which is like 60% of the ladder. Decks with heavy removal might make it tough, so if that's what you are seeing more of, by all means change out this slot. 

One thing to keep in mind, is that you ideally need to play Barclay in round 1 or 2. If you have hattori in hand already, then brouver out the Barclay so you have it to rez in round 3. Plus, this gives a better target for Paulie to rez in round 3 as well. 

Much like the other variations, you want to have all your elves in hand (cept for wardancer) in round 1, and then dwarves after that. So, mulligan wardancers, skirmishers/guards, and aeliren away. Roughly in that order. Blacklisting is less important with only 2 copies, but still relevant. 

As with most Ciri: Nova decks, you are often looking to have a short round 3, ideally with last say so they can't answer Ciri. This is why the runestone is there, for the chance at another Yaevinn or some other utility silver for the situation. But, you could replace with summoning circle if you like. 

This version isn't quite as simple to play as the normal brouver decks, but it's not super complicated either. The Half elves give you some proactive turn 1 plays when going first, something the pure dwarf decks don't always have (agitators into skirmishers with no targets always kinda sucks). 

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