[TOP1 GLOBAL] trancenergy's Consume Dwarfsbane 90% WR vs ST

Created by trancenergy2 Jan 3, 2018

Last Updated Jan 7, 2018 (Midwinter Update)

Arachas Queen

  • Attack 84
  • Ranged 9
  • Siege 12
  • Total Strength 105
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5600
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Brief Summary of Build



Replaced BB for Operator due to all the Nekker hate going on on the ladder.

BB is still a flex that might come in handy if the meta changes - like axeman gets big.

Updates the replacements list as well

Card Combos


Queen - the perfect time to use her is Round 1 after you've gotten out all 3 of your Nekker Warriors to get +3 on each 1 of your 8 Nekkers (and +2 on the initial one standing). Use the last tick on a Nekker for added tempo and graveyard setup for Brewess. Else she is best used with Brewess to get 2 Nekkers out and have her at low power so she doesn't get big to get scorched. Its fine if she gets super big Round 1 and you can even put her into a Vran as you will have carryover setup and big Nekkers ready for next rounds while baiting out their Scorch/Igni/Yorveth Round 1 is perfect.


Nekker - core of the deck

Nekker Warrior -  try to get out all 3 asap from any sources. Preferably get them out from ADC + slyzards for extra cycling and consumes. If you are getting outtempoed before getting out your 3rd Nekker Warrior than use Whispess -> Nest Barbegazi on a Nekker for tempo boost and carryover setup.

Vran Warrior - main consume engine. Mix them up with barbegazis to spread your power and not give them a big scorch.

Barbegazi - carryover + gets out a Nekker from your deck. This is just as good as a Vran for end game as its the same 6 points and gets out a Nekker from your deck while sucking up reasonable power unlike a Forktail that becomes too big and gets scorched.

Slyzard - your main cycling tool. Use them as much as possible as they are cycling your deck and give consume stacks. If possible get the first one from March Orders. They can also be ressurected by Phoenix and make him a super flexible card that can chain a lot of ressurects and consumes.



ADC - this is primarily to get out a Nekker Warrior at the beginning. Later it can get out a Nekker and can be used as last resort when u didn't draw any Nekker to get one out after you buff it to 10+.

March Orders - same as ADC - deck cycling to get out a Slyzard. Use it early. At extreme cases when u have 3 slyzard in hand and no Nekkers this will get out a Nekker/Shadow.

Shadow - gives easy mulligan when u have it as u can get rid of all your Nekkers. Use it early for extra tempo and a body to start the Vran consume train.

Monster Nest - one of the Biggest cards in the deck. Most of the time we'll be using it from Whispess to get a Barbegazi on a Nekker for a big tempo boost and carryover setup. Mulligan it when u have Whispess/Decree (when u don't need it to draw other Golds) even when u don't have Manticore Venom in hand. In a rare case we can get the Behemoth out for more consume bodies or a Ghould as a finisher but most of the time Barbegazi on a Nekker will be more points.

Manticore Venom - this is solid removal but its primarily for mulligan purposes so u aren't scared to mulligan or use Monster Nest from hand and have your Whispess dead after. It makes Henselt and Reveal matchups very easy as it 1 shots Borkk (or their presumed Henselt target in R3). Or it will usually find a good target in not-Dwarf matchups like a Brigade/Enforcer/Dragoon. Else its will usually find its full value and be a 19 points play from Whispess but even 13 points is solid.

Black Blood - this card is very interesting. It has a smaller pool than most create cards as there are only 3 Vampires it creates and a bunch of Necrophages 70% of which are either amazing or good enough.

We can use it to :

- roll for Shadow when we didn't draw any Nekkers

- roll for Nekurat / Abaya to get a weather clear. A few words about Nekurat - i think the rng is fixed on Black Blood as it will almost always draw u at least 1 vampire out of the 3 possible (Nekurat, Hubert Rejk, Ekkimara). Nekurat is very flexible other than being a clear that will buff itself over the course of the round it can also be used as a 2 points lacerate which isn't bad at all.

- roll for points at any points of the game but mostly at the end. Alghoul, Ghoul, Abaya are soild 13-20+. Mournart can hit over 20 value at the end (over 25 against spies when u have a bunch of emissaries in your Graveyard) but don't pick her when u are still relying on your graveyard res-es as she will fuk it up. Ghouls, Alghoul, Mourtart also provide a consume stack on all your Nekkers! Rotfiend can be timed into a vran for 2 points lacerate on 8 point body which can be solid value. It can also be later ressurected by Brewess (if you want that for whatever reason =).

- roll for Hubert Rejk. Okay this card might seem really op in theory but in reality we won't use this often even when we get the chance. The best use for this is if you can't get out all your Nekker for whatever reason (like your vran's get killed). This will suck up all value from your Nekker so this can can easily hit for over 50 value alone at the endgame just make sure they don't have any Scorch effect left.

- finally don't forget about Black Blood's secondary effect - kill a bronze/silver Necrophage/Vampire. Best practical use i've found for this is against Dwarfs that love to steal your Monster Nest with Aglais and eat their 13+ Dwarf with a Ghoul. This will hit the Ghoul for 20+ value. Same thing in Consume Mirrors to kill Alghoul/Ghoul. But don't forget that it can't kill Barbegazis as they are insectoids.

- for the less effective choices - Ancient Foglet is 10 points, Ekkimara is 11 and Foglet is for the Memes =)



- Royal Decree - as the other 3 Golds are so Key in our deck Running Decree is very good for the deck's consistency. Ge'els is not a good alternative as our Silvers are mostly for utility and deck cycling + we need the exact gold at the right time and his randomness just won't work.

- Brewess - Ritual. Ressurects 2 Nekkers. This basically gives you free Nekker bodies without touching your power stack of Nekkers in your deck. This card is primarily for utility. Do not hold on to her for too long as she is not a finisher! Finishers in the deck are anything that gets a buffed Nekker from your deck and Brewess doesn't actually do this. Don't be greedy with her and use her no later than going below 3-4 cards (excluding Round 1) and preferably time 1 Nekker into a Vran or else she will be a 9 Point Gold when u get bled to your last cards! A huge plus of this card is it keeps your engines (Vrans, Queen, Gazis) low power and safe from scorch effects.

- Whispess- Tribute. Your main ealy tempo Gold. Most of the time we'll be using her on a Monster Nest -> Barbegazi Nekker in Round 1 for Carryover setup and a huge tempo boost (even more if we get her from Decree). This will do a lot of deck cycling as well. Else we'll be using her for Manticore Venom for removal of stuff like Borkk. Most of the time you want to mulligan Monster Nest when u have her in hand even if you don't have Manticore Venom as u want to chain her on the Nest for big tempo boost.

- Phoenix - the big daddy, the heavy hitter , the trump card! This is your strogest card and can hit over 30 points alone on a Nekker in Round 3! It's also extremely flexible with slyzards and can be used to ressurect anything - vran, nekker, gazi. Because of this card's flexibility you always want to hold on to it till the end if you have other sources to get Nekkers out beforehand - like Brewess, slyzards, barbegazis, vrans from hand. If you just slam this and your vran dies - congrats you just lost a bunch of possible value from the Nekkers that you can't get out because Phoenix could have ressurected that vran! Also you most of the time want to chain your resses from slyzards so u get extra points, consume ticks, and deck cycling!

General Guide



- u need to have at least 1 Nekker/Shadow + NekkerWarrior/ADC in hand. mulligan with blacklists till u find them

- blacklist nekkers first (all if u have shadow or keep 1 if u don't)

- blacklist Nekker Warriors if u have ADC + slyzards/marchOrd in hand

- blacklist Monster Nest with Decree/Whisperess in hand

- get rid of extra vrans/gazis to find phoenix.

Ideal starting hand: ADC,march orders, shadow, 2 slyzards, vran, 1-2 gazis, Decree/Whisperess , Phoenix+-Brewess.

DO NOT SAVE YOUR ADC/MARCH ORDERS/ SHADOW/ for later and play them at the beginning ! These cards are primarily for deck cycling and a little bit of added tempo. Mulligan slyzards/nekkers/nekker warriors accordingly when u have those silvers. They become worse in the end game as a slyzard will add more points to a Nekker than say an ADC.

Also do not save Brewess for low card rounds! She is mostly utility in this deck and is not a finisher. Don not play her later than going less than 3-4 cards (excluding Round 1).



Round 1:

- Start with shadow -> vran on the shadow -> Nekker Warrior(ADC) the nekker and have it eaten by vran next turn -> slyzard(march orders) it.

- Repeat this for all 3 nekker warriors if u don't get outtempoed to a point where u'll go 2 cards down.

- If u are getting outtempoed -> use Whisperess+Nest-> to get gazi on a nekker for a big tempo boost and carryover established.

- after you get all 3 Nekker Warriors -> use Queen on whatever u can except vran and gazi (obv) and last tick on the Nekker for a lot of points on the Nekkers and more tempo boost. After this a gazi from hand on a nekker.

- than u can keep playing (since you have consumes ticking and buffing your nekkers) if ur opponent isn't somehow generating tons of tempo or using some big removal like igni/yorverth to get you out of the round or uses a spy (but don't pass on his spy if u didn't setup carryover). If he used a spy early going 1 card down is okay on this deck.


- If you won on even/1 card down after you did all your consumes than you can pass and go straight into R3.

- If you lost on even with carryover / card up than your opponent might try to bleed you/get his card back. Get out a nekker and start using vrans/gazis on the nekkers to pump out tempo so that he'll never catchup without using something really huge. If you are getting bled to below 3-4 cards than use Brewess - no point saving her because she is actually not a finisher in our deck. Our finishers are cards that actually get out our buffed up Nekkers from deck (phoenix+slyzards to get out nekkers and gazis/vrans to get more out after) and brewess does not do this.

-if you won 2 cards down you can start pumping out nekkers and use gazis on them to get a carryover and big phoenix finisher and possible the card adv back from the tempo

-if we get taken to topdeck mode than we are usually at an advanatage because like 80% of our cards can get out nekkers from our deck for gigantic points


Short round finishers: Phoenix/Slyzard/March orders + vran/gazi/monsternest with/without Whisperess.

Medium Round finishers: Brewess + Phoenix / slyzard + vrans/gazis. Any cards that get out nekkers from your deck. Black blood is also very good it can get out Hubert Rejk to get buffs from any Nekkers that you can't get out, it can get alghoul/Mourtart for points and consumes, Abaya for points.

Topdeck mode: Phoenix/Slyzard/March ord.



Dwarfs/ST - easy. If you follow my round-by-round strategy u should win every game against Dwarfs and any ST decks including scorch decks because barbegazis are really good at unstacking you for scorch/igni (unlike forktails). Some high rated chinese players are running Muzzle on Eithne so if u ever run into that u should keep 2 Nekkers (Shadow) in ur starting hand. Shupe decks are also easy just don't get bamboozled round 3 by his charm and don't lead with a single Nekker on the board.

Axeman - medium. Try to play round 1 for as long as possible and u will win. Black Blood can help you with clears and Venom with removal to slow them down and get you into a short R3 against them where they can't deal with you giant nekker finishers. Barbegazis also help a lot at moving around your units from Axeman/Skellige stormed rows.

Henselt - easy. Even without Manticore Venom this is quite easy. If you happen to not somehow have it in hand just keep a Nekker - your highest power units so when it gets scorched - another one will pop out. This is easy to do if you use your Brewess and keep your vrans low power. But even if a vran gets scorched its not a big deal since like i said its easy to unstack your units and spread power to a 20-30 biggest unit even in a fairly long round 3.

Spies - easy. Try to get out of the round with a barbegazi once they get out all their enforcers and u get out all your Nekker warriors. Even if you lose a good amount of Nekker to enforcers u should still be fine. Only problem is runestone that can often hit Sweers.

Mill/Slave decks that run Sweers - hard. This is probably the hardest matchup as dealing with sweers and getting milled on our deck that thins heavily is too hard. You can try to play around sweers by that will be at best very inefficient as you'll have to progressively get out your nekkers and use Nekker Warriors slowly and u will often still get outpowered due to this.

Consume Mirrors - hard. This deck doesn't do well in monster mirrors as Barbegazis are inferior to Forktails in a pure arms race matchups. Regis: Higher Vampire and Alghoul can also eat your Nekker Warrior / Nekker or deny your slyzard train.

Bears - easy. Establish superior carryover with Barbegazis and you will outpower them easily. Hym is also useless against us as he will only hit a shadow which is useless to them and this often completely breaks their tempo.

Reveal - easy. Save Venom for bork if they are running it. Thats the only possible finisher they have and you can easily win even going 2 cards down.

NR armor decks - easy. They generate a lot of power but still nowhere near the Nekker machine.

Card Replacements

Only Flexes are Manticore Venom and Black Blood.

Venom makes Whisperess more consistent and your mulligans easier. It's also solid removal for stuff like Brigades, Enforcers, axemen etc. But most importantly it counter Henselt or any Borkk deck as it one shots him.

Black Blood - i really like it. Its random but it can pull some amazing cards like Nekurat/Abaya for clears against axemen. Hubert Rejk for 30-50 points if on whichever nekker u didnt get out. Shadow if you didn't draw your nekkers. And just a bunch of high points consumes like Alghoul/Mourntart/Ghoul 



Okay so swim played around with my deck a bit and offered some interesting techs that are pretty good. 

So lets talk about flexes in this deck. Like swim said - this is a combo deck and almost all the cards in it synergize with others (except the few silvers) and replacing one might have drastic effects on the others.

So the only way of doing replacents on it is replacing whole "packages" it runs.

The only bronze flex slot is the 3rd barbegazi. Replacing this will make the "slyzard package" (that includes March Orders and Phoenix) less consisent because we need 3 of each Bronze card in our deck for 3 slyzards to hit consitent value or else the slyzards will hit only Nekkers that could get out from other consume engines therefore we are losing value here.

So the possible flex is doing 1 Forktail mostly to improve our "nuts" finisher which is Brewess + Phoenix and improving Brewess value in the deck in general. So this will presumably sacrifice slyzard's consitency but make our finisher - if we are ever allowed to get to it - and absolute wreckage of our opponent. Im talking about Brewess -> Phoenix res Forktail on 2 Nekkers. In other scenarios Forktail is bad because it opens up big scorches for our opponent and we will hit our barbegazis less as a result.

The next flex is the "organic package" (Whispess + Nest + 1/2 more silver organic cards). Now Monster nest is the absolute best Organic card for the deck and in general but the other 2 are personal choice. Manticore venom makes Henselt matchup better. Mandrake will make mirror matchups much better, axeman matchup better and overall will have more applications like hitting value close to a scorch or buffing a Nekker for Brewess, or denying some combo card like Barklay from being ressurected, etc. Parasite is just a bad card and we don't take it into account. Now we can run all 3 silver organics to make Whispess even more consistent and flexible since our 2 Silver slots are open for flexing (BB and Venom). The downside to this is that all the organic cards except Monster Nest have suboptimal value in general without being thinnged out by Whispess as well as the 6 points she will add to them; and almost no synergy with the whole combo of our deck. The reason we don't run any bronze organics is because Whispess is also our tempo Gold and having a brick bronze and a mediocre Whispess is a bad option.

Moving on is the Woodland Package for the tempo (replacing Barbegazi for a Foglet). Now we can also add in Roach to this for even more tempo but he is generally unreliable in this deck because he doesn't come when u get out Woodland from Royal Decree anymore so if we don't play Woodland from hand he will be a possible brick on all mulligan phases straight to Round 3 because our other Brewess and Phoenix are not for the early game. This will hit the "slyzard package" , weaken monster nest tempo and we'll have to cut all other organics since they aren't valueable enough without the Whispess drawing them and adding points to them.

Another choice is Cyprian Wiley as an anti-meta card that will help in mirrors greatly and gives a possible counter to Borkk when comboed with Mandrake but this is obviously less reliable than just a single Manticore Venom.

Other possible flexes is again cutting the whole "organic package" aside from monster nest (but weakening its possible tempo) for other tempo golds like Kayran, Regis: Higher Vampire. 

Another Gold i could think of is Vesemir that can pull both Mandrake and Black Blood.


Okay fellow consumers, due to all the Nekker hate going on on the ladder right now like dwarves playing Eithne with compression/mandrake/muzzle/willy we need to adapt. So lets go back to the past when all this Nekker hate was common but Nekkers could still play easily and bring some old school techs.

First one is Operator - this card actually got buffed hard and is a perfect anti-counter. It doesn't need a Nekker on the board anymore to copy a nekker. This is double effective against dwarves with wardancers who need to mulligan them at some point so they are forced to play the 4 points Nekker sooner or later while yours is getting big. With operator and 2 Nekkers / Shadow in hand you basically become uncouterable by all this crap. And odds of you getting operator are the same as them getting the compression - although it can be pulled by Isengrim which increases their odds.

Next is SC. This is less reliable and will only work on Mandrake - not copression or Willy so i don't think its a good tech.

Finally i am almost positive about letting Brewess go from the deck. She has very rarely been doing anything in deck aside from giving a Nekker body without touching the power stack in the deck which makes her a 9 points gold that's pretty crappy. She does do well in mill matchups to help deal with Sweers but i don't face them much. Right now i am trying out Caretaker and see how it goes.

If you have any suggestions for silver and gold replacements let me know in comments and so we make consume great again! =) 

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