[4.3k MMR] The Winning Kambination: Disco Chicken

Created by user-30002535 Jan 3, 2018

Last Updated Mar 11, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Bran Tuirseach

  • Attack 89
  • Ranged 39
  • Siege 16
  • Total Strength 144
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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Brief Summary of Build



Update: 2018-03-11

Haven't touched the guide in a long time, if I remember correctly it's unfinished. And then it became outdated. But it still works. I hit a couple of streamers I'm peaty sure during my Ranked games so I start seeing people recognize the deck, so might as well update it since the surprise factor is becoming minimal. Hell might need try and create a new variant if I want to play ranked. For thous interested I'm currently around 4100 MMR so ye you can rank up with it.

Note I haven't touched the guide and probably will not, so if you are interested in the deck you'll have to figure it out on your own. 

P.S. Try to keep a low profile on the interaction cause I did some experiments back in MidWinter Patch days, and I'm pretty sure it's a bug.


Deck probably not final gona go trough my thoughts of what could be changed. And what are the Pros and Cons of this deck compare to my other deck.

This deck is a different variation of my other Wnning Kambination, I have found it really hard to climb anymore with the previous deck (got stuck at 4,4k). So I started experimenting and right now I think this one is better, at least because no one expects it yet.

It basically works because most decks removal is at Premium so they can not deal with all the Longships.

For thous who are wondering why I don't run spy creation. Thats because I consider than interaction toxic and it will be removed anyways so why bother. But if you wish so you can add it. Your winrate will probably increase around 10-15%.

We use the base of the deck Disco Skellige. Disco Skellige is objectively worse than Reveal, but Kambi deck struggles vs Reveal anyway so it doesn't matter. The thing is about Disco Skellige is that technically none of the meta decks being run in high ranks can match its tempo. Which is why they usually pass round 1 when they see you start putting your Longships on the board. That is good cause we don't really care. The entire point is to make sure there is a round 3 for us to use our Kambi.

The Kambi combo in this deck is Harald -> Kambi -> Gremist into eating the skull so you trigger Kambi on the other side of the board. This means you only need to have the last play to win the round. This combo can not be used on round 2 cause we do not have a plan B for round 3 in that case. Consider putting Kambi down first rather than Harold in case you suspect opponent has removal rather than buff in hand.

General Game Plan:

Round 1: Operator (if have) on war longship. Then setup your light longships. Opponent will probably pass this round so we don't want to commit to early and to much on our war longships. Keep putting War Longships after. Try your best not to allow a 2 CA pass on the opponent, but do note it's not the end of the world if you can get at least 1 CA back during round 2, either by being able to dry pass or by using your Disco combos on round 2. Opponent might play hes spy. Bounce a copy back if can otherwise ignore and continue your combo. You should win this round as long as you are not facing Reveal, NG spies, or SK axemen. Try to force out aoe removals and buffs so opponent can't counter Kambi Combo.

Round 2: If can dry pass, and get some extra CA. Otherwise play your remaining Disco combos. Again try to bait out counters to your Kambi Combo.

Round 3: Play your spy, buy time, bait with what you have left, but don't just play bad. Try to maximize your points in case Kambi Combo is bust, so you could still try and brute force the round. When left with your last 3 cards play out Kambi combo.


Tips (will update as I learn more myself):

Consider keeping Morkwarg and Wolfsbane in hand in case you don't need them to win other rounds. They can help to win round 3 in case you were not able to establish CA. Wolfsbane triggers on second cards end turn (Example: Harold->Wolfsbane->Kambi->Gremist).



Only 3 card combo. This means we rarely have bricked hands and we can play long round 1 and 2.
Unexpected. Both because they don't expect a kambi in this deck and also people are not use to Disco Skellige so they don't know how much points it can generate and how to play vs it.
Opponent has to call you a Kambi deck early otherwise they shouldn't keep Combo counters as their last 2 cards.
Kambi combo only requires to have the last play to work and also doesn't give opponent the chance of playing anything after Kambi triggers.
Deck generates huge points on round 1 and 2.
Easier mulligans, more efficient thinning.
Easier to survive round 1 and 2.
Doesn't rely on opponents reactions as much.

Has only 1 enabler for Kambi.
Has only effectively 1 win condition with Kambi.
Can't catch up point without setup.
Easily disruptable as long as opponent left the appropriate card in hand.
Lacks flexibility.
Harder Kambi round.
Can't Kambi round 2.
Can overthin.
Can't bounce a spy twice.


In conclusion I think the best Kambi deck is somewhere in between my 2 variants, but for now I think this one is good enough for this meta.

Do note because the combo is so light on cards it means many other decks might be able to also run the combo so I encourage you to also experiment.




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