4.3k+ MMR reveal soldier nova (Updated)

Created by Chrightt Jan 12, 2018

Last Updated Jan 13, 2018 (Midwinter Update)

Morvran Voorhis

  • Attack 16
  • Ranged 65
  • Siege 34
  • Total Strength 115
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5180
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  • 16
  • 65
  • 34

Brief Summary of Build

Will write more elaborate and in depth guide if enough people like it. Overall, might not be the most OP deck but is definitely fun to play. 

Usual game plan: Lead with mangonels or Vrygreff into mangonels and then choose to either reveal units for huge pure value while pulling golems or remove units with your removals (removing cards that will potentially grow too big and using recruits for thinning + value/armor protection). Win R1 reveal style point gain, bleed r2. You usually will end up with ciri: nova in hand after extensive thinning. Remember if you have a recruit in hand play it first before you recon for less RNG to directly get a magne division which you don't want. Also you should reveal cards before using recon to get golems out. Game plan is always solid, but steps to goal can vary a lot depending on the situation so act accordingly with the cards you have in hand.

Update 1 : -2 recruit +2 slave drivers -1 marching orders + 1 Nilfguardian Gates (Better mulligan and less over-thinning. Also, Nilfguardian gates can pull out key cards better than marching orders like Sweers/Vrygreff r1. If you end up having both of them in hand, gates pulls out the new slave drivers. Previously recruit consistently gets out a body for thunderbolt, but slave driver spawns another card and has number of bodies on the board covered. Slave driver is just decent value usually and an officer, not a soldier). 

Card Combos

Nilfguardian Gates -> Vrygreff -> Mangonel
OR Nilfguardian Gates -> Sweers to remove key engines
OR Nilfguardian Gates -> Slave Driver if you have both silvers already.

Reconnaissance -> Alchemist (Fire Scorpion)
Reconnaissance -> Magne Division -> Thunderbolt potion (Thunderbolt is huge value against decks that rely on weather/dmg for example axeman).

Bonhart (Cantarella for 13 point removal or alchemist/sweers/henry for 9 points, not like they can do much even if they know you have an alchemist in hand). 

Henry var Attre-> conceal cards to reuse them/buff/dmg. Remember don't conceal Cantarella as it gives the enemy more points.

General Guide


Mulligan away golems then thunderbolt potions and then keep a machine in deck (preferably mangonel) as well for Vrygreff. If they don't remove magonels immediately they're pretty much screwed because you can pull off your reveal dmg immediately. If they still don't remove it, you can just protect it with thunderbolt (10 points + 2 armor can't be removed in one go by the usual alzur's thunder from spawns/pulls). 

Card Replacements

Depending on meta/preference/lack of cards, any gold for Vattier (Vattier helps with R1 and also when you somehow don't have recon+alchemist because recon searches alchemist most of the time after thinning.)

Vanhemar for some other useful silver if you don't run into that many weathers/do fine vs weathers with just thunderbolt. Overdose from Vanhemar is not exactly strong, but helps with large swing r1if they got rid of mangonels (but if you already win r1, can also be ok-ish r2 for a small catch up to bleed) However, because it is random units and also requires multiple units for it to swing for huge points, might not be the best silver in slot.

Marching orders -> Nilfguardian Gate. (I'm actually considering this because it pulls out Vrygreff or Sweers which you really want r1. I'll probably swap marching for Nilfguardian gate permanently). 

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