(MO) Relicts Bleed Deck

Created by LeoScofield Jan 18, 2018

Last Updated Jan 18, 2018 (Midwinter Update)

Eredin Bréacc Glas

  • Attack 13
  • Ranged 49
  • Siege 92
  • Total Strength 154
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5100
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  • 49
  • 92

Brief Summary of Build

Relicts deck is a strong monster deck with a lot of thin and strong plays. 

Mulligan (in order) :

Try to mulligan the frosts and any additional Crone. Get rid of a second wild hunt hound. Get rid of the ghouls and a second cyclops (keep the second versus decks w/ engine cards).

General Guide


You need (and you can) win the R1 in most of the matches. Put a hound in at least a 7 power unit, wait some turns to see if your oponnent has clear skye and use Eredin and Navigator to put the other hound. Play some fiends and all your drowners. Cyclopes are great to develop your graveyard to slyzard and ghouls and also to remove enemy cards. If you need some points because of the coinflip or your oponnent also wants to win r1 , play your crones. Always think if the weavess will be better giving +2 or playing a relict like morvrud and crones. If your oponnent is a Bran and you have caretaker, take his Olgierd and try to have a morvrudd to lock his wolf.


Against regular decks you will bleed hard but Against decks like Sk Bears and Dorfs that have a lot of cards that makes a lot of points you will bleed VERY HARD. The decks thins very well, so you will always have a slyzard and somes ghouls in R2, so bleed until you have 2-3 cards and if the oponnent is a NOVA deck you will need CA, so play your spy exactly in your before pass turn, if you don't have just try to make a lot of points (if need play one of the two/three ghouls) to make the oponnent play 2 cards after your last card.


If you made everything correct, play your last cards (be careful of a Igni, and if you think the oponnent has scorch and you have 2 ghouls, make a ghoul bigger than the other) and igni his olaf/nova. Against some decks you will need to hold a morvrudd against the BORK.




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