Ciri: Nova, alchemy variation.

Created by Gozdan Feb 12, 2018

Last Updated Feb 12, 2018 (Mahakam Season Update)

Jan Calveit

  • Attack 39
  • Ranged 8
  • Siege 16
  • Total Strength 63
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5580
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  • 8
  • 16

Brief Summary of Build

Deck presentation (in Polish): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5ozqjqkIyM&lc=z23usxgarpuqijdjd04t1aokgqwxa0jm33yrhi4pvk32rk0h00410

Hello, we (Eltin1 and Gozdan/mmatip) would like to introduce a deck, which is a combination of standard Nilfgaard alchemy and a Ciri: Nova card. Now, we have two big finishers (Ciri: Nova and Cahir). In order to immediatly destroy important cards such as Farsser or Dimun Light Longship, we wanted to keep a good value from Viper Witchers, so we play 10 alchemy cards in our deck (6 bronze and 4 silver).

General Guide

During the mulligan phase you can keep one, or even two Ointments, because this card can be pulled by a Magne Division. You want to mulligan Swallows and Mahakam Ales. If you have Viper Witchers on your hand, you can also keep Vicovaro medics in order to resurrect a good unit from your opponent's graveyard.

Sometimes, if you lose a coinflip, a Cantarella as an opening is an option. Your gameplan is to thin your deck from special cards by using magne division and Vicovaro novices. Don't be afraid to use one of your biggest powerplays (Ciri, Cahir) to win a round on even cards. Otherwise, you control the situation on the table and use these tho cards as a finisher. Sometimes, if you are well thinned, you can also leave Cahir as your last card to pull out Ciri from Calveit (or make a huge combo: Cahir->Calveit->Vilgefortz->Ciri, but this is a very rare situation). 

Enjoy ;).

Card Replacements

Cantarella, Black Blood and Expired Ale can be replaced by other silver cards. We play them to control the Card Advantage and to deal 10 damage from Viper Witchers.

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