[TFR] Seen It All Already, And Then Some

Created by BeardyWog Feb 18, 2018

Last Updated Feb 18, 2018 (Mahakam Season Update)

Crach an Craite

  • Attack 21
  • Ranged 33
  • Siege 15
  • Total Strength 69
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5550
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Brief Summary of Build

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Hey guys, BeardyBog (previously Wog) here and this is my variation of Veterans that I used to climb to GM. Now disclaimer, getting to GM isn't tough at all and pretty much any decent deck will do it, and this is no exception. Idea for the deck I got from Freddybabes and his Youtube video about it which you should definitely check it out if you haven't. Changed some cards and here it is!

So this deck is all about using Tuirseach Veterans as many times as possible, strengthening your other bronzes each time turning them into mini Novas r3.



Card Combos

Whole deck is really one big combo since it's revolving around veterans but the best combo here is usually use freya to resurrect Hunter or BearMaster and then use restore onto the maiden to get another copy out. Usually those are biggest points you can get.

General Guide


So this deck consists of 2 goals:

1. Playing Veterans as many times as possible

2. Offsetting a huge scorch

So let's get into the mulligan phase which is direclty linked to these 2 tasks. So basically your first blacklist option is freya since you don't want any dead cards r1, then depending on your hand you may want to mulligan a maiden or BearMaster/Hunter. Ideally you want to have ADC and 2 Vets in hand. Why? The answer is connected to the second part of our goal and that is offsetting a scorch. If you get all veterans out without using your leader, then Crach pulls a Hunter, strengthens it and denies scorch plus provides a better resurrection. Now that's the optimal hand, but from my experience usually you get 2 veterans r1 which isn't too bad, 1 on the other hand is.

R1 Very straightforward, play your veterans out, if you have decoy, it's always the best choice to use with Sigdrifa but you can decoy a veteran from the board as well, especially if he has been damaged by weather, you gain some tempo in that case as well. Depending on the opponent, you may want to push r1 deep, even when going -2, I generally do that since ST lack any sort of finisher unless they run Ciri : Nova but you can opt to get out and get your card, especially if you won the coin and/or have a good hand. However try playing at least 1 Bearmaster or Hunter so your Freya doesn't end up being dead should your opponent push hard r2. Use Papa Vesemir to strengthen your biggest Veteran if you have him, thus offsetting a scorch.

R2 if they dry pass, use Sigdrifa and resurrect a Veteran and then go and win r3. If you have big boy Veteran, just play a Bearmaster and save Sigdriffa for round 3

R3 Key here it to count how many graveyard targets you have and maximizing points you can make. Sometimes even a restored Veteran is a decent amount of points. Other than that if your bronzes aren't all at 11, you should win the match since your every play is essentially 15 points. Using Papa Vesemir r3 to stagger if you haven't already is still a good option if you haven't done it already and you are aware that your opponent is play scorch such as Eithne ST. Otherwise always go for runestone since it can provide you with another restore, Sigrdriffa, Holger Blackhand, situational lock, Champion of Champions removal etc. So it is almost always better. Play your big guys and win!


Matchup specifics:

NG alchemy: very easy matchup. If you get Papa Ves r1 and they play Calveit without mandraking him first, use your mandrake to banish Calveit and essentially turn their Cahir into 1 pt gold. Pro tip, try to save ADC for r3, since they will almost always shuffle back your biggest guy in. This way you can get it back. Don't kill the vipers, shoot bears with your hunters so you don't provide them with ointment targets. Veteran is usually your best muzzle target here.

ST elves swarm: Depending on the version, you really want to win r1, don't be afraid to go -2. Then start playing your big guys r2 and killing their elves, if they have Nova - Francesca version don't go to 1 card, otherwise push to the last because your topdeck will always beat theirs. Worst case scenario, being 1 card down r3 still equals an easy win.

ST Eithne scorch: Very hard matchup since they have a bunch of scorches, nowadays they even renew for another Borkh/Schirru. Pray to Rng gods that you get lock from runestone against Borkh or Draig Bon-Dhu to further stagger your units.

SK Bran Discard - Fairly good matchup, muzzle Morkvarg, keep track of Cerys's timer. You will usually lose a card against them as well but still win because your bronzes beat their Berserker Marauders.

SK Axemen - Runestone for crazy stuff like weather clear or Donar. Even without those you can win because you have Muzzle for first Axeman or Derran if they have been careless, Coral the next, Mandrake the third. And as always keep pushing, even more so if they dry pass r1 because they will have dead weather and resurrects in hand r2.

Consume - Haven't played against them a lot but same applies as above. Muzzle their first nekker, if they pass. Mandrake or Coral the next one r2 It's GG from there.

NR Swarm - Keep playing r1 deep even if losing on even, they have no finisher other than Temerian Infantry.

Henselt machines - Identify if it is a scorch or Baron Version. Baron version being better for you. If you are playing against it, avoid playing Bears and focus on Hunters instead, since Bearmasters provide 2 targets for their Ballistas. Remove key cards with Hunter, like Siege Masters or Henselt target. Another deck that you will be card down against and still win. Never pass unless Henselt has been used.

Dagon Deathwish - Muzzle Archespore, play your veteran into the fog, once it's about to die, decoy it. Try killing Deathwish units, denying his Griffins. Mandrake his Barbegazi. Beware of the caretaker/Ozzren. Save 1 Hunter for r3 no matter the cost in case they have Miruna



Card Replacements


Birna Bran is somewhat replaceable since every ST list has a weather clear mage, so possibly Hjalmar, Royal Decree or if you are feeling cheeky enough, Renew.


Roach instead of Restore for more initial tempo

Marching orders instead of Restore for a guaranteed Freya


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