[Rank 20] Tripple Scorch Control 77% WR

Created by Rogarsson Feb 22, 2018

Last Updated Mar 26, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 39
  • Ranged 26
  • Siege 12
  • Total Strength 77
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5250
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  • 39
  • 26
  • 12

Brief Summary of Build

This is the latest version I've been using to climb to Rank 20. It's pretty similar to the version I used last time but performed better.


There will be some similar decks out there, this is the version I refined to fit my playstyle the most.


The main idea is to combine some tempo with low strength units and control. Your options here are Scorch, Dol Blathanna Archers, Schirrú, Muzzle and of course Eithné.

Eithné is a super flexible leader, you can use here for control or tempo which is quite nice.







Card Combos


This card is used to thin your deck and make shure you will draw your silvers and golds most of the time.


A great card, which can give you quite good bronze cards. Sometimes there are not the best options, but most of the time you'll get an elv to get Aelirenn out, for tempo and thinning.


Your carryover :-) (and a little bit thinning)


A quite nice tempo play but for shure a flexible slot, that can be replaced though.


This card has great synergy with Scorch and Schirrù. Although it can be used for removal (Blue Stripe Scout, Nekker etc.).


A RNG card, that can give you any bronze ST card. Most of them are really good. What you want to have one of them:

  • Elven Scout
  • Sage, if you have Alzurs in the graveyard
  • Mahakam Guard
  • Panther (a great card)
  • Elven Swordmaster
  • Hawker Healer
  • Pyrothechnician
  • Dol Blathanna Bomber
  • Dwarven Skirmisher
  • Half-Elf Hunter
  • Mahakam Defender
  • Vrihedd Vanguard
  • Dol Blathanna Archer
  • Hawker Support
  • Dwarven Mercenary
  • Vrihedd Dragoon

All this cards are useful, but also situational. You'll always have to decide depending on the matchup and the situation. Don't pick a Hawker Smuggler if you plan to use Scorch/ Schirrú that round!


For a little bit more thinnig.



Will often be used to get Yaevinn out. If you have him in your hand, you'll pull out an archer, which is quiet nice and good tempo (7+2+4 removal or lining up units for a sweet Scorch).


Doesn't need an explanation I think.


Most of the time you'll resurrect an Elven Scout, Ida Emean aep Sivney or an Half-Elf-Hunter if Hattori got buffed higher. This card is best used in round 3 to get some points on the board.


A flexible card to clear weather or get an Alzurs Thunder. Most of the time you won't use fog because its a to low tempo play.


A spy is an auto include in my opinion.



He is mostly a tutor for Scorch or Alzur's Double-Cross. So he will work like a 2 point Schirrú for example. If you have both of these cards in hand he can give you another Ida or a Ciaran aep Easnillen.


A sweet, sweet Scorch.


A removal card which will buff all your elves in hand, so it gives some passive carryover.


A good card to deny engines, Nekkers etc. Otherwise it is a 16 point play which isn't great but okay.

General Guide


The mulligan is quite easy with this deck. You want to blacklist Doppler, Reconnaissance and Aelirenn as soon as possible. That's mostly it. Of course you can consider blacklisting Yaevinn, if you have Alzur's Double-Cross. If you have Scorch, Alzur's Double-Cross and Isengrim: Outlaw, mulligan one of the specials.

Be aware of the third mulligan if you haven't blacklisted Aelirenn. If you haven't seen her, you'll decline the third mulligan most often.


  • 2x Doppler and 1 Recon in hand: mulligan 1 Doppler and the Recon. Don't use the third mulligan if you haven't foun Aelirenn. If you got here, she'll be the third mulligan.
  •  1 Doppler and 1 Recon in hand: mulligan the Doppler first, then the Recon.Don't use the third mulligan if you haven't foun Aelirenn. If you got here, she'll be the third mulligan.
  •  0 Poppler and 1 Recon: mulligan the Recon. If you found a Doppler mulligan it next. Don't use the third mulligan if you haven't foun Aelirenn. If you got here, she'll be the third mulligan.
  •  2 Doppler and 0 Recon: Mulligan one Doppler. If you found Recon mulligan it next. Don't use the third mulligan if you haven't foun Aelirenn. If you got here, she'll be the third mulligan.

The other situations are up to you, of course you are fishing for silvers and golds.


General gameplan

There isn't only one gameplan you can follow step by step. But I'll try to give you some hints. You can also take a look at the videos i linked above.

First of all you wan't to get 5 elves out a soon as possible to tutor Aerilenn. In best case this is done through Evlen Mercenarys into Recon and Doppler to thin your deck. If you see an engine use your removal or muzzle to deny it.

Of course you want to win the round but if you get the chance to lose 2 cards up, take it! Also loosing 1 card up is okay, if you have a wardancer in hand and your opponent doesn't have more carryover. Take a look at your hand and try to assume wether you can stay ahead round 2. Also it's important to have your spy in hand in this scenario, because you opponent will often play his spy in round 2 after he won the first round.


If you won round 1 and want to bleed your opponent in round 2, which is the case most of the time, drop a wardancer an then get Yeavinn out. this is best done through Alzur's Double-Cross because he'll get bigger than your opponents spy and can be scorched safely. Although you'll be ahead because of the wardancer.

Try the best you can to get card advantage. Last say is really important for scorch decks.


If there are any questions, feel free to leave a comment. My descriptions aren't the best for sure, because I'm not a english native speaker.

Card Replacements

Half-Elf Hunter --> Dol Blathanna Bomber aganist row stacking if you face a lot of Henselt machine decks


Isengrim: Outlaw --> Ithlinne Aegli (you have to switch the two Dopplers than) or Geralt: Igni[/card]

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