Curse Control [Top 50]

Created by user-100019637 Feb 28, 2018

Last Updated Mar 10, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Princess Adda

  • Attack 20
  • Ranged 33
  • Siege 25
  • Total Strength 78
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5450
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  • 20
  • 33
  • 25

Brief Summary of Build


Hey guys, this is my Curse Control deck which I have been piloting over the past month or two. It utilizes the powerful Kaedweni Revenant and the deck's many spells to control your the board whilst giving you a ever increasing army to overwhelm your opponent.

This is a very difficult deck to play. It is by no means top tier however when piloted correctly it can give you consistent results and has proven capable of challenging all the top meta decks...as long as you don't make any mistakes.

Another thing I would add is that this deck is very very fun to play. If you really enjoy a challenge and having to plan out your moves and think many turns ahead then this is the deck for you.


Card Combos


Kaedweni Revenant: The whole reason why we are running the deck. Our aim is to get 20+ point value form each one. This doesn't always happen but when it does you usually win the game. Always try to keep at least one on the board and don't get too greedy as you may need some on later rounds.

Tormented Mage: Has 6 spells/items that it can target in the deck. Vital for thinning and consistency.

Dun Banner: I really dislike this card however it helps me win games so I can't complain too much. Helps to offset our early low tempo plays with a sudden 12 point boost. Useful to get out of the deck round 2 if you have won and played Thaler.

Cursed Knight: This was one of the last pieces of the jigsaw that helped this deck compete. It offers a strong tempo play, usually around 14 points when targeting something like a Tormented Mage. Most importantly it can combo with Sabrina's Specter for a strong 16 point silver play that you can make during round 3, somethng that this deck needs to do to compete with our opponent's sometimes unfair chain of cards. It can also counter Iris von Everec which can be relevant. 

Alzur's Thunder & Bloody Flail: Standard removal spells that help to continue spawning your Revenant's 

Scorch: Probably my favourite card. Very strong removal which helps me win so many games, look to use the decks spells to line up your opponent's units so that you can get as strong a Scorch as possible.

Deathmold: There is quite a bit of golden weather floating about right now and Deathmold helps to counter that. It also provides another Alzur's Thunder for Kaedweni Revenant to benefit from.

Thaler: Card advantage is good, we all know this. It is very good at getting your Dun Banner's our of your deck.

Sabrina's Specter: Allows us to revive a Kaedweni Revenant and offers a strong 16 point play when combined with Cursed Knight.

Vandergrift's Blade: Vandergrift's Blade's ability to banish is what we are looking at here as it can really dirsupte our opponent's stratergies. Great at countering Monsters, Skellige and Alchemy.

Zoria Runestone: A second silver target for Kiyan that can also create powerful silvers such as Sabrina's Specter and Deathmold.

Rag Nar Roog: Offers lots of long term value, especially against decks such as elves and monsters. Combines with Kaedweni Revenant again for a 10 point initial play which helps to counter its slow tempo start.

Villentretenmerth: Our decks finisher which allows us to remove our opponent's final paly such as Ciri: Nova.

Triss: Telekinesis: A Better Keira Metz (see further down). Is usually pulling one of your 3 bronze spells giving you lots of good options to counter your opponent's play. Offers a second shackle which helps counter any Monster deck.

Kiyan: Allows us to fish for Vandergrift's BladeZoria Runestone and two of the bronze spells for extra distruption power. It's create ability can also be very powerful.

These care the cards that I have removed during the decks latest update.

Dimeritium Shackles: Helps to counter our opponent's Ambush and Deathwish Units. Can also be used to prevent our Villentretenmerth from blowing up our own units if ever that is about to happen. Only now seems to help in the Consume matchup which I seem to win anyway.

Olgierd von Everec: I am including Olgierd to help counter out opponent's carry over and as a safety net when we lose a round on even cards as it prevents our opponent from dry passing. Good card but the Mulligan match up is so bad for us anway that we may as well try to strengthen our other matchups than try to compete. The 9 strength got a bit awkward as well during the last round as it prevented Scorch/Borkh plays.

The Last Wish: Not only does this card help to thin your deck but it also combines greatly with Kaedweni Revenant as you can get a second proc during your turn if you find another spell to cast. Removed to include Vandergrift's Blade. Althouh strong it can give you some poor pulls such as Dun Banner and an early Villentretenmerth.

Keria Metz: Offers a couple of spell options for our Revenants and is pretty much always at least a 15 point play. Removed to include Kiyan. Kiyan + Vandergrift's Blade is a better Keria Metz + Alzur's Thunder.  As mentioned in the comments below I wanted to improve the Monster and Skellige match ups as they are proving popular.

Uma's Curse: Can do some pretty insane things for this deck. You are mainly searching for a creature that can produce another spell for you however there are lots of golds that can be of benefit. Definetly a card that can be swapped if you want to be a bit more consitent however it defintely adds at least 15% more fun to the deck :) Revmoed for Triss: Telekinesis. Triss: Telekinesis offers more consistent value and a third lock/banish target to help counter deathrattle decks.

Card Replacements


See above comments for up to date card replacements.


I would say that I am settled on pretty much all the cards contained in this deck however if you do want to experiment a little then I would look at replacing the following

The golds in this deck can be pretty flexible so you can chop and change them depening on what decks you find yourself facing.

Muzzle can be a good replacement for Uma's Curse if you want to improve the Consume Monsters matchup, it is also useful against many Northern Realms decks as you can steal Ronvid.

Seltkirk of Gulet is quite a powerful gold if you want to tech further against Engine decks such as Spies and Greatsword decks.

The Last Wish can be a bit irritating when you still have Dun Banner in your deck so can be replaced with Alzur's Double-Cross if you want to help get those Dun Banner's our of your deck.

Speaking of Dun Banner, if you don't wish to play them then consider replacing them with 2 Damned Sorceress and an additional Alzur's Thunder

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