Triss: Telekinesis is so underrated... Spell'tael

Created by Yrkomm16 Mar 2, 2018

Last Updated Mar 3, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 16
  • Ranged 0
  • Siege 39
  • Total Strength 55
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5600
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Brief Summary of Build

I write a guide for this deck when I get 5 votes up ;)

Thanks for upvotes - this is the promised guide ;)

If i made huge language mistakes in this guide - sorry! :(

So, the main gamestyle is simply the same as standard Spell'tael decks - place the engines and spam Mahakam Ale from Mercenaries, Sages and Triss. On last round we finishing off opponent by placing huge Protectors - that's it!

Rest of the guide is on GENERAL GUIDE section ;)

Card Combos

Triss: Telekinesis -> Mahakam Ale

Royal Decree -> Isengrim: Outlaw -> Nature Gift -> Marching Orders -> Elven Mercenary -> Mahakam Ale


General Guide


We don't want any Ale's or more than 3 Sages on starting hand. Empty Royal Decree is not good too. Use blacklist to perfeclty mulligan away unwanted cards.


Red coin -> always playing

Blue coin -> we can drypass, but if we manage to get our setup and we always go trough opponents point we can enter to the round 2 on EVEN card situation and drypass him in that round (only Wardancer Carryover is a problem, maybe Olgierd played from Bran too). THE DECISION BELONGS TO YOU! 

Never drypass on Harald!!!


Our frist play is always the Alzur Double Cross (from Nature Gift or Isengrim: Outlaw) into Farseer to setup our main engine (DO NOT PLAY FRIST ENGINE FROM HAND TO AVOID HUGE SCORCH!). If its get removed simply play another one from hand (but i suggest to not be aggresive with Eithne in Double Cross again, she can be more usesfull for 2nd Madrake, Marching Orders or Artifact Compression). Don't play all 3 Farseers in one round - try to save last for later, cu'z opponent can simly deny your powerhouse by passing. We don't play a Yaevinn, so points is our only way to work on CA.

Our next play is for setuping our board to maximize Mahakam Ale value (like i wrote in Card Combos section, Isengrim: Outlaw can setup our board on his own in second turn). 

Our next moves focusing just on spam the Ale, boosting our Protectors and generate maximum value.

On the last round we simply playing our huge Protectors. To avoid huge Scorch/Villen play one, then play Sage/Triss/Mercenary into remained Mahakam Ale to boost others in hand + the one on the board, or simply we can use our Eithne into Alzur's Cross (but I recommend to save her for some tricky opponent plays).

Use your removals carefully - Madrake can deal with Nekkers, Imlerith: Sabbath and other dangerous plays (same as Artifact, but we can't use it on golds).

Unfavourable matchups:

 - Radovid with Witch Hunters

 - Control Reveal

 - Scorch Eithne


Card Replacements

Triss: Telekinesis -> Aguara: True Form

Isengrim: Outlaw/Aglais -> Ithlinne/Vesemir

Last Wish -> some other usesfull silver special card like Manticore's Venom for Villen.

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