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Created by user-100017160 Mar 3, 2018

Last Updated Mar 3, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Whispering Hillock

  • Attack 0
  • Ranged 0
  • Siege 21
  • Total Strength 21
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5600
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Brief Summary of Build

Hey guys, I found the correct way to play Imlerith : Sabbath, here's how you can too:

The gimmick in this deck is not playing any units (besides iris's companions) so Aguara's handbuff option always hits Imlerith. This makes him an instant 10 strength with 2 armour, so he cannot be killed by NG assassin or alzur's thunder. 

You open with iris's companions (tutored by BOTH adc and marching orders for consistency). You use it to find imlerith and aguara (Get imlerith in hand, decree may be used for aguara, if you dont have imlerith in hand aguara cant boost him). You use aguara second to boost imlerith in hand and boost the lesser demons to 18. They will provide a scorch roof. Now you can play out imlerith and start killing your opponent's board. Your opponent will realise he is not able to kill it and pass, so you can apply adrenaline rush (use hillock if you dont have it in hand for a chance to create one). 

From there, play around scorch and igni and play a minigame of trying to keep imlerith alive with mandrakes/mardroemes/parasites (all of which can be created by hillock as well).

There are a couple hardcounters though. The most used one is your opponent using mandrake to weaken imlerith by 6 and thereby banish him before you have a chance to strengthen him. There is no way around this. There is no way to strengthen imlerith before playing him onto the board (Besides some extremely inconsistent niche scenarios involving uma or SC in a skellige match up) and therefor if you suspect your opponent having mandrake, you'll have to bait him into playing it before you play your imlerith somehow. 

Imlerith can survive one scorch because you have renew, but after that you have to be real careful.

Also Geralt : professional is pretty annoying.

EDIT: You don't have to give up right away if your sabbath get's mandraked into banishment if you're persistant about your meme. If you use all your mardroemes and mandrake to strengthen your companions, and your leader creates another mandrake, you have the potential for 29 point companion to which you can apply adrenaline rush as well. in a short round 3 there's monster nest into ghoul who can eat the companions and this might take your opponent by surprise. If companions get removed before getting full strength, doppler pulls fiend at 11 base a substancial amount of the time too.

Hope you guys enjoy, I will post links to videos of me pilotting the deck here shortly. I also livestream pretty often, stop by some time if you please https://www.twitch.tv/repelmer

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjsjYmAE0ZQ


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