Ciri and Ihuarraquax by Goomer (English and Russian versions)

Created by Goomer Mar 3, 2018

Last Updated Mar 8, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Francesca Findabair

  • Attack 51
  • Ranged 28
  • Siege 60
  • Total Strength 139
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5280
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  • 51
  • 28
  • 60

Brief Summary of Build

Hi there. First of all, I want to introduce myself. I'm playing since Closed beta, I have strange name irl, I love pizza and I'm part of Russian Gwent themed website called gwentguru.info and we made russian version if this gudie, link below Kappa but you are here for the deck, so let's go)

Link for russian version of the guide/Ссылка на русскую версию гайда

Жми сюда

The idea of this decks is to buff Ihuarraquax by 3 points first, then shuffle him into a deck and get it back with Royal Decree to get instant 28 points of value. But it's "on paper". RNG happens, you know. Once my unicorn shot all 3 wolfs of Woodland Spirit, won anyway but lol. 

Card Combos

I'll try to explain why I have chosen exactly those cards.


Ihuarraquax: I think by the all 10 new cards, that's the most interesting. Good tempo swing but depends hard on rest of the deck and rng.

Ciri: Nova: plan "B". Great in short rounds, may counter Imlerith: Sabbath.

Schirrú: that guy is amazing. Evey time I burn something with him I have a flashback of that FarCry 3 mission. Targets are almost endless: Imlerith: Sabbath, An Craite Greatsword, Vran Warrior, witchers buffed by Trial of the Grasses etc. Tip: if round 3 is very short (1 card) and you going second it's 99% gg. You can't only beat Cahir Dyffryn + Jan Calveit + something combo.

Royal Decree: get's our unicorn. That's it.


Yaevinn: he is here for 2 reasons: card advantage ofc and getting us Royal Decree.

Ciaran aep Easnillen: I faced a lot Imlerith: Sabbath decks and this elf stops that Godzilla from killing our board.

Aelirenn: we have a lot of elves so she is here for obvious reasons.

Ida Emean aep Sivney: weather control, enemy engines control.

Vaedermakar: enemy engines control, creates weather for long rounds.

Éibhear Hattori: resurrects Elven Scout, good tempo.


Hawker Support: helps us to prepare unicorn for Royal Decree or buffs Elven Swordmaster.

Dol Blathanna Archer: can set up tasty Scorch and needed in one specific scenario: if somehow you end up with Ihuarraquax and without Royal Decree you can buff unicorn to 13 points (Francesca Findabair + Hawker Support or 2x Hawker Supports), put him on the board then Dol Blathanna Archer hits an enemy with 3 dmg  and 1 dmg goes to unicorn. BOOM!

Elven Swordmaster: soft removal, good tempo, won't let our Hawker Support to be a brick.

Vrihedd Officer: I use him to mulligan buffed unicorn back to the deck or Yaevinn for 18 points bronze play.

Vrihedd Dragoon: carryover (sort of), great synergy with Farseer. Tip 1: triggers works from melee row to siege row, from left to right. If you want your Farseer to keep buffing put him on right and Vrihedd Dragoonon the left side of the row (or Farseer at the siege row and Vrihedd Dragoon at melee\ranged). Tip 2: DON'T put Vrihedd Dragoon on the board if you have Ihuarraquax in hand. It's can end up pretty bad for you if Ihuarraquax will be buffed too much or something.

Farseer: really good engine if played correctly. Let's take a look at the common scenario with this decks. You have FarseerIhuarraquax, and Vrihedd Dragoon in your hand. You want to get value from Farseer but afraid that Vrihedd Dragoon will miss his buff. It's ok. Put Farseer on the board, buff Ihuarraquax with something (Farseer +2), the mulligan Ihuarraquax with Francesca Findabair or Vrihedd Officer (Farseer +2), put Vrihedd Dragoon on board and Farseer will continue his dark job. Tip: If you want 2 Farseers working at the same time, first put one, buff him then the second one. Tha's will protect you more from Scorch or Geralt: Igni.

Elven Scout: good bronze, target for Éibhear Hattori, can give us carryover (Mahakam Defender) or weather control (Vrihedd Brigade).

Wardancer: I don't like the fact that this card exists in Gwent but it's here for...reasons. Tip: Round 1. You have Yaevinn in hand, you think your opponent has a spy too. You feel that you will lose round one but you want to keep an extra card in round 2 by playing Warcancer. The opponent may counter that by playing their spy and that's why you kept yours. You play your Yaevinn as an answer to their spy and voila, you still on the horse (yeah, bad joke, I know).

General Guide


Mulligan for this deck is up to 2 things: finding combo and synergy cards. 

First of all get rid off Aelirenn. If you have both Wardancers mulligan one and keep another for round 2 (or round 3 if in 2 round you are about to dry pass). Try to find peaces of the combo: Ihuarraquax, Vrihedd Officer, Hawker Support, Royal Decree/Yaevinn. Keep Farseer only if you have Vrihedd Dragoon or "chain" I was explaining in "Farseer" section. 

I will talk about decks I face the most 
I was playing this deck a lot (ofc I did, I created it lol XD) and didn't found the direct counter deck. It's all about how smart you manage your resources. 

Don't play you engines against him. "We follow Letho" and you lost all your tempo. If after mulligan you ended up with 2x Hawker Supports, unicorn and Vrihedd Dragoon you can buff your Vrihedd Dragoon and keep him safe from Scool of The Snake (usually they run 10 alchemy cards, so we will be just fine). Keep Shiru for Trial of the Grasses. Ciaran aep Easnillen is bad in this matchup but may be used to block Vrihedd Dragoon/Farseer they pulled with Slave Driver (or just kill him with 8 points Elven Swordmaster and you will be fine). 

You probably won't out tempo them in round 1, if only you don't have Elven Swordmaster + Havenker Support, Ida Emean aep Sivney or your combo to kill all his Mangonels at once. Ciaran aep Easnillen is needed to control Villentretenmerth, Ida Emean aep Sivney to contol gold waether and bevare of Letho of Gulet+ Regis combo. 

That's an interesting one. If you going second it's almost always a win. Bleed them as much as possible, make them play all the cards they have. Round 3 must be as short as possible. 

Crach an Craite
Veteran: Realy hard one. Quentences of greed. Try to Schirrú his bears. Your only chance is short round 3 and going second.

Greatsword: Pretty easy. Use all your control cards to beat his An Craite Greatsword, Dimun Light Longship and you will be fine.

King Henselt

He is like the main character in anime. He's laying on the floor, covered in blood, you think "GG" but suddenly he uses his ULTIMATE PAWA and you are dead. I'm talking about Reaver Hunter. If he didn't used his Muzzle NEVER play Reaver Hunter he gave you by Operator. Keep Schirrú for those lovers of protein and Ciaran aep Easnillen for Ronvid the Incessant and of course make him use his leader.

King Foltest

SWAAAARM!!! If it's 40 cards deck just keep Schirrú  for Hubert Rejk,  in another case just play your cards as normal and you will win anyway.

Card Replacements

Feel free to experiment. I will talk about cards that may be replaced imho:


Royal Decree to Aguara. It's will make combo much more simple but on the other hand, you will need extreme luck or having exactly Aguara and Ihuarraquax in your hand and no other units.


Éibhear HattoriVaedermakarCiaran aep Easnillen and Ida Emean aep Sivney may be changed to Scorch (for more control), Roach (more thinning and tempo), Myrgtabrakke (better Scorch or to save your units from enemy Scorch), Ocvist (card advantage and to kill all small units so your unicorn will have more value).


2х Vrihedd Dragoon and 2хFarseer to 2x Half-Elf Hunter, 2x Vrihedd Vanguard for more tempo and faster Aelirenn.

If you have any questions or just want to 1v1 me, please, add me in GOG I will be happy to see you :)



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