Hyperthin_k Scorche'tael (with guide)

Created by Rolton_Chivay Mar 5, 2018

Last Updated Jun 2, 2018 (Swap Update)


  • Attack 18
  • Ranged 23
  • Siege 44
  • Total Strength 85
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5200
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  • 18
  • 23
  • 44

Brief Summary of Build

Hey there!

This deck is really fun to play (until you get some useless dudes on the mulligan), but you need to ponder every turn as sometimes mistakes can be fatal.

Here is match-up statistics http://prntscr.com/in7x31 , will write a detailed guide when I get 10 votes up.

Sorry if my engrish made your eyes bleed, correcting my grammatical mistakes in comments is highly appreciated.

Card Combos

Elven Mercenary -> Reconnaissance -> Elven Mercenary -> Reconnaissance -> Elven Mercenary -> Reconnaissance -> Half-Elf Hunter -> Aelirenn . Congratulations! You've just thinned your deck by 7 card in one turn!

Dol Blathanna Archer - Scorch effects. Burning 2+ cards always gives you a huge amount of points, it's really hard for your opponent to catch it up.

General Guide

Round 1.

The mulligan is simple: blacklist Reconnaissance , swap Aelirenn and second Alzur's Thunder . You can blacklist Alzur's Thunder aswell, but you should have the 2nd Elven Mercenary in case you get 2 thunders from the 1st. The main rule here is not to risk if your hand is fine.  

R1 gameplan is thinning your deck. It's better to start with Half-Elf Hunter if you have 2-3 Dol Blathanna Archer in the deck. Thinning, thinning, killing all the engines (as you have enough removal cards), thinning again. It's fine to take 2 CA only if your deck is thinned enough. Do not use both Isengrim: Outlaw and Eithné to thin your deck, because in that case your deck will be overthinned.

Small tip: if you think you can't win R1, dont waste your Half-Elf Hunter as you have nothing to open with in R3.

Round 2.

On the R2 and R3 mulligan you should always control if you have a dead card in hand / deck, how big is a chance to make you hand worse or better. Don't risk if you hand is fine.

If you won R1 and thinned your deck, just drypass - long R3 is better for us. Playing Yaevinn in R2 only makes sense either if you won R1 on even cards or opponent has a carryover. 

If you lost R1, your opponent can try to bleed you. It's hard to force us to play an extra card, but lots of our card are almost useless in the short R3, keep that in mind. You also can try to bait your opponent to pass by playing Yaevinn (if your draws on the mulligan are fine, you can swap Yaevinn to play it with Alzur's Double–Cross , so you will be able to Scorch it if your opponent will play a spy back.

Round 3.

Start with Half-Elf Hunter if you lost R1, play around your opponent otherwise. Try to align big units with Dol Blathanna Archer to scorch them all.

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