OnlyFishy's Adda (parakalis version)

Created by Fishy Mar 5, 2018

Last Updated Mar 11, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Princess Adda

  • Attack 26
  • Ranged 28
  • Siege 16
  • Total Strength 70
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5550
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  • 26
  • 28
  • 16

Brief Summary of Build

Super Ultra Adda Arcade Remix Hyper Edition Ex Plus Alpha

Hey guys, it's Fishy again. Here it's the new and updated guide I promised. :)

The reason why I run this deck is 'cause it's super fun to play and you don't see anyone playing Adda these days. Last season I made it to GM (it was not easy tho). 

So, the main gamestyle is simple. We want to set up our revenants and then start using our items and spells. More details below or check out my channel: https://www.twitch.tv/onlyfishy



Card Combos

[Sabrina's Specter] + any cursed unit

[Kaedweni] + any card that plays/creates a spell or item

You can Mandrake either gold units or bronze unitos for extra value late in the match as you have Renew and Sabrina.

General Guide


We don't want any [Dun Banner] or bronze spells or items in our hand, so those are the ones we need to get rid of first (giving priority to [Dun Banner] as they're useless in our hand). Having bronze spells or items is not too bad, so don't panic if you end up with these cards in your hand. However, we'd like to pull our [Dun Banner] cards if that's the case. We don't want to brick on next rounds.


Getting rid of our [Dun Banner] is priority. How do we do that? When Red Coin will be easier as not only it will let us set up our [Kaedweni] but it will take a few rounds till we get our 12 points. When Blue Coin we can play our spy whenever there's an 8+ difference (most times opponents pass). CAUTION: Don't play spy if your next play won't get you the lead.


To greatly increase our chance of victory, we want to win the first round or end up with a two card advantage. To achieve this we start the game  with [Kaedweni] (always), you can either play it from your hand or by playing [Adda]. Do not play [Adda] unless there is an enemy unit as it can get you damaging units. [Adda] is a situational card, meaning it has lots of uses. We can get important cards from her like [Kaedweni], [Olgierd] (which can be our only carryover), [Iris], or [Damned Sorceress] (this card can destroy opposite units). Once you have set up thin your deck as much as possible by using [Tormented Mage].

We can use [Alzur's Double-cross] to pull up [Thaler] and help us summon [Dun Banner]. Most of the times oponents will pass and guess what? [Dun Banner] will be on the way and easy win. We can also use [Alzur's Double-cross] to get [Cursed Knight]  for great tempo.


Based on our situation we will act differently 'cause there's times when we can just dry pass or simply push the opponent. 


If it's a long round set up again our [Kaedweni] (if any left) and give our all! However, if not, we will play cards that give us more value in short time.

Card Replacements

I've played [Vandergrift's Blade] instead of [Mandrake], but it's not as consistent (sometimes it works, but mosltly doesn't).

Regarding [Vesemir] you can replace the cards you wanna play from him. However, I suggest they are items. You can have [Runestone], [Black Blood] or [Dragon's Dream]

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