Filavandrel Tempostorm

Created by Warm4chine Mar 6, 2018

Last Updated Mar 7, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 38
  • Ranged 31
  • Siege 41
  • Total Strength 110
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 38
  • 31
  • 41

Brief Summary of Build

Mulligan Guide

Mulligan Priority Simplified

Wardancer >Aelirenn > Roach > Toruviel > Morana Runestone > Elven Scout (If you have 3 in hand) > Vrihedd Vanguard (If you have 3 in hand)

How to play the deck

Play as many elves as possible early. Since you will have at least one elf on the board 90% of the time before turn 1, play into it to get out Aelirenn as soon as possible.

Your objective is to play out as many elves as possible in shortest period of time, trigger all "Roach" effects from your deck to out tempo your opponent by 20+ points then pass.

Usually this will get you 1-2 cards up if they try and challenge.

Now in Round 2 you will go for the win, there is no time to goto round 3, You are utilizing the strength of Filavandrel as a finisher in the form of Hailstorm/Artefact/Scorch in combination with having lots of low units.

If the opponent challenges you and pushes in round 2 to try and win, your objective is to continue milking the opponent of cards. Reserve your Schirru and continually pressure them with the threat of Filavandrel as long as possible.

Don't be too afraid to go deep into Round 2 and attempt to go for the 2-0 as the opponent will need to expend resources to keep up with your ridiculous tempo output.

Aggressively Mulligan away cards that can brick your spells/plays and don't worry too much about conserving silver value.

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