Flake's Elven Shupe v2

Created by Flake Mar 7, 2018

Last Updated Apr 22, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Brouver Hoog

  • Attack 37
  • Ranged 64
  • Siege 56
  • Total Strength 157
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 37
  • 64
  • 56

Brief Summary of Build

EDIT: I made a few adjustments to the deck with the bronzes, but otherwise she still chugs along. I am currently 16-0-0 on Ranked this season (April 22, 2018) with this deck.

This is my first ever shake at Shupe, and boy is it fun. It uses the Brouver/Yaevin abuse to get ahead in cards, and guarantee Shupe in your hand for game-breaking plays. It is immensely fun to play, makes for memorable moments, and is actually fairly reliable. It is 27-7 this season as I cruise the ladder. I'll update the record as I approach Ranks 18 and beyond...


Card Combos

This deck relies on Brouver to dig out Barclay -> Cleaver or Yaevin (depending on what you draw). Brouver is an exceptionally versatile leader, but in this case, he has one mission. Pull out Yaevin or Barclay.

Vrihedd Dragoon + Farseer: A reliable point generating engine, with late game benefit. The Dragoon will buff your Farseer, while giving your future units a lot more value. A long round staple.

Shirru + Dol Blathana Archer: Tailor your scorches to liking. Line up a beautiful burn. Make it hurt. Laugh a little.

Yaevin + Shupe: Guaranteed Shupe. Every. Time. Don't waste time on decks that will have you hunting for the soul of the deck. Brouver out Yaevin, grab Shupe, profit.

General Guide

Your ideal opening hand looks like this: Yaevin in hand, Barclay, Cleaver and Shupe in your deck. The optimal play is to play Yaevin, grab Shupe (every time, he always draws a Spell, and Shupe is the only spell in your deck), and then follow up with Brouver into Barclay into Cleaver. That is a 26 point swing that will get you caught up. Standard coin abuse, keeping you ahead of the game. On red coin, your opponent may play into it. If you can get ahead, do it. If you can't, pass while up by two cards. This, obviously, depends on the type of deck you're up against. Engine decks may 2-0 you with a huge long second round, so evaluate your opponent. Often it's better to win on even cards, than to pass up two. Of course, if you have Wardancer, losing two cards up gets better when you can avoid a dry pass Round 2.


Use your Ambushes strategically. Milena played carefully can steal a Nekker or injured Greatsword. Panther and Iorveth will cut down engine pieces. Once you stole Round 1, bleed until you can drop a Shupe on your terms in Round 3. Otherwise, use the amount of card advantage you have to win a long Round 2, then go into Round 3 with big cards like a buffed Swordmaster, Isengrim + Toruviel, etc.


This deck takes a bit of practice in terms of getting Round 1 down pat, but it's fun to learn and play. Shupe is just a pile of love.

Card Replacements

I like playing this Ambush version, as it has some significant swing potential. The golds can swap in and out, making room for cards like Aeliren instead of the silver Ambush package. I just find that her thinning ability isn't as important as the power swings of Milena or Toruviel.

As for the bronzes, DO NOT PUT ANY DWARVES OR SPELLS. I cannot reinforce this enough. By swapping in a bronze dwarf, you risk not drawing Cleaver off of Barclay. By adding in another spell, you risk Yaevin not guaranteeing Shupe. 

Don't expect to reach GM in this, but I cruised through the mid ranks with it and had a hell of a fun time.

You can catch it in action on my stream: www.twitch.tv/watchflake

You can also catch me on Twitter here: www.twitter.com/watchflake




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