Unbearable Puns

Created by Asagi_Igawa Mar 7, 2018

Last Updated Mar 7, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Eist Tuirseach

  • Attack 29
  • Ranged 36
  • Siege 14
  • Total Strength 79
  • Total 25
  • Silver 5
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5380
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  • 29
  • 36
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Brief Summary of Build

Essentially, I got the idea a while back when the Skellige faction challenge was going on. I saw another similar deck, but I can't remember the name of the user who I got the original idea from. This is also my first deck and guide I'm posting on here.

Card Combos

  • As you can tell, [Ciri: Nova] and [Olaf] are both really powerful under the right circumstance. If you get these two out (god help you if you have my kind of luck with the RNG) then you get a whopping 42 points with just 2 cards. Use these at vital moments or else you'll lose those valuable game-changing points.
  • [Hym] is there to help you mill your deck. If you are lucky enough to draw him first, make sure to use his ability to pull [Skjall] to pull either your [Savage Bear] or [Morkvarg]. Combine that with [Alzur's Double-Cross] and you'll have your beasts out of your deck and on the field. This also causes your opponent to try their best to kill your bears or chain up [Morkvarg]. Make them waste their time trying to put down those bears.
  • [Heymaey Herbalist] will help you bring out more beasts. First, set up your [Tuirseach Bearmaster] and then sacrifice that one point to get another bear. Combine that with [Priestess of Freya] and you'll bring back your [Tuirseach Bearmaster] and his bear.
  • [Reconnaissance] does its job by helping you bring out the bronze cards you need and mill your deck. Just be sure to keep track of which cards you have in your hand and what copies you know are in the deck. Don't recklessly summon the wrong card.

General Guide

  • Essentially, you want to play your beasts as quickly as possible to make sure [Olaf] is is up to full power immediately.
  • Your [Heymaey Herbalist] will help you mill your deck of [Bloodcurdling Roar] cards so they don't wind up dooming you on your last card draw.
  • Having your [Heymaey Protector] with [Dimeritium Shackle] will help you deal with troublesome card effects. That's also why I added Mandrake to this deck. You gotta deal with [Imlerith: Sabath] one way or another.
  • [Coral] is there for a similar reason, but obviously she can't deal with any gold cards. Still, I found her useful against people who put all their points into one unit.
  • [Gremist] will help you kind of deal with hazards, but use him sparingly. If you've got nothing to worry about in terms of weather, just use him to make it rain or get another bear if you need one.
  • An obvious disadvantage to this deck is its weakness to [Scorch] and similar cards like it. Since all your stronger cards more or less have the same power, this might really impact you against a patient player who knows how to use their spells. If this happens on the first turn, you're not entirely at a loss. Just give up the first round and take the second round. Do not waste any time or effort trying to make up for your bears being burned.
  • Another problem is having to deal with cards that reveal your cards. This gives away your strategy to your opponent and can potentially ruin your stronger cards. If [Olaf] is revealed, you might be giving your opponent 20 points or even losing 19 points and getting a 1 power Olaf. If this happens, play [Olaf] immediately before his power is taken from you.
  • Obviously, you want to use your leader when you read the situation. You have plenty of bears to summon so just think of which Tuirseach soldier you need at any given time.
  • [Hym] has more uses than just milling out your beasts. Think about what your opponent might have that can benefit you and create one of their silver units if you've got your beasts out already or if you feel you'll need this ability more.
  • Due to your deck having a variety of cards, [Slave Driver] won't be too much of a problem since they have multiple targets to choose from and it'll be especially funny when they accidentally waste [Ointment] when they steal your Heymaey Protector].

Card Replacements

Honestly, this deck has worked out for me, but feel free to use it as a basis and make something potentially better. I say maybe you can replace your [Heymaey Herbalist] or even [Bloodcurdling Roar] for whatever you like more. [Hym] and [Coral] can potentially be replaced for whatever you think is more useful. You can get rid of Mandrake if you don't think [Imlerith: Sabbath] will cause you any problems. And of course, you may have noticed this deck only has 5 silver cards. I only did this to keep my deck small because my luck is terrible when it comes to RNG. Go ahead and add a silver, replace the ones I listed or whatever. I hope you have fun using these bears. They're my favorite animals so of course I like this deck, but I hope to hear what you think. If this helps, I'll be glad...unless you beat me with my own strategy. 

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