Toad n' Pass

Created by Obionekid Mar 7, 2018

Last Updated Mar 7, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 53
  • Ranged 61
  • Siege 32
  • Total Strength 146
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5000
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  • 53
  • 61
  • 32

Brief Summary of Build

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High tempo for short rounds

Weather for long rounds

Dry pass immunity ( counters the Wardancer round 2 )

Card Combos

Toad n' Pass -> there is a few ways to do the combo :

1 - Royal decree > Poet > Toad > Olgierd = 22 points + carryover round 2

2 - Poet + Roach > Toad > Olgierd = 24 points + carryover round 2

3 - either 1 or 2 > Toad > Ancient Foglet or Fiend

How to use Ghoul 

Opponents Spy ( 17 points ) , Fiend ( 15 points) , Foglet ( 14 points)  - Try to stagger to counter scorch

 How to use Mandrake !

Use it to Counter the Key cards of decks - Sabbeth for example.

or play it more defensively and buff a spy or fiend that was damaged. ( giving your round 3 ghouls + 6 )

General Guide

Toad n Pass round 1, or put down your fog and Ancient foglets if they can still catch up in one card.

Round 2 : dry passing if you won round 1, ( if you lost round 1 ) You actually want your opponent to bleed you since you can drop fiends proactively and push your opponent out with weather + Ancient Foglets ticking away. Sets up targets for ghouls.

Round 3 : stagger the ghouls to avoid scorch effects, laugh when your opponents golds are less value than your bronze boi ghouls

Matchups :

This deck has no real bad matchups apart from scorch ST and Armor Decks, it mostly depends on how you play mandrake and optimise the points gained per turn. You can have 3 fogs and 3 Ancient foglets ticking for 9 points a turn.


Greatswords - Save mandrake for a large reset on a ship, bleed them round 2 and save ghouls for round 3

Veterans - expect them to pass after playing 3 veterans and go for a medium round 2 or 3


Hyperthin scorch - Key here is to use ghouls to block scorch, if you are in control of round 2 push them to play golds from hand and reduce their options going into round 3, this prevents them from lining up scorch targets with archers round 3.

Coinflip Broover Mulligan - your combo is more points than Broover and you can force them out of round 1 with weather

Nova Francesca Mulligan - your combo is more points than Broover and you can force them out of round 1 with weather


Imlerith varients - hold onto mandrake until your last card

Deathwish - consider using mandrake on a D'ao to prevent value from griffins

Frost Olgroid - Don't play your ancient foglets into frost

Northen Realms

Armor - Move units around so that thunderbolt has minimal effect

Hensalt (Scorch / Baron) - Don't consider passing until henselt has been played


Spies - use drowners to remove engine cards

Alchemy - Mandrake on a fiend damaged by a viper witcher to ghoul later is strong

Soldiers - use drowners to remove engine cards

Hand buff - push them round 2 and force out the key revealed card


Card Replacements

Maybe try out different ratios of bronze cards and weather

swap out roach for a spy

drop royal decree for another gold of your choice


I Recommend keeping the Ancient Foglets as they are an engine card which Alzur's Thunder can't remove

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