Hyperthin Ogroid Duels

Created by Wingflier Mar 9, 2018

Last Updated Mar 15, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Eredin Bréacc Glas

  • Attack 42
  • Ranged 33
  • Siege 26
  • Total Strength 101
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5150
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  • 42
  • 33
  • 26

Brief Summary of Build

At this point in the meta, it seems like everyone encountering Monsters (and especially Eredin) are expecting Imlerith: Sabbath so all decks in Ranked have been teched to deal with him. Some of the strongest techs include Mandrake Root (instant strategy shutdown), huge creatures making it impossible to start the first duel, and finally a plethora of locks.

Given the techs everyone is including to stop a single Gold card, I decided to make an Eredin deck that doesn't care about any of these answers at all, and in fact thrives against them.

Nothing in this deck cares about being locked in the slightest. And with Ice Troll, it is designed to duel large creatures under frost and gain a massive tempo advantage.

The opponent basically has two choices: Stay in the frost and get perpetually trashed by weather damage and Ice Trolls, or avoid the frost by stacking a row in which Jotunn (+Decoy) can move them back.

Surprisingly Decoy is an all-star in this deck, working well with both Ice Trolls and Jotunn to deliver punishment to your enemies.

This is a hyperthin deck, it is designed to end the game with only a few cards left in your deck. I designed it for consistency and it seems to be working pretty well for that purpose.

There's been enough interest that I decided to make a guide. For anyone who wants to watch how it plays, here is a link to a video playguide I made today.

***Due to the suggestion of a fellow user, I have replaced Merigold's Hailstorm with Golyat (as a finisher) and it has been working splendidly!***

Card Combos

The deck works because of the synergy between Old Speartip and Ice/Frost Trolls. The idea is that you can abuse your ability to make weather (the deck provides 6 different methods of creating Frost) to both create constant hazard damage, and to constantly harass whatever is under the Frost with your Frost Trolls, Jotunn, and/or Hailstorm.

Old Speartip > Ogroids

Decoy > Jotunn or Frost Trolls

Jotunn > Hailstorm

Caranthir (second lane of frost) > Jotunn

Reconnaissance > Any of your creatures

Eredin > Wild Hunt Navigator > Wild Hunt Hound > Biting Frost = Mega thinning + Tempo plays on turn one

Renew > Ge'els = Get what you need

General Guide


Your biggest goal(s) on turn one is to:
A) Thin your deck as much as possible without falling too much behind. You can do this with Reconnaissance, Frost Hunt Hound, Eredin, by playing a Gold (preferably Speartip so you can start getting Ogroid value), which will pull your Roach and finally, Frightener.

B) Win round one if possible. If it's a deck that has no weather clear, then abuse your hazard creation engines to both thin your deck and force them to pass.

C) If you can't win round one, at least try to pass without giving your opponent card advantage. Frightener is a fairly reliable way of doing this.

Important Tip: If you cannot play Old Speartip on Round 1, do not push too hard as you will regret it later. Simply try to pass on even cards. Old Speartip gives all your Ogroids value, and wasting them in their weakened form on the First Round leads to less effective later rounds.


If you've won the first round, generally speaking you just want to play Frightener and pass. If you've lost the first round, it could be trouble. This deck suffers heavily against bleed because it does not have huge finishers like Ciri:Nova or Trial of the Glasses. It wants to play a long round 3 and win a war of attrition.


If you've made it to round 3 without losing card advantage and it's a long round, you have a good chance of winning. Apply your frosts early on in order to start making them take attrition damage. If they remove your frosts, then apply more frosts. In a pinch you can even Renew Caranthir for another frost.

Use Jotunn in Round 3 to pull enemies from safe rows to hazard rows, or from 1 hazard row to another (and back with Decoy).

Use Frost Trolls to prioritize big and important targets, especially Golds since they are not affected by Hailstorm. Decoy a Frost Troll for a 9 value unit that can kill a Ciri:Nova. Congratulations your Bronze just killed a Ciri:Nova and added point value to your board.

Try and save your Hailstorm for as long as you can and encourage the enemy to stack one lane so that you can get the most value from it.

Be very careful with how you place your Ice Giants as they are vulnerable to Scorch, Igni, Schirru and all that jazz. 

If at all possible, save Golyat until your last turn as a finisher play and win the game!

Here is a link to the video playguide.

-1 Hailstorm +1 Golyat

Card Replacements

At the moment I don't recommend any.

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