Foltest's swarm

Created by WRhero Mar 15, 2018

Last Updated Apr 15, 2018 (The Arena Update)

King Foltest

  • Attack 71
  • Ranged 35
  • Siege 22
  • Total Strength 128
  • Total 30
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5550
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  • 71
  • 35
  • 22

Brief Summary of Build

If you saw this deck previously, you may notice a lot of changes. One of the most major is Dijkstra and Royal Decree which I swaped with Yenn and Vernon Roche. I did this because I felt that those cards thinned a little too much and also because Dijkstra couldn't really be used as anything but a finisher where as Yenn can lock out round one which is important for a long round three. Vernon Roche gives a little removal in a deck that has very little and he gives you a commando on the bottom of your deck, helping improve your draws. I swapped Lubberkin and Botchling with Roach and Deathmold. Deathmold helps against weathers, and Roach if for thinning. Updates to the guide as well.

Card Combos

1. John Natalis can be used to draw marching orders or decoy. With decoy you can replay Stennis if he is on the board, or any card to repeat it's ability which is of course very situational. With marching orders you can draw almost any card in your deck, excluding Roach, Deathmold, and any of your golds.

2. Shani can rez a target, I recommend Odrin or Stennis, but you can also rez any of your bronzes to repeat their abilities if need be. It is, however, almost never a good idea to rez blue stripe scouts as their value will be reset and are unlikely to buff anything. If you are forced to it's a different story, you can instead play your poor f'king infantry then buff them with a medic. You will then be able to use Shani to rez a scout and at least get a small amount of value.

4. This is probably the simplest but most important combo, an that is that your blue stripe scout can be used to buff your temerian infantry and boost/summon blue stripe commando. If you play two blue stripe scouts and then Foltest you will summon the last commando. Then the last blue stripe scout can buff your temerian infantry. If you happen to have access to all your blue stripe scouts, you should play Foltest first to get a little extra value, as your blue stripe scouts can also buff Foltest.

5. Use your reaver scout to pull a copy of a card on board from your deck. Their primary use will be to summon blue stripe scouts or poor f'ing infantry.


General Guide

You of course want to thin your commandos and boost your temmerian infantry by ideally playing all three blue strip scouts at the begging of round one. You can try pulling them with your reaver scouts, or play them from hand if you can. You really have two major plays that can essentially lock out round one, they are Yenn and Odrin. Yenn is easy, just get your deck thinned with scouts and develop the board quicker than your opponent, then boost your allies with Yenn. Odrin is tricky because he is an engine that can easily be removed, so you want to bait out their removal with redanian knights and if he still gets removed and you have Shani you can rez him. Round three can be won by playing out poor f'king infantry and then playing medics and rezing Odrin. You want to get as many soldiers as possible on the board before you play medics, and as many units on the board as you can before playing Yenn. Odrin, Stennis + Natalis into decoy, Yenn, and Shani + Odrin or Stennis can all be really good finishers. Their are a ton of ways to use those concepts to make excellent round three finishers.

Cards to blacklist:

1. blue stripe commandos

2. Roach

3. If decoy, marching orders, and Natalis are drawn, kick either marching orders or decoy.

4. any more than one temerian infantry

If you don't happen to draw blue stripes scouts, it is okay to risk redrawing bronz non blacklist cards of your choice in order to try to get some.

Card Replacements

The bronzes I think are pretty optimized, but you can always add a third commando (just keep in mind that Vernon Roche will spawn a fourth one at the bottom of your deck). Also replacing redanian knights with siege support is ok too. you can replace Vernon Roache with almost any card if you want too. deathmold is replacable with Germain if you wish. Feel free to experiment until you are satisfied with this deck. I am by no means an authority on this deck or this game in general.

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