NG Handbuff 4.3k MMR

Created by user-100022796 Mar 23, 2018

Last Updated Mar 27, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Emhyr var Emreis

  • Attack 58
  • Ranged 24
  • Siege 24
  • Total Strength 106
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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  • 58
  • 24
  • 24

Brief Summary of Build

Surprised no one has posted this deck yet. Anyways not sure if I can claim credit but this is quite different compared to Swim's who hasn't even reached GM with his version yet.

Card Combos

Emhyr>Vesemir>Mandrake>Imperial Manticore/Knight

Magne Divison>Shield

Bonhart>Manticore/Knight (Once back in hand and mandraked)

Triss>Shield/Reacon/Master crafted spear

Peter>Manticore/Knight (I recommend not to do it as you lose tempo for extra buffing your unit but it depends on situation. In mirror match ups it best to save him for round 3 to reset the opponents spotter. Will be an easy win, most people running this deck get too greedy.

Chemist>Manticore/Knight (This is basically a back up if you don't draw Bonhart.




General Guide

Basically all you want to do is drop a unit first, Manticore or Knight I advise dropping the Manticore for the extra point but this only works if you win the coin flip but Knight is also good, Manticore is still a good 13 point silver either way.

Then you follow up by Using Emyrh into Vasemir to mandrake your unit and pick it up back into your hand. If you don't draw Vesemir you have Royal decree for insurance if you get neither then its okay just to mandrake, the 6 point body isn't so important. Its very unlikely that you wont draw either of the 3 cards that is Mandrake/Vesemir/Royal Decree.

After you put back your unit into your hand just spam Magne divisions into shields, make sure you spread the power between units to dodge big mandrakes/scortches. When you used up or have no shields left you reveal your unit with Bonhart or Chemist and proceed with spotters into your unit.

Extra tips:

Use Assire to brick you opponent, works good against GS and Alcehmy, also helpful to unbrick your magne divisions.

Use Master crafted spear to remove engines from GS or the obvious Villentretenmerth.


Card Replacements

Up to you really, you can run Roach instead of Manticore/Assire. Remove 1 knight for extra reacon.

Slight Update: Having 3 Knights was slightly overkill so replaced one for master crafted spear, not only does it help to remove annoying engines from GS and villentretenmerth, it also less likely to brick your magne division.


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