Alchemy Nova EZ 20r

Created by GGplayer1337 Mar 29, 2018

Last Updated Mar 29, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Jan Calveit

  • Attack 18
  • Ranged 20
  • Siege 22
  • Total Strength 60
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5580
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  • 18
  • 20
  • 22

Brief Summary of Build

In fact, it's just a modified alchemy build. This archetype has always had two problems: a bad starting hand and no strong finisher. Just this, my build is designed, and due to the Operator, damage or the scroll are the same.

Card Combos

 Stefan Skellen > find Ciri: Nova, Cahir Dyffryn, Operator or at least boost a Roach.
 Operator > to double any of our bronze minion that we will play for the full value, and the enemy will just give 5 or 2 stat.
 Sarah > need to replace came into the hand useless Roach, Cahir Dyffryn if our leader was burned by Mandrake in this case, we have a great chance of  finding Ciri: Nova, at last you can change any bronze on the situation.
 Magne Division > with a great chance to find Ointment either if Swallow is in our hand or already played, it is guaranteed to find Ointment. NOT TO  PLAY IN THE FIRST ROUND!
 Crow's Eye > this is a very good card deals 12 damage or 15 if one of them has already been played. Is in the deck as a replacement for the Expired Ale because instead it is a Dragon's Dream
 Dragon's Dream > when people see Jan Calveit in most cases they know that it is alchemy and put the cards in one or two rows, that's where we catch them. Because this card deals enormous damage, and playing a special card to activate it, in this deck is not difficult.
 Roach > just scrolling our deck
Other combinations like in any deck of alchemy.

General Guide

Our strategy is to simply deal as much damage as possible, and at the end just play Ciri: Nova on 22 or 28 stats if we found it through  Stefan Skellen.

In the first round we play all Slave Driver, Mahakam Ale and Crow's Eye as possible. Only one Swallow, Operator to copy our Vicovaro Novice or Viper Witcher and give the enemy a useless card. The rest cards on situation. DO NOT PLAY Ciri: Nova, obviously Ointment, Cahir Dyffryn and Magne Division because it can play us useless Ointment.
If the first round is lost, just put Stefan Skellen if it is not in the hand then any bronze card or Viper Witcher if you did not play it in the first round.
If you win just pass or else play if against us deck victory over which requires such decks as "axe man", monsters with Nekkers and any combo or swarm deck.
We make the third round as short as possible and try to win the first round to put Ciri: Nova last.

Card Replacements

Cahir Dyffryn > Rainfarn of Attre but then change Roach to Cantarella or Joachim de Wett
Sarah > Assire var Anahid 
Dazhbog Runestone > Black Blood
Dragon's Dream > Expired Ale (risky)
Swallow > Thunderbolt (NOT RECOMMEND)
Crow's Eye > Dimeritium Shackles (only if you often meet a lot of greatsword decks)

Special thanks to the website "Wildcard.pro" for the help in spreading the deck. (Only Russian language!)

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