(53-12 82% WR) MangyMinotaur 'EARN THIS'

Created by karl912 Mar 30, 2018

Last Updated Apr 17, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 39
  • Ranged 22
  • Siege 12
  • Total Strength 73
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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Brief Summary of Build

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Updated 06-04-18)







4.1 ROUND 1

4.2 ROUND 2

4.3 ROUND 3









I am MangyMinotaur or Mangy, a regular juan who loves to play gwent and has been playing since closed beta. This is a list I've been piloting since last patch since I was so busy with university that I needed something simple. Put together a list that utilizes Scoiateal's insane thinning and control options resulting in a deck that, when done right, comes out on top and a feeling like you earned the victory, the best kind of victory in my opinion. Would really love to get your feedback on the deck either in the comments or GOG even.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/?lang=en

GwentUp deck list: https://gwentup.com/player/49904034710770896/decks/494369841982540785





Ever get the feeling that the game has felt more like 'Solitaire' or in that you have to play out your cards in a specific order every match and a random monkey wrench can literally destroy the entire operation? Well this deck is like the repairman's bag, it's all spanner's with a few hammers in for good measure. I'm talking a list that can dish out so much tempo, thin out your deck and have consistent options. This list hasn't lost to greatswords, swim handbuff and even NR armor, all of which this deck specifically targets since they're pretty meta. 

You can probably deduce what the deck is about and see just how much countermeasures this list has against anything it could possibly go against. Though I will admit that the match-up I cannot speak for is the NG Alchemy, because I've encountered so few people playing it, and any mirror at all. So if you're looking for a deck to counter the current trend, and give you that FeelsGoodMan hit, then you've come to the right place. I suggest taking the deck out for like 10 games to get a proper feel for how it works and I can almost guarantee you'll realize this decks potential when piloted right.


Card Combos




A super solid gold card, it provides a body that the normal scorch doesn't have and it activates your Eithne for a possible 2nd scorch if you don't have access to your vanilla / silver scorch from either your hand or Isengrim: Outlaw. There are only a few cases wherein you'd want to play Schirru over the vanilla scorch from hand or from Isengrim: Outlaw; like if Schirru is revealed then you'll want to play Schirru so you won't let him know you have another scorch apart from Eithne. But generally making the call isn't that big of a deal.


Another solid removal tool that can be worth a ton of points when played early, not very good past an early round 1 use but still solid points. Great for taking out Greatsword, Siege Supports or Vrihedd Dragoons. The trick is to maximize the points you get, so don't be too greedy with waiting for an 8 since the hand-buff is more important but don't low-ball it too much either. So you can play either Marching Orders or Reconnaissance to play a unit from your deck so the elves in-hand can still get a Iorveth buff.

Isengrim: Outlaw

Really good card for getting your spells out if you don't have them in hand, I pick this option over the create since it just makes so much more consistent plays. But can high-roll you if you've prayed hard enough. So much flexibility in that you can pull out your Scorch, Artifact Compression and even Marching Orders to get out more elves on the board and get Aelirenn out, can be absolutely devastating when you're on red coin.


Really had a hard time figuring this last card out, but I played Muzzle during this 33-5 run and it has worked wonders when used properly. It's particularly effective against Nekkers, Knight-Elects and Greatswords since you steal their primary engine before they get to develop it. The catch is though that it doesn't find value against lists that go low in power like Alchemy, but can find 16 points nevertheless. Solid card, great control option but arguably the most replaceable of the gold cards in this list.




Going to start off with my least favorite silver card in the list, but by no means bad. Hattori fills the role of what I like to call 'Filler', or cards you play out so the enemy has time to develop big units for you to line up and scorch. So for the most part you will be resurrecting Elven Scouts, but you can resurrect Elven Mercenaries to get the last bronze spell out of your deck. 


 Aelirenn is extremely important for this list as it presents easy thinning, since you swarm the deck easily which means you get her out fast, and a free 6 points, since this deck goes low in power alot of the time to line up scorches. The trick is to use Aelirenn early to thin out the deck since it get's risky to mulligan in the 2nd round with 4 bronze spells and Aelirenn in the deck. This does present a problem against Henselt lists that read what you're trying to do and start smashing elves.


Spy to either solidify your card advantage in the second round or provide a guaranteed scorch target. If you play a spy and the enemy plays their own spy, a cheeky thing you can do is use the Dol Blathana Archer to knock down the spy on your side by 1 so you won't scorch both. The best time to play him is after thinning out your bronzes to improve the quality of Yaevinn's draws.


One of my favorite silvers in the entire game, Scorch represents your win condition and you play out the rounds with the goal of lining up the best possible scorch. There are a lot of tricks when it comes to scorches, since most players will have countermeasures to stagger their units so they don't get scorched to the shadow realm. So don't be too excited to play it out, but always analyze your next plays and always keep an avenue for that scorch. If you get too excited then the enemy will see this from a mile away and stagger his guys.


Your answer to any hand-buff strategy or consume strategy. Destroys their engine for the rest of the game and you can replay the spell with Eithne if they summoning circle it or something. Best used when they Crach an Craite a Clan an Craite Greatsword since you can't Muzzle it since it's a 10. Or if you're bleeding the enemy in the 2nd round and compress their win-condition just before passing. The only downside is that it doesn't have a good target with Elf Swarm or Alchemy.

Marching Orders

Alright so the big debate is between Marching Orders (MO) versus Alzur's Double Cross (ADC). I've found the most success with MO since in most situations I want to play out more elves on my side, either the Scout or Mercenary as either 'Filler' or swarm for Aelirenn. I've found that the list thins so hard that you'll get Yaevinn without using ADC. if Yaevinn is out of the deck then ADC will pull out an Dol Blathana Marksman which a Elven Mercenary + Reconnaissance can get anyway and thins better. You can try ADC for yourself, but I suggest using MO for it's flexibility. I would usually tutor this from Isengrim: Outlaw and hopefully pull an Elven Mercenary to smash at least 4 elves at once. Do this while in red coin and most enemies will pass at that point or risk going 2 cards down.


Elven Mercenary

The name of the game is thinning with a lot of low-ball tempo, the Merc achieves this by chaining Reconnaissance's and ideally getting all the Merc's out. This develops your board for Aelerinn to come out and thins your deck extremely well so you'll only have 'good' cards in the deck, improving the efficacy of your draws. 

A little trick that I've been doing is if I'm on red coin then I'll play a Merc first to get tempo out. But if I'm on blue coin then I'll play out a Half-Elf Hunter since it's less vulnerable to units attacks, a random Mangonel or Reinforced Trebuchet. In general you'll want to play the Mercenaries out as soon as possible to thin out the deck. Best case scenario is using Isengrim: Outlaw to tutor Marching Orders and it pulls out a Mercenary for a sick chain. Enemy passes and you'll have a good feeling inside.

Elven Scout

The Elven Scout is what I think as 'Filler' cards, either there for swarming the field for Aelirenn or cards you play out to allow the enemy to develop their own big units for a sick Scorch or something. There isn't much finesse with this card, but just be wary of picking cards with high strength like the 'Vrihedd Brigade (9 STR)' and 'Vrihedd Sapper (11 STR)' or Vrihedd/Commando Neophyte (10 STR) since they can make your Scorch a little less reliable if the enemy low-ball's it enough. I generally DON'T pick Hawker Smuggler, I've lost about 2 games wherein my smuggler got either too big or matched the highest enemy unit so I suggest you shouldn't either, support the lawful trade of goods.

Half-Elf Hunter

Same case as with the Elven Scout, this acts either as a 'Filler' card or swarm for Aelirenn. If you go first, ie blue coin, then it's better to play this out first then use your Mercs next turn, just alot safer that way. I run 2 in this list to make way for a 4th bronze spell; running a 3rd Half-Elf Hunter doesn't seem significant enough of a swap but it's a super solid 12 STR card, which this list is in dire need of.


Probably one of the best cards for ST, the Marksman lines up enemies for the perfect possible scorch, or put the fear of God in the enemy player and hope he makes a mistake. Ideally you don't want to pull this from the Mercenary + Reconnaissance combo since you only have 3 of them, and they're literally there to set up the win condition. So don't blow them prematurely unless you have a pretty dank Scorch in line. No really weird plays you can do, but you'll be impressed with just how much games you can win off the back of this card. Amazing. 

You'll want to take your time when playing this deck, and especially this card. Thinking of what moves the enemy will do, how could they possibly stagger these cards.


Probably my favorite bronze special card coming out of the latest big update, easily tutored by the Elven Mercenaries and pulls one other bronze unit from the deck. Ideally you'll want to pick out the other Mercenaries to just get them out as fast as possible. Try and keep 1 Marksman in hand to avoid getting 2 Marksman's off the Recon and be forced to shoot your own mercs.


The most flex bronze in this list, it's probably the best other bronze besides Clear Skies since as a rule of thumb I like to play 1 more bronze spell than i have tutors (Mercs in this case) so if I accidentally get a Recon or Doppler in hand, then there will still be 3 specials in my deck so the Mercs don't get bricked. Running a Half-Elf Hunter or any unit 'might' be more points, but I just want the assurance that I'll never brick, rather than a few guaranteed from a bronze. 

General Guide



I like this list because it has so much capacity, it excels in long rounds, and medium rounds, short rounds are a little sketchy but can go fine. In general, your aim is to win or lose round 1 with 1 or 2 cards advantage over your opponent, and he shouldn't be able to take it back since you'll ideally have Yaevinn. You want the extra card because it gives you 'Last Say/Play' meaning you get to make the last move of the game which should be a Scorch or Artifact Compression on their finisher. Your game plan is then to always stay ahead of the enemy while at the same time setting up a sick Scorch.

The most important tool you'll have when using this deck is yourself, your knowledge of the enemies moves, their 'Reach' or what kind of cards they have, an approximation of how much cards they'll use to close the gap. Like if you're 16 points ahead vs Veterans SK, then you should know that they don't have a bronze that can do 16, the biggest is 15 (at max the Brokvar Hunter and Beastmaster are 15 points since not that many play decoy on Veteran for extra buff) then you can pass and expect them to pay with something big just to get the round. It's this understanding of the enemies deck that will ultimately spell victory or defeat for you, since your strategy is countering their plays. The 2nd most important tool this deck likes to utilize is Card Advantage, the sheer amount of scorches and control options you have means that you want last say in round 3, to burn the biggest unit the enemy has.

Always look and analyze what you're up against, Radovid or Eredin with 26 cards? Then save a scorch for last play against the Ciri: Nova. This is why I love this list, you're forced to measure up your enemy and exploit their predictability, reach and maximum points per play.

Round 1

This deck plays out round 1 rather typically, in that you play out your thinning tools such as Marching Orders, Isengrim: Outlaw, or even just Elven Mercenary to thin out the deck and develop the board for a lot of quick points. You don't necessarily need to set up a big scorch yet since most players I've encountered don't go tall or play big units in this phase. You have 3 sources of Scorch though so it shouldn't be a problem to use one here.

You don't necessarily want to win or lose round 1, but if you have an opportunity at a 2 card advantage then I say take it. Since this deck thrives off of having the last say in round 3. You can get that by either winning round 1, thus letting the enemy go first round 3, or by losing with 2 cards up and pray you get Yaevinn

Round 2 

Round 2 is less straight forward, you'll want to rely on your game sense and knowledge from round 1 and assess whether you'd want to push them or not. I can discuss some of this later in the faction matchups, if you do decide to bleed the enemy then it's usually best to play Yaevinn out later to develop a Scorch opportunity or to just thin and get a better draw. If you do play Yaevinn out early and they counter-spy, make sure you stagger the spy on your side with a Marksman BUT don't do it immediately! The enemy will assume you won't risk scorching both spies so he might play tall units, use the Marksman as late as possible to scare the enemy out of his stagger options!

Again this will come down to your own assessment and game knowledge which is what I love about Gwent. An example of this is if you're facing greatswords then you'll know their finisher for round 3 is resurrecting a thick Greatsword dude which means he will reserve 1 Priestess of Freya or other Res (Forgot her name :<), so you can bleed round 2 and only take Schiruu into round 3 which should secure you the game. So take your time and think about what your enemy is playing. 

Round 3

 Ok so round 3 will vary wildly based on what you did round 2. I personally always go for short round 3's since I like to scorch their finishers which works out for the most part. What you do have to be wary of is who gets the last play, by the end of round 1 & 2, you would preferably have 1 or 2 cards advantage so they can't hold back their biggest unit. Because they know you've used scorch, they're looking at your Eithne and expecting a scorch, so they'll hold back their biggest unit to avoid the scorch, if you don't have last say, so it's extremely important to get that advantage which is why winning round 1 is so pivotal to this strat.

There isn't any specific order or set of plays that you have to make but save your scorch and Marksman(s) as late as possible, which means playing out your 'Filler' cards like Hattori on an Elven Scout or Half-Elf Hunter. And for the love of God, don't create a Hawker Smuggler from the Elven Scout or Doppler, I've lost enough round 3's off of those.


I don't think I'm a master with this deck yet with such a small sample size, but I think I can speak for these following matchups. If I do not mention a certain archetype then I apologize, I did not come across that archetype more than 2 times or enough to make an assessment but refer to the general guide and play it by ear.

These aren't presented or explained in a way to tell you what 'steps' to take, but more on advice on what to do and just my general insight on the match-up.


The match-up this deck was made for. You have all the tools necessary to destroy the greatswords players plan, which means you want Muzzle, Iorveth, Isengrim or Artifact Compression in your opening hand. Muzzle > Iorveth > Artifact Compression > Scorch. Ok so here in the amazing heirarchy, you will always want to muzzle the Greatsword unit they play from hand and Iorveth the next one or even Artifact Compression it to beat them down, don't be afraid to expend these resources. 

But most Greatswords players use Crach an Craite to get the first Greatsword out and buff it to 10, just out of Muzzle range, smart. Theres a couple of things you can do here; BROKE - Artifact Compression it into the shadow realm immediately WOKE - use a Dol Blathana Marksman to knock it down a bit into Muzzle Range. Since alot of Greatswords users have Mandrake with or without Vesemir and will immediately buff the Greatsword to save it. THEN you Artifact Compression the now buffed Greatsword dude, and pat yourself on the back for your greed andcheeky play paid off. I've found that the later strategy has paid off enough times for me to safely endorse this.

For round 2, you ideally have destroyed their engines for most of the round and they either don't have a GS in the graveyard or he's a bit small at like 10. It's OK to let the enemy develop a GS dude AS LONG AS you have last play, since their game will be to res the biggest dude in the end of the game and your strat will be to then scorch it or Re-use Artifact Compression with Eithne. All in all, straightforward matchup but you have so much opportunities to mess with them. 


Remember when I said that this deck relies on the players knowledge and understanding the enemies reach and predictability? Yeah this match-up is the poster-boy for that. The list will always find ways to play out their 3 veterans before anything else, so you want to muzzle the first one, and Iorveth or Artifact Compression the next ones so they can't decoy them. In my experience, Veteran's players will only use the veterans 3 times so their bronzes, Brokvar Hunter and Beastmaster, will be 14-15 points at max. So use this to your advantage and develop points past 14-15 to force them down more than 1 card.

It's best to go for a long round with this list since they will play out their Beastmasters which spawn 11 STR bears, easy scorch targets and Skellige does not have a good way to staggering these units, especially this archetype in particular. If they do res the Brokvar Hunters instead of the Beastmasters then you should be fine as long as you don't give them too make targets, and should be easy enough to line up a scorch.


I've encountered and defeated only 2 axemen players in my time with this list but it is the same with Greatswords, in terms of how you want to end the game. You generally want to win round 1 as quickly as possible and bleed out their resources round 2, Artifact Compression the Silver Cursed Axeman dude which will make it so much easier to line up the Axemen to be scorched. Then go for an extremely short round 3, preferably with Schirru and Eithne or Hattori to control whatever they take out.


Same situation with the Veterans, their main strategy is to play out a million cursed bears from the Clan Beastmasters (11 STR) which are easy enough to align with the Dol Blathana Marksman(s). What you do have to be wary of is to not damage their units with the Marksman's as their Marauders will get too big to easily align with the Marksman. Burn the bears before they throw down a Marauder, but it will be easily televised so make your moves decisively. 

You can threaten the scorch on the 11's early to force them to use their Clan Protectors and Marauders early. The protectors and talismans stagger the bears to 14, which should be easy for the Marskman since she hits for 3 & 1. And the Marauder might be too big to line up but forcing them out early takes aways their win condition.

You play out round 1 typically, smashing down your elves and thinning out your deck. They will most likely play a million bears to make up the points, at this point you can scorch the 11's to push him out of the round. Go for a mid-range round 3 so their Marauders arent too big and will be susceptible to the scorch from either Eithne or Schirru.


The only match-up I have a > 50% winrate against, since your elves are easily killed and don't have enough points to match a round 3 Henselt. You do have tools to remove Ronvid and Artifact Compression to knock out the Henselt target later one if they don't blow it early. You'll want to somehow win round 1 and bleed them out round 2 and go for a short round 3 with last say preferably. This way you can Scorch the Bloody Baron or just scorch whatever lone machine they play. 

NORTHERN REALMS - ARMOR w/ & w/o Ciri: Nova

A good match-up for this deck since their reach is pretty predictable. They will have Redanian Elite's that you can muzzle, or let their armor be stripped to make them 13 STR, you can play a spy to line this up or if they use a Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry on it, knock it down 1 point to line up the two. Using Muzzle on the Redanian Knight-Elect only gives their radovid a decent target so don't. The name of the game here would be lining up their units for a scorch, which should be easy enough with their mages using thunderbolt potions so their units get fairly tall.

Recognize the variant you're up against since some run Vincent, the werewolf that destroys all armor in the board and boosts self by that amount, and some play Ciri: Nova, a bonkers 22 STR card so see if they have 26 cards which is usually an indication they're running it. But either way you'll want to always gun for the last play, that way you can orchestrate the biggest D'hoine Barbecue in history. 

So predicting the points or reach their units have at any given situation is important for getting a good pass or making them burn resources. Cursed Mage + Thunderbolt Potion = 11 points / Redanian Elite + Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry = 25 points / Reaver Scout + Knight Elect = 12 points.


Alot harder than you might think, since they can just beef up any unit and continue their strategy from that. But in general you'll want to Artfitact their Imperial Manticore from the Glorious Hunt or Nilfgaardian Knight. Then the rest will be playing your filler cards and force their big units out. Play your Dol Blathana Marksman as late as possible so they don't become too desperate to stagger their own units. Always try to win round 1 and bleed them round 2. You can go for a super short round 3 to Scorch their biggest unit.


At the time of me writing this guide, I have faced 6 Reveal players and lost to 1. Their strategy is pretty weird in that it's only goal is to vomit out a million points in the first round using Mangonels, Cynthia and Morvran. The thing with Nilfgaard versus scorch lists is that their units go pretty tall and have same-ish amount of points. Cards like Alchemists are tall, alot of 7's especially in reveal with Morvran, Leo Bonhart, Mangonels. So look for these avenues to lineup a scorch. The danger here is that their points are pretty good so it might be hard to win round 1.

You'll want to have Muzzle and Iorveth in your hand, since most Reveal players don't use more than 2 mangonels. This doesn't put that much of a dent in the strategy of Reveal. But playing out the GENERAL STRATEGY of the list can still workout. Bleed them to their last few cards to avoid the Borkh or just go 1v1 with Schiruu to burn whatever they have since reveal doesn't spawn more than 1 unit at a time.


Possibly one of the hardest match-ups since they run nearly the same strategy as you and go 'Wide', meaning they make a lot of points from a lot of low power units with very few in the way of tall dudes. But no matter what happens, you absolutely have to win round 1 and take charge, push them round 2 and go for a short, controlled round 3. Brouver elf swarm relies on long rounds to get the most out of their Vrihedd Vanguard + Vrihedd Officer to smash alot of points down. So mitigate this by pushing them in round 2 so they're either left with bad bronzes, or golds that are bad on their own. 

It might seem tempting but don't blow the Dol Blathana Marksmen on their small units to delay the Aelirenn, it'll come out and you need the Marksmen to line up their Vrihedd Officers that will come down with 11 STR if they mulligan the Vanguard, which they will. They have very few means to stagger them so they are your win condition. Otherwise, play to get last say and burn whatever they have, lesson in there.


Probably the easiest scoia'tael matchup this deck will face, it's handbuff that utilizes Vrihedd Dragoons with Hawker Supports to beef up Elven Swordmasters in hand, these cards deal damage based on their power, so they usually go very tall and act as the finishers. The general strategy here is to take charge round 1 since their units don't make points on the board, so go for a win in round 1 and push them round 2 to as few cards as possible. Then save a Scorch, preferably Schirru for round 3 so you burn their last swordmaster. 

The damage from the beefed up swordmasters don't matter too much since you don't develop tall units anyway, just understand that if you create any big units from the Elven Scout or Doppler, they'll probably be dedededed soon.


Encountered this a few times today so I am compelled to write a bit about them. The dorfs are pretty straightforward units, but what you're looking for is the sickest possible scorch. If they're normal, then they'll run Dwarven Skirmishers with Mahakam Volunteers, but if they're smart they'll run Dwarven Mercenaries. Regardless, you just have to line-up their Skirmishers which should be at 9 STR, or 12/11 STR from Barclay Els. Should be easy enough with your Schirru, so go for a medium range round with the last say and burn the stunties. Nothing really fancy here, you just play the Round 1 startegy and the General Strategy to a T, watch out for their reach, an agitator is 13 points so any advantage higher than that is a worthy pass.


I'd say you have good odds in this match-up, depending on the cards in-hand. You'll want to watch what you Muzzle, Iorveth and Artifact Compression though. As a rule of thumb I only use resources on the Dao, and only sometimes Iorveth the Archespore if I'm on red coin. Since the Dao is so much more points than the Archespore which can even brick and get 10 point value (if the deathwish hits a 1 which you have a ton of). Always use Muzzle on the first Dao since it denies the enemy from developing a graveyard so no Slyzard play. When it comes to scorches then you'll want to wait for their Griffins which aren't that high but the Cyclops are pretty good at 11 points, Monsters don't have a way to stagger their units except Mandrake so lining up a Scorch will be easy. You also want to Artifact Compression whatever they Mandrake to deny the Brewess: Ritual res later. 

Be wary though since some lists run Ciri: Nova, so always check the number of cards they have and how many copies of each. Try to get last play and burn whatever they play into the next game. Preferably bleed the Brewess: Ritual round 2 since it's their best play, so your scorch play usually comes in at a bleeding round 2.


Basically the Greatswords match-up but for monsters. IF you have the necessary resources like Muzzle, Artifact Compression and Isengrim: Outlaw, then you're pretty gucci tbh. You want to Artifact Compression the first one, Eithne into Artifact Compression the next one if they play and destroy the last one using any unit, Iorveth or Marksman since it's the last one anyway. Otherwise you'll want to win round 1, then rely on the 1v1 Scorch to win you round 3 either with Schirru or Eithne. 


Ok this phase is pretty important and will set how fast you can dish out power in round 1, and what cards you have left to draw into round 2 & 3. Remember, you ideally want to use all your 'Filler' or thinning cards this round (ergo Elven Mercenaries, Marching Orders, Isengrim: Outlaw) so you can use Yaevinn round 2 to get a good card, or draw into Yaevinn because you thinned so much.

Hierarchy of mulligans: 

Aelirenn > Reconnaissance >  Half-Elf Hunter > Elven Mercenary

You can easily brick so I suggest using only 2 mulligans round 1 unless you're blacklisting aggressively. You want to keep 2 Mercs in hand most of the time since I don't trust 1 Merc to pull the other 2 out, and Marching orders will hit the Elven Scout more often than not. Pretty straightforward, you can brick alot but having 1 bronze spell and 1 merc in hand is better than risk drawing Aelirenn.


Card Replacements


GOLDS: Isengrim: Outlaw / Isengrim

SILVERS: Artifact Compression / Ida Emean , Marching Orders / ADC , Scorch / Morenn or Toruviel 

BRONZES: Doppler / First Light


This deck will most likely give the proponent the sense that he has earned the victory by his own merits, by his ability to sense the enemies plays, counter their every move and prepare themselves for future moves. This deck will break the monotony of meta decks, and literally break the spirits of those players.

Give this deck a try, and @ me at @thebearchitect on my twitter or look for me on GOG, or some dumb twitch chat somewhere, would love to hear your experience with the list and suggestions you may have. Cheers! 

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