[TFR] 90% w/r Shupe guide

Created by user-100014295 Apr 1, 2018

Last Updated Apr 2, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Brouver Hoog

  • Attack 84
  • Ranged 34
  • Siege 19
  • Total Strength 137
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 84
  • 34
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Brief Summary of Build

Hi everyone, Saber here

I have in cooperation with KingChezz93 (Chezzy93) made this shupe guide which got me from 3,5k mmr to GM last season with less than 5 losses. This might be very well be the best non meta deck right now!

https://www.twitch.tv/kingchezz93 - Link to KingChezz93’s twitch where he plays this deck on pro ladder and will be more than happy to answer questions about the deck and play style. He is top 100 pro ladder player who made it to day 2 of Gwent Challenger 2 qualifier 1.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/GYDp1


Games: 39

Wins: 35

Losses: 4

Winrate: 90%

I hope you will enjoy the guide!

Card Combos

Gold cards:


Shupe is the main card of this deck. The flexibility and potential of this card is insane. For any of you who don’t know; Shupe has 3 classes with 5 different abilities in each. Every class will show you 3 of the 5 abilities which means you aren’t guaranteed to choose whatever you like. You have a 60% chance to get 1 specific ability you want and 90% chance to get 1 of 2 abilities you want. Here is a list of all the different abilities. I will cover which abilities you want to go for later in the guide.


  1. Draw a card.
  2. Charm a random enemy.
  3. Spawn random Hazards on all enemy rows.
  4. Deal 10 damage to an enemy and 5 to any adjacent to it.
  5. Play a Bronze or Silver special card from your deck.


  1. Deal 15 damage.
  2. Deal 2 damage to a random enemy. Repeat 8 times.
  3. Replay a Bronze or Silver ally and boost it by 5.
  4. Clear all Hazards from your side and boost allies by 1.
  5. Play a Bronze or Silver unit from your deck.


  1. Strengthen self to 25.
  2. Resilient.
  3. Duel an enemy.
  4. Reset a unit.
  5. Destroy enemies with less than 4 power.


Isengrim is a very decent gold which gives you a solid 21 points with Toruviel and 18 points with Sapper. If you have a short round against an opponent with a lot of removal you might want to go for Sapper instead of Toruviel since Toruviel needs at least 3 units next to it to be more value than Sapper.


Super, super strong cards in this meta. There is literally no meta deck that doesn't run any spells (other than this one), which means she will always get good value. Sometimes she will only get a thunder or Recon but she is usually worth more than 20 points.


Schirrú is a make it or break it card and will sometimes brick if you are not careful. On the other hand will Schirrú straight up win you other games. If you are not comfortable playing with scorches this card can be cut, but it will find very good value most of the time.

Silver cards:

Barclay Els:

Barclay is such a good card and even though he is mostly used for Cleaver in other decks, we will be using him to pull a bronze dwarf. This might seem strange, but this way we are enabling an extremely strong finisher which is Hattori into Barclay into a bronze dwarf (19-21 points)


As mentioned above Hattori is mainly used to replay Barclay. If you haven’t got Barclay into the GY Hattori can pull Dwarven agitator as well. If you haven’t managed to get either of these two card into your GY then you need to buff Hattori with either Dragoon or Hawker Support. If this isn’t possible either then you will have to mulligan Hattori away.


Ida is super versatile card. She can be used for weather clear and fog but in most cases she will be Thunder on a stick which is very valuable in this meta.


This card is usually just a 14 point play and is therefore preferably tutored with Isengrim. She can be changed for Malena if you prefer. Toruviel does however really shine in the Henselt MU since it allows you get more than 20 points ahead without activating your opponents Dun Banners.


Probably one of the most overpowered cards in the game right now. She is basically Roach + 2, which is just too powerful to cut. She is a bit more difficult to activate compared to the Elf swarm deck/s, but still reliable enough to include her.


Yeavinn will guarantee you to pull Shupe every game since he is the only special card in the deck. This means that you trading spies is beneficial for you since you will get your best card 100% of the time.

Bronze cards:

Mahakam Guard, Dwarven Skirmisher and Dwarven Mercenary: This is the bronze dwarf core of the deck. All of 3 of them are 11-12 points with minimal conditions. They should preferably not be played from hand but pulled from Barclay/Agitator.

The rest of the bronzes (except Panther) are elves which should be enough to activate Aelirenn. There is no engines included in the deck due to the removal meta we’re in combined with the fact that Farseer and Smuggler might brick your Schirru.

General Guide

The main drawback from playing a Shupe deck is the lack of consistency in the bronze core, which is why r1 can be a bit rough. Your gameplan is very coinflip dependent which is why you have got 2 different general strategies:

You generally don’t really care if you lose a card up or win a card down as long as you get into the last round with Hattori+Shupe and as few bronze cards as possible. You should therefore just keep playing your bronze cards as long as you can catch up by using one of your strong gold cards. Try to start off with your elves to activate Aerelinn. Next up you want to use your Barclay so you can resurrect him with Hattori later in the game. If you are up against a linear deck you want to pass when you can’t catchup with a single powerful card then don’t be afraid to pass 1 card up. If he dosent drypass r2 you should be able to overcome him some of your strong plays (Aglais, Isengrim maybe even Shupe). If he drypass you get all your strong finishers with you into r3 on even. If you are up against an exponential deck you need to push r1 a bit and possibly even use a couple of your finishers to keep up with them in the beginning. If your opponent is bleeding you down to your very last cards in 2 you might actually want to play Shupe instead of Hattori or Aglais (If she got a decent target). If you are up by a lot of points and don’t fear your opponent catching up then play Shupe Mage and try to draw a card. That option will most likely win you the game. The other options are fairly medicore but you can always go for a lucky charm or weather your opponents board. If your opponent is bleeding you and is fairly close in terms of points then go for Shupe: Knight and fish for the resilient option.

In 90% of the cases you will however use Shupe Hunter since its simply the most reliable option with the highest potential. The best option is to replay Barclay if you have any dwarfs left. That’s a 26-28 points play. You can also replay Hattori and grab a previous Barclay target from your GY for a huge power swing as well. If you haven’t drawn Hattori yet you can also fish for him with the Hunter option.


One thing you should never do with this deck is overcommitting. You only got so much power so dont waste it! Here is an example: Its round 1 and you won the coin. Your opponents keeps playing powerful golds and silvers while you are trading your bronzes with them. At some point you are 35+ points behind but can take the round 1 card down by using both Aglais and Isengrim. In 90% of all situations the answer NO. Most of the time both decision will make you go into the last round on even and sacrificing 2 of your finishers is almost never worth it just to get the final say.


Matchup Guide

Henselt machines

Fairly easy MU. Drop wardancer r1 to avoid your opponent drypassing r1.

If you get your wardancer down and win the coin there is almost no way you lose the match.

You should generally try to force him into using his Henselt r1 even if it means that you will lose on even. If you get into the last round even a card down you should be able to beat him with your finishers. You can drypass on blue.


Elven swarm

Tricky MU. If your opponent drops his wardancer in r1 you should never play your own. If he dosent drop it you should. The thing is that the elven swarm deck is much better in a long round than the Shupe version. This means that if you win the coin, your opponent will drypass most of the times which you put you in a tricky position. You dont want the last round to be more than 6 cards long, but its tough to keep up with their tempo for 6-7 turns in round 1/2 as well. Often time you will end up going into the last round down a card, but that dosent necessarily have be a disaster. They got Hattori and Nova as finishers, but if you bleed him into 3-4 cards you should be able to beat him with Shupe, Hattori, Aglais and Isengrim.


An alternative strategy is to use Ida for fog early in r2.(Assuming your opponent drypassed r1) If he clears/fogs back with his Ida you can play Shupe Mage to either draw you a card and ensure that you are going into r3 on even or weather his entire board. Both options should give you a good chance of winning the game.


50/50 MU. Save your wardancer until r2 since the Greatsword player wont drypass r1 anyway. You have a decent amount of removal including Schirru as your finisher. Kill his GS’s early with Ida, Panther, Swordmaster+Archer, Swordmaster + Hawker support. Blast out a lot of tempo in r1 to force him going down 2 cards or passing on even. Depending on how r1 went you have a couple of different strategies. If you won r1 you can play Shupe mage and try to draw a card, then bleed him and beat him with Schirru in r3. If you dont get draw a card and you are feeling lucky you can also go for charm. It’s a 50/50 between getting a 1 strength freya and a 16+ strength GS that will decide who wins the game. Funny right?

If you lose r1 then try to keep CA and save either Shupe or Schirru for r3 to either charm his GS or burn it. Schirru is the safe option. Shupe is the greedy option.


Quite an easy MU. Drop wardancer in r2. Always drypass on blue coin since Alchemy is just as linear as yourself and your finisher is better than his Cahir/Vilge. Make sure you at least go into r3 on even and you should generally not try to push for an extra card in r2 unless your opponent begins to madrakeing his Calveit since this play is slow enough for you to be able to catch up.


Mulligan guide

Mulligan guide:

The only card you definitely don’t want in your hand is Aelirenn. Then you want go get rid of as many bronze dwarfs as possible so you can pull them with Barclay and last but not least should you make sure that your Isengrim doesn’t brick which means you should mulligan Toruviel and Sapper. If you got an Officer in hand you can however keep the sapper. You can also kick Shupe since you Yeavinn will pull you Shupe everytime 

Your mulligans should therefor look like this:

  • Aerelinn
  • Mahakam guard, Dwarven Mercenary, Dwarven Skirmisher
  • Dwarven Agitator
  • Toruviel, Sapper

Card Replacements


Gigni for Schirru

You could also cut the Isengrim package (Isengrim, toruviel and sapper) for Eskel, roach and a bronze of your choice (dragoon is a solid choice however sapper is also not awful even without Isengrim). The Eskel tech works like the Barcley Cleaver combo most other ST decks run in that it allows you to abuse coin flip when used with spy being a 24 point play with roach. You may however want to drop Aelirenn if you go for this option so you don’t have both roach and her messing with your mulligans.

Another alternative for the Isengrim is to include Iorveth. Its 14 point tempo, GS removal and 5 ish points carryover



The silvers are very tight however there is a little flexibility with Toruviel as stated above. You could cut it for roach if you cut the Isengrim package or if you want to run that package you could swap him for Melena.


Other than that though there isn’t much you can do, due to the in ability to include special cards for the guaranteed draw on Shupe from Yaevinn.

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