Rank 20 - Reveal Vesemir

Created by user-100009518 Apr 9, 2018

Last Updated Apr 9, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Morvran Voorhis

  • Attack 76
  • Ranged 33
  • Siege 27
  • Total Strength 136
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5200
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Brief Summary of Build

  • Hi all and welcome to the guide! I'm LeQuack92, main Nilfgaard player and expert in reveal decks! I always try to do something strong and fun with the reveal archetype. In this season i climb with the deck below. DUNNO WHY THIS EDITOR DON'T SHOW THE IMAGES SO I POST IN COMMENTS A LINK TO VIEW MY ACTUAL POSITION IN GLOBAL RANKING WITH THIS DECK!!

 The idea 

With this deck we try to have a long round 1/2 and a short round 3. We use mangonels to do a huge swing and our gold cards to win the round. than In the last round we use Vesemir and assire to shuffle roach and the card we need for take victory.

Very simple but now we gonna see in details how to do this!



Card Combos

 The cards

Geralt:Igni: this is the tech card. So you can change it if you want, but imho this is one the best (and underrated) cards in all the game: Huge swing specially in long rounds and is so strong against Henselt machine for ex because we can burn all the machines in a row.

Vesemir: mentor: this is the "strange" card that makes this deck strong and particular. Is so good because we can shuffle the alchemy card in the deck 2 times (like an alchemy nilfgaard) with Assire and use it again. use this combo in the 3rd round is a 90% win most of the times because is a proactive play: if we expect a power play we take mandrake to reset the enemy buffed card, in other cases we take the runestone. I don't like the create mechanic but is a nice proactive play.

Dandelion: Poet: omg this card! LOVE IT AT ALL! In reveal decks is a must have! craft it immidienlty! huge sinergy and swing play like no others, and also we cycle the deck: what's better than this?? No caption needed!

Vattier de Rideaux: 2 reveal for us and 2 reveal in the enemy's hand. Again, no caption needed! XD

Assire Van Anahid: i start with the stronges silver card in nilfgaard faction. Shuffle our card for use it again or messed up enemy's deck is the only description need. As i say before in most cases we shuffle roach and an alchemy card but look the enemy's graveyard too because sometimes messed up is better than shuffle our cards. Proactive is the way!

Dazborgh runestone & Mandrake: This 2 alchemy card are here because they give a large number of possible choice to react at what we have next. Remember that with mandrake we can buff roach and shuffle into the deck with Assire to have a +10 play in the last round. I can write a book with the possible use of Mandrake. Vs alchemy for ex we can use it on Calveit, vs monser we can use on a Imlerith: Sabbath and so on! Dazborgh works with create: i don't like crate because is based a bit too much to luck, but is a good card that allow us a multiple scenarios.

Roach: best neutral silver card in game imho. So nice thinning and swing play when we play gold card from the hand. Be careful: sometimes (rarely) we can draw it but no problem at all. is a problem only if we have it in the 3rd round believe in me in other cases we can win rounds also with a usless roach in our hand. Btw ovviusly try to pull her out as soon as possibile.

Cantarella: the draw spy. One of the best combo (dunno why none use it) is a revealed Cantarella into Venendal Elite. A 1 spy that allow us to draw is a dream for me! With this combo we should nerver go down of card, in most cases instead we are up by 1 or 2 cards!

Vrygheff: the use is ovviusly to pull out a Mangonel. Use Vrygheff ALWAYS before do a play that allows us to draw ok?! because we don't need 3 mangonels in our hand and a dead Vrygheff, we never need this scenario! Yes, is true: Vrygheff is almost never a dead card bacause in worst case can pull out a Fire Scorpion, but imho is a usless move. Vrygheff is here because thinning the deck and pull out one of the strongest bronze card.

Venendal Elite: as i say before is a huge play with a revealed Cantarellla but sometimes i use it on the enemy's revealed strongest card. Is nice too believe in me! Specially vs buff nilfgaard: the 18 Nilfgaardian Knight become a 1 Nilfgaardian Knight LOL

Imperial Golems: Great swing when we reveal enemyes cards (most of cases with Movran power) and a powerful deck thinning.

Mangonels: Every time we reveal give to dmg: need to say other things? I don't think so! Btw be careful of alchemy Viper witcher and Brover Hoggs decks because they have a large amount of removal. But most cases we have 2 or even 3 mangonels so at least one will survive and do a graeat grat job!

Daerlan soldiers: when revealed allows us to draw. Cycle the deck, is a 4 play and we use in combo so sincergised very well with all our reveal moves........well.....amazing card and a must have!!! READ: IF IN THE LAST ROUND WE HAVE NO REVEAL AND MULLIGAN IS RISKY BECAUSE WE HAVE A DAERLAN SOLDIER, IS BETTER KEEP THE HAND. A DEAD DAERLAN FOOT SOLDIER IS A 4 VALUE PLAY: USLESS!!!

Fire scorpions: the idea behind is like a daerlan soldier but this do a 5 dmg. Nice swing and also not reveal is anyway a 10 value play so is a decent bronze in all cases.

Alchemist: nice card that reveal 2 cards so is a must have in this archetype. Nothing else to say....XD


General Guide

 Round 1

Drypass if we start first. remember we need a long round and a short round. The only case when we play is vs Brover Hogg that mulligan a Wardancer (OMG THIS CARD NERF PLS!!!) so we need to play.

OK now if we go round 2 or if we play 2nd the strategy is simple: Vryngheff pulls a Mangonel, than play all mangonels in our hand. That play Movran and reveal 3 enemy card and one of our card. Most of the time we reveal a daerlan soldier to cycle the deck. If we have no daerlan :( we reveal a fire scorpion if we have a good target or Cantarella (for the Venendal Elite of course). Worst cases reveal 4 enemy's cards.

Continue to play in order Vattier, than Dandelion, Igni if we have a good swing. Keep Ingni as much as you can to burn the best target. Try to not use Vesemir and Assire because we need it later.

Ok we should win the round. If we can't win, pass when the enemy can go down 2 cards. I can't write something more about because depends by how the match is going, is a skill decision.

Round 2

If we win the first round. Simply bleed the enemy as remain 2/3 cards, than pass. 


Best hand is: Assire, Vesemir and Dazborgh Runestone. Now we play the rune. Than Assire shuffle Roach and an alchemy (most of the times, NOT ALWAYS, as i told before) than play Vesemir. I try to have always this sequence and 90% i can reach it, and i'm bad, so you can do too, my friend! If you haven't, Dandelion is good too, use him before play Assire to shuffle Roach or you can easly draw the horse. 


Card Replacements

Don't replace Dandelion or i kill you when you sleep! :D i'm joking, of course, but seriusly don't do this, is one of the greatest card tha cdpr create by a lot of time! XD

If you want to replace something you can replace G:Igni because is a tech card, so much depends by the archetipes that you find in your ledder climb. You can replace with Leo Bonhart or Muzzle i think they are both very good!

Other replace are the alchemy card. If you don't like mandrake or runestone, you can replace one with black blood. Other alchemy silver cars are situational so the can do a graeat job against some decks and a bad job against others, imho...

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