(4k+) How lovely it burns

Created by RednMad Apr 21, 2018

Last Updated Apr 25, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 20
  • Ranged 44
  • Siege 20
  • Total Strength 84
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5250
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  • 20
  • 44
  • 20

Brief Summary of Build

This is a deck I played almost exclusively this season, from rank 11 to 20. It's based off karl912's list, with couple changes that, in my opinion, fit more in this meta. IT's a strong and fun deck to play, and when you learn how to pilot it well - it's capable of answering any current meta deck. I've reached 4k mmr with it, and strongly believe that it's capable of reaching GM in hands of someone with more experience and time to play. 


Card Combos

EithnéScorch or Artefact Compression.

Aglaïs > high value spells like Runestones, Scorch.

Isengrim: Outlaw > either pull a Scorch or Artefact Compression, or fish for a decent silver. Cards like Toruviel or Malena can provide a huge swing at a right time.

Alzur's Double–Cross > Yaevinn


Mulligans are pretty straightforward:

1. Toss Aelirenn.

2. See how many Elven Mercenary and Reconnaissance you have. It's ok to keep one Reconnaissance if you have only one Elven Mercenary, but never keep more than one.

3. If you have both ScorchArtefact Compression and Isengrim: Outlaw - toss Scorch.

4. Toss minions you want to pull from ReconnaissanceElven ScoutHalf-Elf Hunter.

5. If you have a decent hand - it's ok too keep Wardancer for R2. 

6. Keep Alzur's Double–Cross and toss Yaevinn.

General Guide

Rule of the thumb for this deck - we want to have the last say in short R3 with either Eithné or Schirrú. This is usually when they play their Ciri: Nova/Bloody Baron/Huge Greatsword/Shupe, we Scorch it, collect points and queue for a next game. You do need to make a proper assessment of the game from the beginning to make sure it goes your way. 

In R1, regardless of the coin, you'll want to start thinning you deck with Elven Mercenary into Reconnaissance. Ideal chain is Merc > Recon > Merc > Recon > Merc > Recon > Half-Elf Hunter. Of course, it won't always happen like this, but your goal is to thin as much as possible, while summoning Aelirenn in the process. With Elven Scout you want some carryover - Mahakam Defender is an ideal pick, as they'll either have to waste a removal or use more cards in R2. Generally you want to win R1, but losing two cards up is ok as well, if you can play Yaevinn in R2. 



Good matchup, trivial if you choose to run Muzzle instead Aglaïs. When he plays Crach > GS - Artefact Compression it. When he Mandrakes another GS - Eithné > Artefact Compression it as well. Use Dol Blathanna Archer to line up a good Scorch, and keep Schirrú for R3. Feel free to Iorveth an 8 point GS, because why not.


Same as GS, but this time you'll hate Nekkers. Most important thing - never, ever, kill the first Nekker he plays. This'll pull out the other one from his deck, and he'll be able to use Nekker Warrior on it. Artefact Compression first and second one, and then just Iorveth/Dol Blathanna Archer the last one. From that point you can sit back, relax and wait for the opponent to forfeit.

 To be continued..

Card Replacements

SchirrúIorveth and Isengrim: Outlaw are irreplaceable.

You can swap Aglaïs for Triss: Telekinesis. Or Muzzle, if you want to make GS/Consume matchups even better. 

Silvers are pretty tight. Artefact Compression can be switched to Mandrake depending on meta.

You can replace Elven Scout and Wardancer with Blue Mountain Elite for more thinning and tempo, but it'll make mulligans a nightmare, so I rather won't.

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