[GM] Netherworld - Spell'ateal

Created by user-100018756 Apr 30, 2018

Last Updated Apr 30, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 13
  • Ranged 5
  • Siege 18
  • Total Strength 36
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5500
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Brief Summary of Build

-- Spell'ateal -- 




This is the list i used to get to GM last season, i also briefly entered the Top 100 with it, takes some time to learn the deck but feels rewarding once you do. 

Only have this pic of the stats since gwentup reset, i think in the end i ended up with around 50 games on 68-70% winrate 



Been trying lots of list and i find this one to be the best performing one right now actually, deck thins to 0-2 cards consistently. If you play correct you will find all your protectors 95% of games

Only unfortunate RNG event that could occur is not having a sentry in hand in R1 so you cannot operator
Then you have to decide on what to use operator for
Mercenary if they dont run any specials or if its more beneficial to you to get your specials, most of the time Sage (But not vs alchemy)
And sometimes its just best to use the Operator as a throw away/bleed card
The one problem i have with this deck is actually the RNG on the merc pulls
Cause you want 3 bodies on the board for your Ale's
Operator will be 1 body, and it will almost never be removed
Then most of the time you're looking for Doppler for the second body
Isengrim can also be used to create an elf if you don't need the cast a spell option, also think out of the box, playing Isengrim into doppler from deck or even Triss into Doppler is sometimes correct if you need bodies for Ale (depending on hand)
Triss Telekinesis is a really flexible gold, can be used for doppler to create 2 bodies, recon to find last sentry, recon to find mercs to thin, or ale if you just need points
Sentry's will grow to 18-21pts every game
Play around scorch with ADC (If you don't need it for your operator in R1) and your Sentry created by Operator
If your opponent has scorch effects and hasnt played them, you try to avoid playing 2 sentry's with the same power
This can be done multiple ways
Creating handbuff cards, ADC/Marching Orders,
Also one of your sentry's will standard be lower than the others because it is created by operator
Play around with that
Blacklist Ale/Thunder/Sentry, you don't want more than 1 sentry in hand
Opening play is always: Operator on Sentry, if you dont have operator you ADC him out, if you dont have ADC you Nature's gift for ADC, if you don't have Nature's Gift you Isengrim cast special from deck
Its really consistent
  Also keep in mind vs some decks (Like coinflip abuse) its almost impossible to not go 2 cards down R1 or lose on even, vs decks like these i prefer winning 2 cards down instead of losing on even, because then i can dictate the length of R2 and set up my R3. The only important thing here is staying ahead in R2, but since we build up carryover points in R1 (By casting spells) and our opponent did not our R2 is actually stronger. You usually get one card back in R2, and winning R3 one card down is likely. Yes they have Ciri Nova, but if you thinned and played correct then you will have 2-3 sentries that are 18-22pts, also Aglais is a strong finisher
And thats the thing with this deck, you play R1 and build up carryover for later (Like Veterans) since every spell cast adds 1 point to your sentries, so the value of every spell goes up by +4 basically. 


Blacklist Ale, Thunder and Sentries. You only want 1 Sentry in your hand in R1, in R2 its also correct most of the time to blacklist the sentries because you want your other cards to keep building them up and keep thinning, if you do that you will automatically draw into your sentries in R3 anyway, or have the tools to get them out of the deck.



-More Coming Soon, update prob. tomorrow with some matchups and more info- 

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