[New Patch] Saber’s Soldier Swarm

Created by user-100014295 May 2, 2018

Last Updated May 23, 2018 (Swap Update)

Jan Calveit

  • Attack 39
  • Ranged 37
  • Siege 25
  • Total Strength 101
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5550
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  • 39
  • 37
  • 25

Brief Summary of Build

Hi everyone, Saber here again


This deck is by all means still viable after the patch. I actually think it does better in the meta because Henselt got such a nerf. I got top 10 Global with the deck a couple of hours ago which is actually better than what I achieved with it last patch. I will explain my changes in the following section. 


-2 Slave drivers, -2 Magne Divisions

+ Medic, + Ale, +2 Novices

Slave drivers got reworked and dosent do anything good for the deck anymore. This means that Ointments only target Slave Infantry. We cant do much about that but adding a medic helps a lot in some MU's. Especially against GS and Veteran.

Secondly have I swapped Magnes for Novices to make Recruit more consistent. This also means that we can play Ale instead of Ointment in situations where we dont have a GY.



Silvers and golds:

The gold and silver package dosent need any change at all. It's still very good. Depending on what you are facing is Mandrake/AC an consideration to counter Sabbath, GS, Consume etc.

You can also include decoy to bounce your recruit if you want to increase the consistency of your main combo,


Are you tired of getting abused by Brouver, destroyed by 15 strength Viper Witchers or lose to a 20+ strength Greatsword in r3? Then you’d better make sure to read this guide!

I’m back with a new and fairly unique deck that does extremely well on both ladder. I managed to reach GM last season with a 78% winrate including a 74% winrate vs Brouver, Calveit and Crach


I Kingchezz got to more than 1400 fmmr on pro ladder with this deck and actually set my highest ever Pro ladder score with it beating my Shupe score and my GS score; which really proves how viabel this deck is, even against the best players in the world.

https://masters.playgwent.com/en/rankings/pro-ladder/season-4/search/Chezzy93 - where you can see my pro ladder score.

If you want to see this deck being played at the very top of ranked ladder (top 100 and higher) then check out KingChezz’s twitch page https://www.twitch.tv/kingchezz93



  • Dosent really care about Card Advantage
  • Super strong medium-long length round
  • People think that you are playing alchemy, hence drypassing against you
  • Insane finishers


  • Slow early game
  • Needs to develop a GY
  • Weak to AOE removal

Card Combos

Your main combo is to get as many Slave infantries on the board before you start slamming your Sentries for 26 points! Thats more points than nova in a bronze card!

3*Slave infantry+3*Sentry ->27+78=105 points in 6 bronze cards. Thats 17,5 points average.

Your second powerful combo is Magne Division into an Oinment. This can either help you set up your Slave infantries again or replay a Slave Driver depending on the situation.

Assire is so good in this deck. Assuming you don’t play her in r1, she is (almost) guaranteed to be worth at least 18 points. The obvious combo is Assire -> Roach + Ointment which sets up an INSANE Triss finisher. In certain MU’s Assire can also mess up your opponent's gameplan by shuffling back cards in their decks.

Triss+Roach->Magne Division->Ointment->Magne Division->Ointment->whatever less than 5 strength bronze in your got in your GY. That's usually worth more than Ciri Nova.

If you don't draw Triss then Rainfarn into Joachim is also an incredibly finisherl. With Roach is your deck is it 14 points+whatever that's on the top of your deck which usually beats Ciri Nova as well.

General Guide

Mulligan guide

The mulligans with this deck is fairly easy. You want to get rid of Roach and Ointments from your hand as a start. If you have any mulligans left you should make sure kick cards like Joachim, Assire and recruit to make your r1 as flexible as possible. You generally never want to play an Ointment from hand, so try to tutor them if possible. However do not get greedy with your mulligan unless it is a MU where you need specific cards (henselt or GS) as it can really punish you.

General guide

This deck is powerful enough that winning 2 cards down or losing on even isn't a disaster in most MUs.

Start the game by playing a couple of slave drivers if they have good targets. This ensures that you have some Ointment targets if your opponent decides to pass early. Try to keep  your Sentries until you got 9 (or more) Slave infantries on the board if possible however sometimes you will need to keep tempo with an early sentry or you may not have access to your 3rd slave infantry this isn’t awful though as a sentry into just 2 slave infanties (6bodies) is still a 20 point play. You can always replay your Slave infantry but you only got 3 (+1 from Vreemde) Sentries.

Due to mulligan feature you will almost always have Ointments on the top of your deck since its your primary mulligan target. This means that playing Vilgefortz into slave infantry will often give you the possibility to get 2 additional Slave infantries on the board. Make sure to burn the non-doomed one with Vilgefortz though (Very important!).

If your opponent tries to outtempo you on blue coin, you have 2 opportunities. Either try to keep up the tempo while developing a GY and lose 1 card up, or bait him into passing while you go 2 cards down (the second option is good against decks that aren’t great in a long round like Shupe or alchemy). If you go with the latest strategy you should try to keep it secret that you are soldier swarm, which is done best by playing your Slave drivers.

As soon as you get control over a round, you can start playing all your Slave Infantry before blasting down your sentries. This should at least help you get your CA back. When you are out of combo pieces you can set up your r3 with Assire and pass. You will win against most decks with your Triss/Rainfarn finisher.

Matchup guide

Brouver - Easy MU

Brouver will abuse you, like he abuses every other deck, but dont worry about that. Brouver is super good in both short and long rounds but what about medium length rounds? Thats Brouvers weakness and our strength (we are actually also better in long rounds so long as you don’t fill your board before playing all your cards!).

Open up with a couple slave drivers, then proceed with some Slave Infantry. You will most likely end up going down 2 cards but you should be able to get that card back in r2 as long as you got access to your combo pieces. Try to pass before before he got enough elves on board for him to play his Vanguards for good value.

Remember to play around Schirru! His Epidemic can single handedly cost you the game if you aren't paying attention. Its easy to play around, but make sure that you do it!

Assire targets: Barclay, Cantarella (Be careful of Officers though), Wardancer


Alchemy - Easy MU

Why is Alchemy so strong? Because of Viper Witchers. But what happens when that don't have any good targets?

Drypass if you lose the coin. They need a GY as well, so they can't 2-0 anyway. Alchemy is very linear in terms of strength generation so you will usually either go into a short last round up a card or have long r3 on even cards. Both results should be more than good enough for you. Mulligan anyway your slave drivers if possible since they only represent 9 strength in this MU.

Assire targets: Novices


Greatsword- Easy/medium MU

Greatsword’s wincon is to resurrect a big fat GS in r3. The obvious answer to this is Assire, but even if they recon their GS we have a decent chance.

Drypass if you get blue coin; this serves two purposes: first it basically reverses the coin flip which allows you to be able to try and push for card advantage which is very important in this MU but probably the more important aspect of the dry pass is that it gives you 1st say in r3 meaning you can assire before they can freya which is SUPER important. The GS players has too many resurrect cards to 2-0 you if you do dry pass plus you are actually better in a long round than they are so don’t worry. You generally want to start of by playing slave drivers and hope to get the ship+GS combo going. This can also help you killing your own slave drivers/Recruit to make sure you have Ointment targets. The play your Slave Infantry + Sentry combo. This should help you going into the last round up a card if they pass too late. Try to keep Igni for r3 even though you can use it earlier as well if you have a chance to get a card on your opponent.

Save Assire for r3 to shuffle back your opponents GS and deny him his wincon.


Consume - Medium/Tough MU

This is tough MU, but definitely winnable. Use Vaedemaker to frost his first Nekker. This should kill a couple of them and reduce his endgame potential. Depending on the coinflip you should be able to win on even or even up a card with a well timed spy. Save Igni for big Vran or Arachas queen. If your opponents passes early you can try to put brick his slyzards with Assire. You might even want to put a Nekker back so to prevent him from getting a Nekker on the board. Its a high-risk strategy though.

Henselt - Tough MU

This MU can also be tough, mainly due to the fact that henselt can just murder all of your slave infantaries. However you do have a very viable win con in this MU and that is a long r3. On blue coin you always dry pass and then prey they dry pass round 2 (which they mostly do). On red coin they normally dry pass on you so you then proceed to dry pass r2. Once into a long r3 there are several key cards that you absolutely want and must mulligan aggressively to seek them as due to the double dry pass you aren't able to thin your deck. These cards are G:Igni, Vaedermakar and access to spy (Vilgefortz is also very very good in this MU as a late game finisher used to burn his Villen or Baron as so long as you have prevented dun banner it will be very likely to draw him one of them however this card is less important than the other 3). So provided you have those 3 cards you have a great chance in a long r3. You want to start off by playing weather with Vaedermakar (fog) onto the row that he has played Ronvid onto. This serves two purposes; the first in passive point generation which over a long r3 can be worth up to 28 points (pretty good for a silver right?). The second reason for the fog is that it helps keep all units power lined up which will result in an insane G:Igni (i’ve had several over 40 points with my best being 57 point play with roach 8*6+5+4). Your general game plan once the fog is down is to try and bait out as many rams and siege masters as you can before playing slave infantry because each one of those cards will kill 2 of your tokens which seriously decreases your sentries’ power. You do this by playing slave drivers and even Triss to try and keep your game plan a secret as long as possible. Once you’re out of these cards you start playing your infantry and then ressing them with magne division trying to get as many to stick on the board as possible for sentires. Once you are out of ways to get any more infantaries down you then start slamming down your sentries (if you have 4 or more tokens on the board when you start dropping senties you've done very well!). You want to keep Calveit as long as possible so you can thin to improve the chances of pulling a really good card unless you haven’t draw vaedermakar then you may want to risk Calveit early to try and get him.

Assire Targets: If they kill Vaedermakar you may want to put him back in your deck and try and pull him again either through leader or joachim as 2x fog is insane Vs henselt.

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