Babyjosus's Bran (with Kambi)

Created by Babyjosus May 10, 2018

Last Updated Jun 9, 2018 (Swap Update)

Bran Tuirseach

  • Attack 8
  • Ranged 58
  • Siege 50
  • Total Strength 116
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5380
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  • 8
  • 58
  • 50

Brief Summary of Build

The goal of the deck is to thin the deck as much as possible to get Kambi and kill it with a Savage bear. Which will spawn a 20 point Hemdall. Hemdall kills all units on the board and clears all hazards and boons. By doing this we want to spawn a Chort and 2 bears to beat the 20 point Hemdall. The chort and 2 bears are 36 point together. Which gives us an advantage of 16 points. After playing Kambi we should have 1 card left in hand which should be Ciri: Nova. Because Ciri: Nova is our finisher. Best case scenario is to play it with Royal Decree so Ciri: Nova is 24 points and not 22 points. And this should win us the game. Of course this requires some setup so let me explain what I do.

What I first do in round 1 is open with Bran. He is our leader and with him I discard 2 An craite raiders and Morkvarg. This is a 17 point play because they resurrect themselves from the graveyard when they get discarded. After this I play my Dimun pirate to get the Dimun lightship from the deck. With the Dimin lightship I try to damage my units because the Marauder gets boosted by 1 for each cursed or damaged unit. I play 1 Heymaey spearmaiden on the Dimun lightship to get the other out of the deck. If it gets killed I can resurrect it with a Corsair. The reason I resurrect it in round 1 is because we want to win round 1 to get control over the game. After I have done this I play either a Savage bear or Marauder. I can play a Savage bear because I run 2 Bone talisman in this deck so we can always resurrect it. If I am lucky I have a Marauder and another Heymaey spearmaiden in hand. If I dont have them in hand I can always try to look for them with Avallach. Avallach draws us 2 cards so try to thin as much as possible before playing it. Because we dont want to draw us bricked cards. I play the Marauder first so I can use the Heymaey spearmaiden on the Marauder to get the other out of the deck. The Marauders are lots of points and should get me round 1.

If I win round 1 I will play Udalryk and pass. Once round 3 has started I play the Savage bears first. If I have a corsair left I play it to resurrect a Dimun lightship. After this I play Harald houndsnout. Then use Decoy on Harald houndsnout. This will give us the 2 bears I was talking about earlier. Now I should only have Prize winning cow, Kambi and Royal decree or Ciri: Nova left in hand if I played everything correctly. I play the prize winning cow before I play Kambi. The Prize winning cow will give us a 14 point Chort after killing Kambi.


Card Replacements

I replaced Spearmaiden for Reconaissance and Sigrdrifa for Sarah.

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