"Burn, energy drink" ( 76.9% WR! )

Created by helljonny May 10, 2018

Last Updated May 10, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 30
  • Ranged 36
  • Siege 38
  • Total Strength 104
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5200
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  • 30
  • 36
  • 38

Brief Summary of Build

i guys again! i'm finally back on DB gwent with a sco'iatel deck, my favourite faction eheh.

i'm not going to write a deeper guide because is actually a Burn strategy, with some new cards i think. It work very well!! i do 26 match and i win 20 of those, so it has a 76.92% of win rate.. very very strong.

it work very good against power up decks, like alchemy, spellscoiatel, ciri nova ( finally ), NR soldiers.. the only one very hard is the consume nekker, because if u burn one, thereis another in the deck that spawn.. is not an always surrend! you can win using your brain and a bit of luky ;)

try it and tell me what u think.. if this deck is very appreciated, i will find some free time for write a guide!

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