[Top 10] Vreemde spies

Created by user-100007344 May 13, 2018

Last Updated May 13, 2018 (The Arena Update)


  • Attack 92
  • Ranged 11
  • Siege 38
  • Total Strength 141
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5450
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  • 92
  • 11
  • 38

Brief Summary of Build

This is the spy variant I used to reach no 6 on ranked ladder (gonna push for the No1).

It's relatively usual spy list with two main differences: Usurper as a leader and Vreemde in a flix silver position that spies has.

My winrate and matchup statistics: https://gwentup.com/player/47213373517889863/decks/482662134526976429

Proof of Top 10: https://imgur.com/a/DivDxtZ

Card Combos

Now, why Vreemde you may ask?

Answer is simple. Why run only one leader, when you can run 2. Vreemde was my favourite leader for the brief time we could have fun with him. And when I was testing silvers to run for my different spy lists I saw him riding his mare under the glory of the great sun. The moment I saw him I knew, that I need him.

Things that Vreemde can pull are actually pretty great in spies: Recruit, Nauzicaa Brigade, Impera enforcer, Impera Brigade, Arbalest. They are all good pulls that make Vreemde 17+ play. There are also average pulls like Nilf Knight, Master of disguise and Alba Spearman for a 14-16 point Vreemde. He is a great target to pull with Joachim in R3 because 14 point isn't too scorchable.

!Always play Vreemde when you have at least one emmisarry on board and it would be good to have one 6-7 point spying unit on opponent's board as well to get full value of Nauzicaa or Arbalest.

General Guide

As a engine deck, you want long rounds. When blue coin, you usually drypass. Play out against consume and try to kill as many nekkers as possible while they are tiny.

Some tips against different matchups:

Brouver: when blue coin and they mulligan wardancer, Rainfarn into Cantarella will give you a pass. Interesting wincon that you should watch: if you go into 9+ card R3, then don't kill opponent units. They flood so many units, that actually filling the board is a usual thing to do and then they can't play any more cards. Just make sure you can play your Joachim and emmissaries from hand before doing so. I've actually played a game where my opponent has to discard 4 cards because of full board (well actually he forfeited, but he would have had to).

Greatswords: Easy matchup, use emmisarries to keep their engines down and in start of either R2 or R3 (depending if you win or lose coinflip), steal their biggest greatsword (unless it's like 12 or so, then just play for max value with emmisarries).

Alchemy: Really tricky matchup. Try to outtempo them with Rainfarn into Cantarella and your leader, so that you might get CA against them. Always play Impera brigades, when they are 12+.

Henselt: another tricky matchup. Don't have 2 enforcers at the board at the same time. Play one, use it to ping stuff and only after it's dead, play another one. Use emmisarries to put them into crew pockets. Save inf+ Menno for Villem. Play your Brigades as late as possible so they wouldn't have time to line a scorch.


Card Replacements

Golds are pretty flexible and mostly matter of taste, only Rainfarn is a must have.

Dandelion Poet and Stefan Skellan are good choices, Royal Decree is fine (though it makes Roach worse)

If you don't like Vreemde (Wrong!) then you can change him for Iris, but then you have to change one inflitrator for Nauzicaa Brigade, because you can't really only rely on enforcers to kill her.

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