New tier 1 (1278 MMR on proladder)

Created by mgnrb May 15, 2018

Last Updated May 15, 2018 (The Arena Update)

Crach an Craite

  • Attack 34
  • Ranged 20
  • Siege 36
  • Total Strength 90
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5380
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  • 34
  • 20
  • 36

Brief Summary of Build

Hi guys !I  I 've gott some Votes ,so as i promisedi i wrote a guide. 


Card Combos

HERBALIST ->  Adrenaline Rush -> Usually enemy spy, your ciri nova or olaf. (Not neccesarry to use all Adrenaline rush on 1 round)

Triss Telekinesis -> AR->SWALLOW->BONE TALISMAN->RECONNAISSANCE what you need.

Olaf->Yoanna for 30 power usually. 

Crach an Craite - > CHAMPION  (can kill Villentretenmerth)

Decoy -> AN Craite Warcrier or Champion

Restore -> Warcrier or champion usually, but herbalist or protector also a good target depends on a situation. If our ciri nova can get huge damage, we can use Yoana for her. And planning to use restore for olaf. 

General Guide

MULLIGAN : Adrenalin rush 1st time, Champion 2nd time But If yopu have Champion in hand and both Tuirseach Hunter dont't Mulligan Champion cause in that case with Creach we can play Yoana directly. Than mulligan Bone talisman on 3rd place. 

Mulligan order is very important. 

NILFGARD ALCHEMY: Usually you can start Ciri nova. Dont use olaf cause Witcher can deal 10 damage . If you don't get Ciri you can start with Spy. Usually the opponent's answer for spy is another spy. In that case we use AR on enemy spy. 

We need to pull out Vilgefortz and Vessemir with mandrake or just a mandrake. Is quite hard matchup but not that really hard as we think. 

The point Don't bee greedy and share your power between huge units and don't buff only 1. If opponent kills a huge unit by Vilgefortz you lost a round but maybe 2 cards up. And against mandrake u share buffs. We have that much power to survive a mandrake for 1 big unit. As we have possibility use AR on enemy spy and if they hit by Wither you can heal and strenghten by Bone talisman. And quite important to use Coral around a 15-20 power unit. Alchemy wil use ther buffs. And wait till grow that units as fat as can. 

Nothern Realms :Henselt. 

Dont be afraid to start with Ciri even if their Dun banners come. And use an AR on Ciri. You could pass if he not scorched. So if he has scorch in hand usually use on CIRI nova with adrenaline rush. If we have coral is nice start cause we can use against Ronvid. Is not bad if he kills Ciri with scorch before we use buffs. Against Villentretenmerth we can use Champion. (only from hero or with decoy) Olaf can killed by Seltkirk . So better to risk olaf in 1st round play and put AR on him. and heal him as we can. Better to sacrafice for scorch in early a Ciri nova or Olaf.  Is not BAD. Actually is good for this deck . Enemy spy will helps us a lot. Or this deck has power to use triss on swallow and after 16 power buff by Warcrier. Don't be on panic if u lost your "Big Cards" this deck can works too in a realy bad situation. Not easy MAtchup but i win a lots of time against Henselt. 

Monster Consume: easy matchup with Coral more easy. Don't use coral quit early. Try to use a 20+ power Vran varrior. Anyway this deck motors are more powerfull than the nekkers can do. Is quite easy.

Any Skelige deck : This deck working awsome in any other Skelige Deck. EASY MATCHUP. 

Monster Dagon : Medium. Try to share power cause a Mandrake what can hurts us. And he can Ganarate some power by deatwish units but not as much as as. Use coral smart. Not always neccesarry to use on a 6 power earth elemental. But sometimes very usefull. 

Scoia Tael: Against dwarf is quite good cause we can exept only 1 scorch. And usually they use Cleaver on his own spy. What we can easy heal and put an AR. Some dwarf deck use IGNI if he put a spy next to our Ciri Nova. We can use Swallow to put higher power than our Ciri nova and keep her alive with Resilience. 


Main advice. Don't bee Greedy you can win matches with 144 power olaf or even more but you can buff like crazy only in some matchup . 

In other matchups try to don't be greedy and share your power and use Adrenaline rush Wisely. 

There are some good posibility with this deck. 


I realy enjoy to play with this deck. I hope you will too. 


Card Replacements

Only gold : I tried Muzzle as a repleacement but is not that effective than Triss, or Coral in my opinion but muzzle fit in this deck too cause hunter can deal 5 damage before we use muzzle. And could be fitting Hjalmar as well, cause Hunter deal 5 damage and hjalmar buffedin that case 23 what is quite huge for us as well

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