New Patch Control'tael! Anti Greatsword and Anti Consume

Created by Plumz May 22, 2018

Last Updated May 26, 2018 (Swap Update)


  • Attack 14
  • Ranged 23
  • Siege 53
  • Total Strength 90
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5250
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  • 53

Brief Summary of Build

Today I represent to you a new variation of control Scoia'tael deck.
But at first I want to apologize for possible mistakes in English, coz it's not my first language.

So, this deck is aimed entirely at controlling the opponent's board.
We have many opportunities to play Scorch, Artefact Compression and Alzur's Thunder. Dol Blathanna Archer makes Scorch more profitable.

Another aspect of control in this deck is Iorveth and Muzzle. Against consume and greatswords Muzzle is incredible card. Against consume we can steal Nekker and against greatswords we can steal An Craite Greatsword (It's will be better if greatsword is wounded). Iorveth just another good control card in this deck. He came to replace Aglaïs because she is kinda useless against horde of greatsword. But if you meet a lot of other decks you can swap these 2 cards.

Elven Mercenary helps to thin your deck and it hepls to find usefull cards later. Half-Elf Hunter just for points and for Aelirenn. Vrihedd Brigade can clean hazard from your row and/or move Vran Warrior/An Craite Greatsword/Dimun Light Longship. It forces the opponent to change the strategy. 

UPD 26.05 Iorveth ---> Aglaïs



Card Combos



Elven Mercenary + Reconnaissance/Alzur's Thunder

Dol Blathanna Archers --> Opponent's cards --> Scorch

Isengrim: Outlaw --> Another spell in deck


General Guide

So, matchup against consume the most easiest for us. We need to find Artefact Compression and 1 more control for last Nekker. It's no matter which one. Alzur's Thunder, Ida Emean aep Sivney, Iorveth or Muzzle.

Greatswords is little bit harder, but just a little bit. No need to use Artefact Compression from your hand and Eithné too fast. At first you have to be sure that your opponent does(or not) have Djenge Frett. If he doesn't it's all easy like a consume matchup.

No need to annihilate all 3 greatswords. You can Muzzle the first, use Artefact Compression on the second and just kill the third through Iorveth or Alzur's Thunder. Your second Artefact Compression you can use on Djenge Frett (If he exists) or Dimun Light Longship or you can ressurect another Scorch

Little tip: You can use Aglaïs even against Greatswords if you Muzzled one of opponent's unit. So you can Restore him if there no more choice from spells 

I hope you can find this small guide usefull and this deck will bring to you a lot of victories and fun!
Va faill

Card Replacements

Iorveth <-> Aglaïs

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