[GM] Foltest Pride 2.0

Created by user-29327302 May 24, 2018

Last Updated Jun 25, 2018 (Swap Update)

King Foltest

  • Attack 47
  • Ranged 26
  • Siege 36
  • Total Strength 109
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5400
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  • 47
  • 26
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Brief Summary of Build

Hello Guys,

I wanted to share my optimized Foltest list which brought me to GM this season and in bear season. (needed a break during elves)

With Henselt deleted, some people want to look for another option.

Its a well rounded Powerdeck(which you need vs Vets) with Removal (5-6)

Tracker -> http://abload.de/image.php?img=tracker77ra4.png

 I´m not a good Guidewriter, neither do I have the time to do it properly. :D

But anyway I´ll write down some experiences.



 UPDATE 4.6: Short info how I did day3/4.

71% winrate into top 100. -> http://abload.de/image.php?img=foltest38robu.png

I could grind further, but time got short. I have to admit though, its getting harder by day :D.

All matchups are winable (alchemy,gs,vets), but some are somewhat "the counters" I could observe. Look below.


I am still impressed that I pulled some consume wins. -> Just push and never pass, while deploying weather. Kinda no brain matchup. Kill first vran with Seltkirk!!

Handbuff outpaces you most of the time. Only bad players play into my weather. (Only case I can pull it off)

Axemen are few, but barely winable. If their weather draw is poor you have a solid win condition. I probably would tech more clear, if they get more popular.


UPDATE 6.6: Day 5/6

Maintaining 70% winrate into top 20 ->  http://abload.de/image.php?img=foltest49lpbw.png

I acknowledge alot more weather(Mainly dagon). Maybe its time to tech a sergeant.

Overall my motivation lacks already, since the meta gets stale pretty quickly, even though its still somewhat diverse?

Prominent decks at the top -> Handbuff, Alchemy, GS, Dagon of all kinds (even lost to a swarm one, mainly because of weather though :/) , Some brouvers.

I faced once(or twice) a NR deck and it was a mirror.


UPDATE: 25.6

Reached GM with a mediocre 62% winrate. (needed to forfeit few because of IRL reasons)


Maybe i try to push top 100 this season with this deck or a variation of it, will see.


Final conclusion of this deck, at least for the sorceress season:

- It a straight Tier 2 deck, which can beat Tier one decks.

- You can save time and forfeit against Handbuff and Consume, if you lose coinflip in the high ladder. (margarita only helps if he missplays)

-Teched in one Sergeant to have a winrate boost against axeman, dagon and shupe with the greedy Ida . (trust me it helps -> -5 on a bronze can save a whole matchup)

-Switched to 3 Rams and 1 Tower. Reason being is, that Rams can clear Greatswords, which is a relief.

-Also put in Margarita for Vaedermakar. Reason for that is to have a mini chance in those disgusting Handbuff/Consume matchups. (I don´t give up yet on that matchups :D)

















Card Combos


Good combination of removal and proactivity.

And heres why.


Golds I tried, which didn´t work for me

Natalis: After winch you are lacking a good 3rd Tactic card, which you need for consistency.

Recon+16. bronze was not worth.

Silvers are not good enough.

And the 9 Point bronze, I don´t want to mention lost me many games.


Muzzle: Weak in Rawmatchups like Veterans and only shines in GS matchup only if you draw it Round 1.

Eskel: He went pretty good tbh. Good in both SK matchups GS/Vets.


Lets move on to Silvers:

Both mages are underrated in that meta. -> Weather in longer round, were you know they have not clear? Yes I´m looking at Vets once more.

Tutor cards are needed for Scouts.

Stennis can be reused with Shani.

Ronvid needed for the push on our few machines, if they pass and your scouts can´t be used anymore for Crews.



The Temerian Package is self explained. Mulligan in that prior -> Commando -> Infantry even though you have 2 Commandos and 1 Infantry.

You need the proactivity from the towers in a short R3.

Trebuchet strongest Potential of them all (16)

Thunder only because of GS. -> Can be a second Trebuchet.




General Guide

General Gameplan


Basically fish for removal in Matchups you know you need.

Foltest after two Scouts to pull the third Commando to keep the Temposnowball on going.


Start with Bluestripe-Scouts. -> Pull them with Marching Orders -> Reaver Scout

If you draw only one or none, its still not the end of the world. Play infantry to pull at least another Commando out of the deck.

In the later rounds the other Scout will be a okay play with the last commando. 1 Scout will be kind of dead, since you didn´t play him with the other stuff on board.

Since we have the temerian package out of the way, its a really easy deck to pilot.

Make sure that you use your machines on the double crewmen package immediately to squeeze every point.

Reinforcement for either Scout if you lack them or Stennis/Ronvid.

Infantry also is mostly a R1 play, to get through your golds.

Its a consideration to keep them, when you used 2 golds for removal. Otherwise you will lack these points later. You will get a feeling when you overcommit and when not. (But thats a general gamedesign you need to learn)

Winning Round 1


When they pass, because of tempo, you can drypass and slam the weathers.

Seal the deal with Golds you have left.

Losing Round 1


If they push you to few cards, keeps golds in that priority. -> Shani (important) -> Dijkstra ->  Seltkirk -> Keira (not so)


Meta is currently diverse, so a matchup guide is not so proper.

Just ask in the comments, if you have questions.


 I will update this Guide with winrates and matchups, which will be prevalent this season!





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