Top 1 & GM - hive_king's "Flashbacks v2" + alternative version

Created by hive_king Jun 7, 2018

Last Updated Jun 11, 2018 (Swap Update)


  • Attack 36
  • Ranged 6
  • Siege 48
  • Total Strength 90
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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  • 36
  • 6
  • 48

Brief Summary of Build

//edit: since many people are questioning winrate - last 40 matches played (~73% WR): 1, 2

//Sometimes deck isn't a problem - proper piloting and understanding match-ups is. I'd dare to say it's more common than people would like. ;)

 //edit2: If You would like to play slightly less powerful (in R1), but more consistent version of the deck, feel free to check out the list we prepared with Shinmiri2 and Kochua



Hey, hive_king here. :)

I've managed to hit rank 1 again with refreshed version of my old Eithne "Flashbacks" (slightly over 70% winrate in last 40 matches).

List is extremely versatile in current meta - every match-up is winnable. We have a lot of initial tempo, thinning, control tools and really powerful finishers. 


Card Combos

Hattori + Barclays/Agitator - one of your finishers; 16-21 value play.

Isengrim Outlaw + AC - having access to compression is extremely valuable in current meta; create is also quite often used option.

Card Replacements


You might exchange Mahakam Ale for any bronze Special of your choice. I do not recommend getting another Reco or First Light - it might brick your hand quite often. I also do not recommend exchanging other cards. 


You might exchange one of Roach/Aelirenn for additional Spell/Ida Emean if you think you brick too often. Current setup gives us access to extremely high tempo plays and I really think it's worth the risk. It's consistent enough to hit #1 global - knowing what to mulligan and when is also important part of the game. 


You might exchange Aglais for Muzzle - do this is if you play most of the games against GS. You can also exchange Shirru, but only when you got rid of Roach or Aelirenn, so you have additional silver slot for Scorch.

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