Netherworld Spell'ateal 2018 [+Video Gameplay]

Created by user-100018756 Jul 12, 2018

Last Updated Jul 28, 2018 (Swap Update)


  • Attack 9
  • Ranged 20
  • Siege 18
  • Total Strength 47
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5530
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Brief Summary of Build

-- Spell'ateal -- 



--Check out Team Leviathan Gaming at: https://twitter.com/LeviathanTlg Twitter https://discord.gg/uSUSJZr Discord--

Hey guys, Netherworld here and i'm back with the latest version of Spell'ateal i've been working on. As some of you might know i really love the Spell ST "archetype" and i'm constantly trying out new versions. I recently came up with this version of the deck wich i think is the strongest one yet, hence me putting out a small guide for it now. 

Here are some statistics from me playing the deck in the Top 100 of Pro Ladder yesterday, keep in mind i was facing lots of very good/known opponents that are ranked highly every season. 



 If you want to check out the VOD you can do so on my twitch channel:  Gameplay Video





10 August 

- Added Shupe, Dagon, Soldiers & Foltest to the matchup section. 

Sorry for lack of updates, but i managed to reach 1400+fmmr like a week ago with this list. For people not familiar with Pro Ladder, when i reached this score i was one of 3 people that had a higher score than 1400 on ST. A lot of other high pro players started to pick up on the deck and are now playing the list as well, one guy i know also managed to reach 1400+fmmr with it a couple days back.


27 July

- Golden Froth - Half Elf Hunter - 1x Mahakam Ale

+ 1x Thunder + 1x Farseer + 1x Recon

Since the list got popular people started playing around Golden Froth really well, also having only 1 Thunder in the deck made it so if you have to thunder (sometimes you are forced to) then that means your Ithlinne is 100% having to cast Golden Froth later and that's really bad if you manage to find her later on in shorter rounds, 2 Thunder 2 Ale 2 Recon is what i'm using now and having the best results with





I'm going to assume that people reading this guide are at least somewhat known with the whole Spell'ateal archetype, so i'm not going to go too much into the basics of the deck, basically you build up your Sentry's by casting spells.
This deck is very versatile and can find answers for almost every situation you might find yourself in, you have a lot of control options, you have carryover (As in; casting a spell buffs your Sentry's that will be played as finishers). 
-Card Explanation-
I already know some of you will have some questions marks when looking at the deck at first sight. So right here i will give a explanation on some cards in the deck that require it. 
"Why only 1 Farseer ?"
Farseer is a card that works very well in the Spell'ateal deck because, if you have a Sentry in hand, your Farseer will grow every turn for 2 points. The reason we only run 1 is because our opening play is Alzur's Double-Cross on to Farseer. This makes it so he comes out at 10 Strength, unable to be removed by thunder. Almost every deck has acces to 8~ damage removal almost always, so playing a Farseer as an 8 will get it killed or muzzled immedeatly, wasting your card. 
The only way they can remove it is by commiting something big, Seltkirk for example or Coral/Compression/Scorch/Igni the longer it grows and stays on the board. So this also has synergy with Sentry's because the hard removal they use for your Farseer is one not used on your Sentry's. 
Our plan is to ADC out the Farseer, but this will not always be possible every game. Sometimes you draw him with your last mulligan and sometimes you have other mulligan priorities. That means that if your Farseer is in hand you want another target for the ADC other than a Sentry, you obviously don't want to ADC out a Sentry in the early stages of the game, so that would mean your ADC is basically a "dead" card. And that's why we run the Half Elf Hunter, so we have a backup target for the ADC and not have a dead card in our hand for the first round of the game. The Half Elf Hunter is also a nice way to create bodies for Ale and Golden Froth
"Golden Froth you say? What? Why?
So in the current meta there is a lot of weather being played and this is our weather clear. I don't like Ida Emean aep Sivney as a weather clear because it 1. Costs a Silver Slot and 2. Cannot be tutored out as easy. Froth can be tutored if you're really desperate for a weather clear. It's also the second target for Ithlinne Aegli. In some matchups you don't want/need the double thunder and going for a double Golden Froth can generate a shitton of points and make you singlehandedly win the game. 
"Garrison ..?"
This card is, in my opinion, one of the best cards in the deck. You have so many options and possibilities with this card, it's really amazing. The whole "RNG Create" argument is kind of invalid with this card, because this card is always decent at worst. Keep in mind it boosts by 2 as well, thats basically a Hymn with 1 less point if you create a silver. 
I have played this card over 100 times right now and 90% of all create's i found a silver. So the logic on why this card is good is because it can create a card that really helps you out of a bad situation or can shake up the game in a way that is not possbile with other silvers. So you have a chance to create something really good, and if you don't, you still have a decent point card.
And sometimes you might be fishing for a specific card from your opponent's deck and you won't find it, but that still doesn't make the card "bad rng create", because you still had the chance to find it, and you won't with any other silver. 
This card is also amazing vs Greatswords or any other SK decks that only run Restore as a spell. Don't you hate how your Aglais is just a dead card against SK/Greatswords? The only spell they have is Restore and you don't want to Restore their Udalryk.. Well now you don't have to, you make sure you Garrison a unit from their deck before the last round and there's your restore target. 
Here are some amazing situations i had happen with this card:
- Create Assire var Anahid vs Alchemy in R2/R3, shuffle back their ointment targets and 2-0 them, here's a video where i created Assire twice , shuffling back 4 Ointment targets. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/283364059
- Create Djenge Frett / Dimun Light Longship to kill the skulls from Harald Houndsnout 
- Create silver mages for weather or thunder
- Create Vicovaro Medic in R3 against soldiers, stealing one of the two Slave Infantry left (Compression on the other). 
- Create Alchemist vs Reveal decks and reveal their Footsoldiers/Scorpions. 
As you can see, the possibilities are endless and this all is not possible with any other card. 
So i wanted to actually take a moment to talk about this card because i often find that people don't use this card in the correct way. Basically Last Wish is best used in the later stages of the game where you need to find your last couple cards left in the deck. So you just play the game, thin your deck, then in the end you will have a couple cards left in the deck, some will probably be golds and Last Wish will help you find them and get them out. I think this is also the card i used the most with my leader, last wish in R3 and recast with leader in R3 to find 2 golds or sentries. 
Often it's also correct to mulligan away this card assuming you will have acces to it later (Nature's Gift for example). 
This card is the best card in the deck, and the worst. It can give you 30~pts of value, but it can also just be an 11pt card.
But i have played with almost every gold card you can imagine, tried out everything. And this card is the one i like the most and i would probably never replace it. 
This card is kind of like your "secret weapon". Again same logic here that is applied to Garrison, it can make you win a game that would have been impossible to win otherwise, and it's definately worth it in my opinion to have a card like this in your deck in exchange for a bit of consistency. 
The hardest part about this card is knowing when to play it, so i never play this card if i don't have to or if i have other options that are good/decent. Two reasons, one: I might need the card later to swing the game, two: I don't want to make a semi-risky play if i have another play that is already good or decent. 
Here are all the cards that can be created by her:
Take a look at this chart before playing her and see what can possibily happen. Again, the possibilities are endless, let's go over some options.
Last Wish/Nature's Gift/ADC - Almost always good, if you get these options you basically just played a second Isengrim: Outlaw . Last Wish especially is good in the later stages of the game to find the last gold stuck in your deck for example. Here's a nice chain i got yesterday: Chain
Scorch/Bekker's Mirror/Necromancy- Often times bad, but think out of the box as well. You don't always have to Aguara in the end, no one is telling you to have big Sentries on the board before playing Aguara. Sometimes you can get a good scorch off, Bekkers Mirror is 20pts as well if they have a high unit. It's nice to go for these options against Greatswords for example, ships/greatswords will sometimes grow, and then playing Aguara into Scorch is nice, and if you don't find Scorch you might find compression Necromancy GS
Necromancy can be game winning vs GS, Necromancy on Djenge or a big GS is amazing.
Compression/SummoningCircle - Not that great most of the time, compression can be amazing in some matchups, summoning circle can be decent.
Hailstorm/Bekker's Rockslide - Amazing and game winning in some situations. Can make you turn the game around completely. Only yesterday Bekkers Rockslide got me back ahead in a round where i was going to lose on even to losing 1 card up. Hailstorm won me the game in a super long R3 against Soldiers where i drypassed R1 assuming alchemy. I created hailstorm as one of the last plays on the middle row, then recasted it with leader on another row, getting around 25+pts with each storm. 
Thunder/Tremor/Epidemic - Bad, eventho i did have a game where i created thunder to kill a Miruna 


-Blacklist Ale 

-Keep 1 Sentry, blacklist the others.

-Mulligan Ithlinne targets

-Kick Farseer to ADC him out





General Guide





  • - Dry Pass on Blue
  • - Hold out a bit with playing Farseer untill they played at least 1 or 2 Viper Witchers
  • - Save Garrison for R3 and use it to create Assire and shuffle back his Ointment targets (Witchers). Then depending on hand and amount of ointments he played you can leader for another Garrison and put back 2 additional targets, or shuffle spells back to your deck that you can then Nature's Gift out, it's a really versitile card, use your mind here and think everything through! Garrison/Double Garrison single handedly won me games against Alchemy, also if you miss Assire and hit Guardian it's good as well since then his Poet/Vilge will always find a 6pt card. 



  • - Double Artifact Compression Longships, bricks Corsairs and makes his engines not able to develop, then use Thunders accordingly to kill growing Greatswords. Note: This is how you should play the matchup 80-90% of the time, there are times where it's better to use AC on a Greatsword or on a big Djenge, it depends on how the match plays out.
  • - Garrison a silver or bronze unit so your Aglais can Restore it later, saving Garrison to create a longship to hit the Harald skull is also something that should be considered 





  • - Try to stall out the game as long as possible without trying to lose card advantage, going into a short R3 is the goal
  • - This is one of the matchups where i actually would like to get double Farseer on the board in the first round, if you're red coin he will dry pass so you're always fighting for card advantage. He has a lot of point generation with weather/Archespore or moonlight, depending on the deck you're facing. Having 2 Farseers on the board kind of "negates" these points since you will be gaining 4pts a turn. Make sure to, if you're playing a Farseer from hand, play it at a time where a simple Cyclops won't just remove it
  • - Garrison early can be really good in this matchup, if you manage to create an engine (Archespore/Weather) or a Cyclops to remove an engine that's very good for us. When playing Garrison always consider all options you might be getting and decide from there if you want to play the card.
  • - If you have compression in hand at the start or easy acces to it, i'd like to AC the first Archespore immedeatly, it's just a 5 point AC but considering the length the round will go it will also save you 1 damage each turn, and that's a lot since we're really fighting in this matchup to stay ahead and keep our card. I find AC on the D'Ao is generally not worth it since they will have acces to a second one and that means you have to use leader to AC again, most of the times we cannot afford to do that, tempo wise and point wise, since Eithné can be a  solid 20-30point play later




  • - If they dry pass you on blue, i'd like to dry pass back in R2 and go to a long R3 immedeatly unless my hand is really bad. The reason for this is that their Spy doesn't give 100% acces to Shupe and they require to thin their deck to find shupe consistently, by going to early R3 you have a very decent chance they won't find acces to their Shupe. Only thing to be careful of now is weather. 
  • - Note that this is a very hard matchup for Spellateal because of the Mardroeme/Sage/Triss, a simple Mardroeme deletes your big Sentry immedeatly, that's why its bad to play a short R3 vs this deck, since in a short round you rely on your Sentries to win, but he can just remove all of them (or at least 2) with Mardroeme's , thats why playing a long round vs this deck is good, since then you have other win conditions that can win you the game (Farseers and other high point cards like Ithlinne). 
  • - Garrison Early in the most important round to find Vaedermaker or Ida, i have found these 9 out of 10 times since it will almost always show at least one silver. This is also one of the matchups where i often use Eithné to recast Garrison, that to either create weather or create a weather clear when i'm in a long R3 and he casted double weather. 
  • - Other than that this is probably one of the hardest matchups for 



This is another matchup where you can deny their whole strategy. Try to find Triss in your opening hand, if you do, try to find Mardroeme with her and banish the first non doomed soldier. Now you can recast Mardroeme with Sage and banish the second one, then you can either Aglais Mardroeme or Compression the third one, this should win you the game. If you don't find Triss you still have the option to double AC 





As of typing this i'm out of time and have to head out, i've had a lot of people ask me about the Foltest matchup so i will get to this soon, i'd like to post a video of a game where i play against Foltest and also a really good player (Santtu2x), 

Game vs Santtu2x: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/291363566?t=01h53m11s

Note: I made a big mistake this game, i kind of wasted my Aglais in R3 for a really low value weather

Another game vs a High ranked player: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/291363566?t=02h05m15s







Here I will be posting clips/highlights of Aguara True Form and showcase the power of this card 


Highlight 1 - (23Points)

Highlight 2 - (37Points)

Highlight 3 - (27Points)

Highlight 4 - (18Points + Banish GS)

Highlight 5 - (27Pts Scorch vs GS)

More to follow..


Card Replacements

So if you're really against Aguara here are some other cards that can be played:


- Consistent 14-16pt play. Can sometimes remove an engine from your opponent and give you extra value. Against non engine decks it's just a 16pt play at most, and that's not great for a gold card imo, hence why i don't like to play Muzzle myself. And again this card is often only good in R1, like you're never happy finding Muzzle in a short R3, now compare this to Aguara wich can be amazing if you find her in a short R3 because the possibilities are so big.

Triss: Telekinesis Decent but the creates are random as well and can sometimes even be pretty useless. The main use for her is probably recon, if you find it, and then again i normally don't have any problems finding all my sentries or not being able to thin enough. I'ts a good card, but not as good as Aguara. 

Renew - Tried this as well, can be good but too situational, like Renew on Aglais can be amazing but then you need to meet a lot of conditions. 1. Have Aglais in hand R1/R2 , 2. Being able to actually cast a spell from your opponents GY etc. Renew on Ithlinne can happen sometimes but unlikely because of only running 1 thunder and 1 froth. So most of the time you are using Renew on Isengrim, decent but often not amazing. Also i like to have golds that i can just play if i want/need to and Renew is not one of those cards, it can be stuck in your hand as a dead card a lot of the time. So the end verdict: Probably only amazing if you can renew aguara, otherwise not. 

Uma's Curse - Might as well play Aguara then


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