Pearpain's Baron

Created by pearpain Aug 19, 2018

Last Updated Aug 19, 2018 (Swap Update)

King Henselt

  • Attack 34
  • Ranged 90
  • Siege 19
  • Total Strength 143
  • Total 26
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5280
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  • 34
  • 90
  • 19

Brief Summary of Build

Okay. So first off, this is basically machines centered around Baron with an extremely awesome opener that has only 2 mulligan issues. I'm just playing around, but I am hoping that at least others realize how awesome the opener is. Your machines want to be killing their little guys, and ballista is great for that kind of thing. 26 cards for opponents who play around Ciri Nova or it's card setup.

Card Combos

All of these combos do not have to be complete, for instance, royal decree was just a way to make sure you have Natalis. In fact, only reinforcements is completely necessary to get the main combo.

Here's the opener:

Turn 1: Decree-John-Reinforcements-Knight = 21 points if everything goes right.

Turn 2: Henselt onto Knight = Extra 29 points. Thats 50 points in total. Wowza.

Tansarville- Double Cross/Marching Orders = Good tempo.


General Guide

Always try to get down supports early. It's fine if they go before the opener. Thats many more points. I mostly have them in here because it wastes my opponent's removal.

You've already thinned your deck enough and (hopefully) have enough crew pockets/machines on the board that it doesn't matter what cards you pull with Sigismund.  

Ronvid is a great way to have constant crew pockets. He is OP, because he constantly is gaining you slow value.

For mulligans, try to focus more on your opener than on your machines. If your red coin, the opener will either force your opponent to lose on even or go down an unhealthy amount of cards. You thin so much your mulligans don't matter when it comes to your strategy. I would hope you understand how to set up the opener. If not, just comment.

Card Replacements

Trebuchet-Ram or Reinforced Ballista. I use Trebuchet because it is  very effective for Baron.

 Replace to your better judgment, but have at least 5 machines in the deck, as they are your best way of dealing damage.

Sigmund is only in there for a great finisher. You can replace him if there is a better gold for your play style.

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